Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring returns or at least I have high hopes

So spring is returning to the mountain and with it the hope that I can make a life for us from the farm.  We have plants and seeds ready, the ground ready, but the weather is not helping us at all.
I am hoping the fruit trees will set their fruit before the freeze later this week.  Everything in a farmer's life revolves around the weather.

We hatched our first bourbon red turkey of the year and many, many little ducklings and chickens. It is wonderful to hold the little loves in our hands, knowing all the while that it will provide food for us or someone else.

I want to carry along with my heart the fact that I am blessed.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mussings: Comfort

I find comfort in my status of life in small ways.  One may rob me of some simple joy, but I am warm and dry.  If I really want to I can buy what you have carelessly destroyed.  I have somewhere else.  

Why should me enjoying life matter to one as you?  What I have, I have and what I own, I own, owing no other for its kind or keep. 

It pains me most that such a burden is laced upon my employer, who bares the loss of such transactions.

It is in youth that one believes in the “because effect”, and it is in age that one tarries slower, judging with a more opened eye.  Age has granted me the lesson of one's tongue and from that I will be more still.  What should it merit me to be otherwise!

I hear them from my little space, like chickens finding an order; I chuckle to myself
because I have a place.  It is not of status or of wealth, but of simple-ness and peace.  No matter what I am blessed.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Musings: Complaining

On Facebook I see people complaining all the time. They complain about the weather, politics, animal and human abuse.  They do such a poor job of it, sometimes I am lead to wonder if they are serious at all.  Maybe they are just trying to fit in to seek the attention of the masses that yearn to be captive and not free.  It would not bother me so much, however, most are such poor spellers and some have issues even compiling a complete sentence.
I can hardly bare to see read it all, yet I stay diligent reviewing each poorly written piece of propaganda and wondering why I am doing so.    

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Musings: Nice



If everyone were nice, well I am absolutely unsure as to the abstract of such an idea.  Perhaps if I had ever seen true and honest niceness; I would then be able to imagine it at greater reason and with greater hope.  In its most essential form, it is a pleasant thought, warm and full of pleasant intentions, in act not so much. 

Nice, in its many forms it is often backed by the motive of known intent, subject to the norms of the well-meaning.  Played out by the religious of philosophic content devote on creating a bank of such intentions to be cashed in upon death or another such like event.  It is with a somberness that I would rather have a more genuine emotion!  

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Life....My daily musing

Sometimes, I swear I need a decoder ring for my life.  Often it seems I spend much of my time trying without reward to understand just what in the blazes is going on.  Many days I am held captive by the whims of others in their garish efforts to bring me to right.  I am far better than they understand and I feel as though I have made both adequate and timely progress through it all.
I mean I in no way expect perfection for myself and I will admit most openly that I judge the achievement of getting out of bed with a slightly more merit than most.  Who said, achievement had to be grand?  So I did not solve world hunger, discover a cure for the common cold, for the fact I did not do anything of such relevance but yet I still remain breathing. 
When I examine those who seek to examine such things, I find their purpose-driven lives to be quite bleak and bland and altogether disturbing.  What comes from complete devotion is indifference to life.  For myself, I would rather find a comfy chair in some long-forgotten corner and plop myself down in that said chair with a cup of warm tea and a book. 
At the end of such an endeavor, one is most likely rewarded with a happy ending, if not an overly complicated sad one.  At least it gives comfort and a solid ending. 

Love and Light 

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