Sunday, May 1, 2016

Good morning from the is a long day already and I am really dragging.
Your edible plant identification of the day and led into the blog post.
This plant is called lambs quarters, it is a wild spinach and does not require any prep work to eat other than a good washing. It can be eaten as any salad green or cooked. I have like ten pages about this plant and it's uses in the past and future, but they are not handy at the moment.

So, I know not a great way to start a sentence, but mercury is in major retrograde and I feel it all around me.  I lost one of the adult sheep today, just dropped over dead. What a great way to start one's day.  150 pounds of meat wasted, I am sick over it, so I am worming the ones that are left.  I hate to use wormer, but I have to safeguard our meat as that was winter meat.  I still have two sheep, need to replace two now and buy a ram.  It is all a bit overwhelming.  Thi sis life on the farm, we have good days and not so good days, each day is a lesson.  When you have a farm you have to always know what is going on all the time, otherwise you can lose $500 bucks just that fast.  So that is even if I want to eat them I must wait a month.  

The good things that came out of it Elijah learned how to skin a large animal.  Note the lovely pictures.

Upon further dissection, the lamb had a type of deer fluk that affects the lungs.  I will share photos latter.  This means I need to worm the wild deer along with our animals.  We had to do this many years ago, I guess this spring was just so wet it made an ideal breeding ground for the pests.  I buy these natural wormer blocks at one of the feed stores in MO so I guess I will try to do that on Wednesday.  At least we know now so we can treat all the animals on the farm at one time as well as those that come in for food and hopefully contain this to one death.

The dogs will get the meat of the lamb so that it is not wasted and the skull will be cleaned my nature and available for purchase later in the year, the hide will be salted and tanned.

Very rough way to start a week.

Back to work for me...

Blessings from all of us on the mountain...
Shekhinah, Michael, Dah'veed, Elijah, and Elisha and all the animals 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring storms are upon us...

 One more final project turned in...I do not mind saying that I am tired. It can be overwhelming trying to get it all done, but here we are nearing the end of another term. I look forward to a short break. I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who aided me with coming up with new ideas for papers this term, there were so many papers...Now maybe I can get some real writing done, some coloring books designed, meditation music made and some other projects done. I plan to get the intro filming done for our internet show. Have al the gear and equipment now, just need to make the time.

Our garden is coming along, the worms are amazing...tilling the soil is the best healing for one's soul that I have ever found.  I have got some tomatoes in, some boc choy, some peppers, some romain lettuce and peas and beans.  Tomrrow I wil try to get some more in, the okra will need to be replainted it did nto like all the rain.  I still need to get the sweet potatoes in, there is always so much to do and never enough time. right now it is storming again, I should be out recording it for the meditation cd I am putting together, but I can not bring myself to get it done right now.
 I was honored to visit with some dear friends today and the boys picked almost all their dandelion flowers so fritters will be made tomorrow.  Not enough to make wine.  My friend Sue gifted me  a loaf of banana bread and some lovely dollies for the new living room, I almost cried since most of the ones I had are long since gone and it gives me hope for a better tomorrow.  It is amazing how some threads spun in circle of threads can remind you of the brilliant memories removed a thousand times from today. I will love them from tomorrow's forever!

The boys wandered her creak finding amazing finds as all children do.  A creek is a magical place for a child, a world away from ours and they are free to explore and conquer.  Little creatures become big game and the little crawfish flutter about trying to avoid the hands of the sweet children chasing them. A snail becomes a treasured find, a fossil a conquest larger than life.  We should all look at the world like children do, where everything is magical and amazing.
 As you can see our bees have been very busy at work...what good girls they are to work so hard, we are truly blessed to share our farm with them.  The two domestic hives are looking good and the wild one is also healthy and happy.  I can not wait to harvest fresh honeycomb from the hive, there is nothing like it in the world.  The way it drips from the comb, the first taste of the season is like liquid gold that melts in your mouth.

What else can I share we have had good days and not so good days, but we continue to move forward because there is no other way to go.  

Be Blessed From the Mountain:

Shekhinah, Michael, all the kids and the critters here on the farm

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The arrival of spring on the mountain...

Spring has joined us at last up on the mountain, and we are starting to put in the gardens.  We got some beautiful bok choy from the Master Garden people who were at the Salem Flea market.  I was gifted a bee balm plant by a very sweet lady, which I hope my bees will love and bought several beautiful cookbooks at bargain prices.  

So far we have yellow bell peppers ready to go in the gardens, some tomatoes, some cayenne peppers, some jalapenos and some okra, some more cabbage and some roman lettuce.  I still need to replant our peas as well.

In regards to the wilds of the farm we have ripe strawberries, asparagus has been doing great, the wild greens are in abundance, so everyone is very happy.

We took a vacation a few weeks back, and that went well, we went to Hot Springs.  The kids very much enjoyed Minning at Ron Colman's mine and they equally enjoyed Mid-American Children's Museum.  We stayed at a lovely resort at my mother's request.  It was South Shore Resorts, wonderful place, looking forward to going again.

Nothing else to report...

From all of us on the Mountain....Be Blessed

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Treasure hunt turns up mushroom in the Ozarkas

These lovely's are oyster mushrooms in the wild.  My son found them today while we were out on our adventure.  We did not find much with the metal detectors, but found found tons of amazing rocks and these mushrooms which will become part of our dinner.  We will also clone the mushrooms so we can grow them at home.  We already have the blue oyster mushrooms growing so this will be a wonderful addition to them.
Oyster mushrooms are easy to grow and require some sunlight.  Most of the media is easy to come by coffee grounds are what we use, but some people use wood chips and even straw.  
We just wanted to share a bit of what we were doing with all of you.

From all of us on the mountain be blessed

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

67 year old Westing House stove- A small fire and repair

Michael Davis is amazing, our 67-year-old Westing House stove is working again. I am so grateful for old tech and a wise husband.

This was a small part of the problem as you can see by the wire in the photo, there is more and it all looks like this. The boss replaced the wires on both of the right side burners with wire from our newer stove. MIke"s Menards!

The arch was so intense it burned the hoop right of the pin in the photos that help the wires off the metal, Mike fashioned another.

Not what we had planned to do today, but I am grateful it died during use and not while we were sleeping.

When you save and reuse you old stuff it is like making money. Today a new stove of lesser quality would cost between $600-$1000. It would not be as good as what we currently have. It would be some cheap made in China junk and nobody wants that!

However, fixing this artifact did bring up another important point to both of us. There are no service manuals available for these stoves and even less parts. So we will be making one to help others like us create a future from the past.

We would also like to thank our dear friends Judy A. Martin and her husband Eddy for answering their phone today. We could not figure out how to get the top part of the stove to open, it slides than lifts up, trial and error. Most stoves of today have clips that you pop and it opens, so now we know. Eddy and Judy are two of the wisest people we know and I must admit it is a bit intimidating to go where they have not gone. We love you both, thank you for watching over us...

This was our day on the mountain...

Be Blessed

Friday, October 30, 2015

DELL and Alienware

Nice day, had a lot of fun at the feed store and Walmart, I have been a bit concerned about working on the show in the local community, but I feel a bit better about it now​.   I just wish I could get Alienware to get their act together.  I am on hold with them now.  In total, if my journals are correct and I believe them to be, I have spent a total of three weeks talking to them about this computer in the last year and a half.  That is sad and shows their lack of respect in dealing with their customers.  Mike and I have talked about doing a show around the event.  We would call it, “ The Farmer n’ the DELL.”  Their music that they use while you are on hold is haunting and rings in your head for hours.  I swear it is the stuff of nightmares. 

In other news, the other Jews of the community invited us to Hardy, which is fun since a Pagan Group also invited us to that area. However, it is too far for me to drive right now.  I will be taking the kids around a little more local.
I am making a lovely meal for tomorrow when we return...Hamburgers and a dish that is sort of like mashed potatoes with extras.  I wanted turnips, but mine are not ready, and the store wanted to much, so no other root veggies, we all do what we can. Tonight the boys will have pizza, and they are very excited about going.  I Thing I will use the drive time to teach them the solemness of the day and how we should look back and look forward to the next season.  I am not overly thrilled with this modern holiday; I bet no one could tell. 

In my finds today they had yellow squash and zucchini for sale .49 cents pound, so I bought ten pounds, and when I am done on here I am going to turn it into pasta.  I still have a five-gallon bucket of tomatoes that I need to make into salsa and pasta sauce. 

So that is about it, no other fantastic news…

Be Blessed
Shekhinah on the Mountain....

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Good morning from the mountain...

Good morning from the mountain... I am finally up out of bed and moving around.  Since one of my other friends is cleaning carpets, I thought I would as well today.  At least in the boys room. 

Still need to make a ton of phone calls as well.  I hate that I live in a country where disabled people are second class citizens and subject to homeless at the whim of officials without compassion.   It says too much about the poor state of affairs that so many working people, disabled people, and small farms are singled out, while constant law breakers are rewarded with government help for their less than positive behavior.  As it goes without saying that so many people abuse the system, there are many more who do not, who need and rely on it and I guess I will speak for them.

While I am on a roll, I am sick of people messing with gun rights and wanting to ban guns.  No one is forced to leave Christianity because a “ Christian”, killed people.   Yet you too many will defend the act and say that they do not represent the Christian faith as a whole, well kindly tell me what does.
Every day I watch people go without food, not because they are lazy, but because of other events that have brought them to that place.  Many are unable, not unwilling to work, some are even in school full time and unable to get help.  I do not see any campaign to feed the struggling masses, or to find jobs for them, housing, etc.  I sure do see a lot of people wanting to wave flags and denounce others as being intolerant.

I think it is intolerant to spout how much you do without while others eat dirt, many of us are not rich, but then money is not the only way to repair a broken country and world.  You repair it by being Human and using that same strength you use to defend a lion and defend the rights of a child to have a home and food and education and love.  Use the will that you have voiced either for or against gay rights to care or visit an elderly person and protect them from loneliness and harm, make sure they have food and shelter as well.  I have a poem that goes on the back of every mustard pendant I sell, not because I want you to feel sorry for me, not because I want your money, thought it would be nice to have some, but because the message is so clear and precise.

Plant a Seed
By Wendy Bridges
I may not
Be able to
clothe the naked,
but I can lead you my coat.
I may not be rich enough
To feed the starving masses,
but I can make you a sandwich.
I may not be able to stop air pollution,
but I can stop blowing smoke in your face.
I may not be able to clean up the environment of the planet,
but I can help you rake your yard.
I may not be smart enough to end illiteracy,
But I can read you a story and walk you to school.
I may not be able to eliminate war or stop the violence,
but I can be peaceful and kind to you right now.
I may not be able to end world poverty,
but I can share what I have with you.
I may not be able to end pain and suffering,
but I can hold your hand and
lend you a shoulder.
I may not be able to save humanity,
But I can nurture a child.
I may not be able to turn
The world back into
A garden,
but I can
plant a

It is in the doing of these things that we are made human… not by the words in a book, but by the words in our hearts.