Saturday, January 10, 2015

USDA Traumatizing Farmers and farms on Satuday

Good evening from the mountain, I and the farm have had a challenging day. We had made the final prep for the storm that is coming our way, when at around 3:30 on this Saturday NASS showed up on my farm looking for goats. 

The surprise is on them, all my goats are gone, between wolves( that were let go by the Fish and Wildlife division), fires,and chemical trespasses there is no point in having them.  It breaks my heart when each one dies and no one should have such a thing happen to them. 

Back to my main point I had filled in and sent their survey to them as mandated by law, you can go to jail for not filling it out. You have to understand in America no one is really free, we are forced to subject ourselves to the USDA and even though we have bought our animals we are but stake holders of them.  

My husband Mike met the USDA worker at our gate, he offer to get me, since it is my name on the paper work, but she said it was ok.  Mike gave her an earful as to why we have no goats, I would have been glad to fill her other ear.  

The average age of a farmer in America is now 58 and guess what there are very few young people like us wanting to replace them. Farming is a hard life and in America it is even harder, when I must answer to some one for every animal I have, what I do with them and such I have no freedom at all!  

I ask where were these people when the people next to me lit the fire that killed our baby goats, did they help no.  where were they when the wolfs were turned loose?  Where where they when the power company sprayed our land.  Their job has nothing to with helping farmers or protecting the food supply it is nothing less than a bureaucratic barrage of fools, claiming the goods and hard work of people with little say.  How can one survive in such a place and keep they mind in a calm place.  I obey the rules and I am punished, others with wealth buy their way around the rules.  I am sick of it.  

Who want to be a farmer anyway...

Be Blessed

A short story in the classic Katabasis form which takes place in our modern time. A epic tale so reviling of our cultural complacency that it will leave the reader shocked and dismayed, perhaps its telling will even force the reader to rethink their own life quest. The Gift is not your everyday run of the mill short story, it is so much more!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Open letter to the President in response to his pep talk to the American people over low gas prices

Good morning from the mountain.

Below is the prescient running his mouth about the low gas prices...and below that is my open letter to him.

Well thank you Sir for the pep talk about how I should not get used to the low price of gas!  Look people can barley make it now, telling them of a future doom when they can put food of value on their tables for the first time in months is nothing less than evil. 

That is not helping!  

This is not the change America was looking for!  

It also is not helping to say people now have an extra $3000. per year due to the lower gas prices, this makes me question your ability to think clearly. I personally have tightened my belt so tight Sir that all I have left is change!  Maybe if you had to live a little less large you would understand.  Many times in our home we have to make many sacrifices; we are more than human resources to be starved or fed at your desire. 

We who are the working masses of this Country are tired of being told to deal with it; Sir we have dealt with it!  As we have dealt with huge debt and laws that serve no purpose.  While you take vacation after vacation, I am barely able to keep my farm running, heat in our house and keep food of value on our table, while your wife Sir tells people to eat healthy, people like us live in food deserts, even when we can find fruit or vegetables, we can not afford to acquire them until they are marked down. 

I quite frankly wish you would just stop talking you embarrass us all with this dreadful behavior, and Sir it makes me sad to be an American in YOUR America!  

Please for the love of all that is Holy quit helping me while I can still afford to breath...

Your help is killing the America I love.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Selling seeds on the mountain...

This year Mahanaim Farm is offering up some very special Heirloom seeds that we have grown and will continue to grow on our farm.  Our family is honored to be able to offer these seeds to everyone.  All seeds offered are open air pollinated, Heirloom seeds, but have been organically grown on our farm.  I do not believe in the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  I believe it is important not only how we grow our plants but how our seeds are grown. 
In the commercial growing world, seed plants are allowed to have twice the level of pesticide as normally food grown crops that means more chemicals will be in the ground and in the seed, no one that I know what want that on their conscience. 
Our seeds come from the very best of our plants chosen for fruit or vegetable shelf life, size, quality of produce.  In this photo you see my son Elijah holding an unripe pumpkin.

You can see he is a bit sad, but winter was coming so the pumpkin had to be picked and brought into the house.
Each of the two patches produced a huge number of larger pumpkins with good meat and lots of yummy seeds.  Below are some photos of some of our pumpkins and even a prize winner from the fair.

The pumpkin is behind us, we had too many things to get into the photo, that’s the way it is sometimes.  Too much yummy home grown food, for one photo, next year we will take more photos.

You can expect pumpkins to look like this when full grown.

The photo below shows one growing on the fence.

These seeds are available in sets of five seeds for one dollar, plus a little extra for shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing seeds, you can pay us through paypal, or with cash or money order by mail.  Our email address is
Please let us know how you will be paying and how many sets you would like.

Be Blessed 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good evening from the mountain

Good evening from the mountain, today has been a cold and windy day.  I had planned on going out to the store, but the weather did not permit.  Instead I stayed home rested and made biscuits and gravy from scratch.  It was yummy and I will put up the rest of the gravy for another meal.  

I found out today that I need to replace my shorting, that should be fun. I know the grocery store just loves it when I ask for things by the case.  lol  Oh well, on top of that I only have enough foil left for about a year.  That means shopping around for another heavy duty industrial roll.  I have gotten about two years out of the one I have now.  I am also our of dried onions, peppers, and celery, so I have think about replacing those items as well and where the money shall come from.

I am thinking about making some more jewelry to sell. I know it would help to cover some of these expenses.  I wish some of our eggs would hatch, that would help.  We have at this time cut our bills down about as low as we can go.  We shut off the water heater on most nights so that we can run the space heater in our room which it seems is always cold.

This week it will be very cold and it is an added expense.  So something is going to have to give.  I do have the books to work on, but it takes months to be paid.  I did receive my first payment, it made me very happy though it was a small amount.  I hope to do many more books in the future.

I do not have anything else new to talk about at the moment.
Be blessed

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good Afternoon from the mountain

Good afternoon from the mountain, I hope you holidays were excellent no matter which ones they were.  We have been busy doing the last minute winter fixes to our farm house.  Our primary bedroom is an endless source of cold right now, and we have a very hard time keeping it at 64 degrees.  So far, I have thermal curtains up; I have put bubble wrap on most of the windows, but I fear the real problem may be the concrete block its self.  

In the summer time, this room is an oven and the winter a cold box.  We even talked about putting up construction wrap around this part of the house until winter passes and trying to reseal the outer walls and then paint them.  I am going to see if I can purchase some online and have it deliver up here to the mountain.  I am also planning on using a space heater along with the wood heat on the colder nights. 

All this extra prep is a real drain on my expenses that are already stretched much too tight.  It  just can not be helped.  As an example just a day before I was to go to a dinner, the water heater went out.  It took more than a day of course to find what the cause of the problem.  We had a replacement kit, so we were good there.  For those of you who may not know what that is, it is the two coils for the water heater and the temperature control box.  We used the whole kit, plus Mike drained the tank and got rid of 6 months of crud.

Now I must again make plans to go to the big city nearly an hour from here to get another kit for the wall.  So there is a lot of costs involved there.  Everything from the gas to get up there and back, the cost of parts and maybe other things that are needed but we have not bought.  I try hard never to be without parts for everything we use on the farm and if you walked the grounds you would see many spare parts.

The other day we had a nice man come up looking for some animals to purchase and walked by a pile of cages that we no longer use, he asked about one and I gave him a price.  Yesterday he picked it up and now I have half the money I need to buy the new hot water heater parts.  Our junk was someone's treasure; I could not be happier about it.  

There is a term for what he did, and it is called picking.  We have been officially picked, what a great moment of fun, now our stuff is no longer junk, but things others need to make their farms work.  Live is great like that.  I do still need to scrap some of our stuff, but it will wait till spring when the price of metals comes back up.

We collect cans all year long, and when we have enough, we cash them in and buy a year worth of toilet paper, which for us is seventy-two rolls.  I buy them from the store across the street that is owned by the people who own the scrap yard.  It is an excellent way to deal with a need and use what you have to cover it.

In other news, I am done with a new short story and can not wait till its launch on Kindle later this week.  It is called, "The Gift."  I think it will go over well as it is inexpensive for the quality of the story; it is short which means you do not have to read for days and days to find out what happened.
I am still selling my Hydroponics book and plan to go in and fix a few issues and add a little bit of data to it. Don't worry if you have already bought my book you will get a free update.

Well, dear ones that is all for now, I must go and clean some dishes, write a little and do science with my boys.  
May the day bring you peace and joy.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to deal with fear

Good evening from the mountain, I have been reading everywhere about people being afraid.  Fear is simply a lack of knowledge to deal with a given matter.  If you are afraid of being without food, learn to grow your own, and then learn how to dry it, can it, pickle it, salt it or smoke it, fear gone.  If you are afraid of the darkness, find ways to create light.  Fear of the unknown, once know is nothing but dust. It is within us all to rise above the insanity of the world we live in, to reach for the truth and to care for each other.

I know you are wondering what we are up to on the mountain, as we have not been online as much as of late.  Well, to be honest my school work has been a constant task taking more hours than I had planned on devoting, but if I plan to continue for that magic piece of paper.  I have to continue until the task is finished.  So I continue on, but just for another twelve days.

The farm is going as expected, we have started of course, with off grid preparations, though we are still short the money to finish at this time.  The new kitchen more than half way done is starting to look like a real room and less like a piles of metal scrap.  We will continue to do what we can to get it dried in for the winter and see what can be done from there.

Many people have emailed me from around the world asking about some of the odd things that happen her in America.  I can not say too much for some of them; America is a very prejudice  country, that at this moment stands at the zenith of xenophobic behavior. America may state that it is an open, friendly country, however how we treat one another tells quite a different story. The hate of others is filtered into all aspects of life, from tv to video games.  I do not feel hatred toward another race, but detest the debauchery of the whole thing.  I have read so many articles stating this fact or that fact.  When you find out that the people sent to fix the problems, to lower the anger, went out and did what they were there to stop. It is all just too sad.  America has had a good run of do as I say, not as I do, but the eyes of the world are now upon her, and it is time she became a goodly Nation.

On to the black Friday events, what can be said short of it all comes down to money and greed.  Dear ones if you must fight, could you not do it for a worthy cause such as the banning of all GMOS, or clean water, tribal lands, healthy children, feeding the hungry...but to fight over spending money that most people do not have on things they do not need.  Consider whatever holiday you celebrate to do so from your heart.  Make something for a loved one, even if this means learning a new skill.  Baked gifts are always a blessing.  Enough with the consumerism!  Enough with the endless debt!  Free yourself from the mundane and find a more peaceful home.

One more thing call your parents, they miss you!

Be Blessed Dear Ones...

Hand crafted art glassFrozen Anna snowflake

Friday, November 21, 2014

Walmart Vs. Amazon and the scam heard round the world!

Just to let you know Walmart is blaming all the people who priced matched Amazon as taking advantage of them.  They told me that no one would expect them to honor what they earlier said. Which, was that they would price match Amazon, and I feel I must agree that since they said nothing at the beginning about third parties that they should keep their word. I went into price match only because someone else asked me to.

My children are quite contend with Sams club soda, but a good deal is a good deal.  But in one of my groups as women had done just that, she priced matched Amazon with Walmart, the 24 pack of Dr. Pepper cans were being sold on Amazon for a penny.  That is a great deal before shipping.  Many people did get it to work for them before Walmart cut them off.  Now do I think it is unfair for them to have gotten almost free soda, no not at all.  Walmart opened the door and did not think the whole process through, that is not the customers fault, but Walmarts fault.

Walmart higher ranking employees brought up that one would have to pay almost $30.00 shipping, so it was not technically a penny. While this is true, and I most assuredly understand their point, I spend money on gas to get to the Walmart Super Center, which is an hour from my door.  So for me it would have been a broken even moment at best. Rationally Walmart should have given this a lot more thought!

What came out of all this, a great understanding of how customers should and should not be treated and that many of these types of events are scams in general.  I say this as they continued to explain to me that for the most part they really will not match anything if they are going to lose money on but that each manager could decide if they wanted to price match or not.

Now my Walmart in Thayer, Mo. is as good as gold, never had a problem, but the larger stores they are not going to do it.  It was clearly explained to me that they don't have to, and anyone who does price matching is taking advantage of them.  So buyer beware with Walmart or any big chain store that tells you they will match prices.

Beware also of their black Friday sales, a few minutes shopping on the net could land you a better deal with much less stress, plus this is a time to spend with your family, so consider skipping the "Black Friday" week long nightmare and enjoy one another's company instead.

I post this because I care about the value that we are people have towards one another and I feel that it is truly sad that anyone would have to use any mean words when dealing with one another, but to treat customers in the manner that Walmart has done is simply unheard of, I would think that if Walmart was in it's right mind it would apologize to everyone that it has not been kind too.  Starting with me..

Just one more tiny thing, the very reason that we live the simple life we do is to not be a part of moments like this, but it is moments like this that make me even more determined to do more, grow more, reuse more and shop in stores less.
Do not let your stuff own your life, own it instead and when live gets you down, and the world is unkind, just remember always to look on the bright side of life. Everything that happens in our lives happens for just a moment and then that moment is passed and once gone can never be retrieved.  So live well and be happy my dears, because life is short and precious.  

Be Blessed from the mountain