Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ebay attacks small American egg farmers!

eBay Launched un-American fees in order to clear the path for overseas markets. While many small farms are recovering in American, many still struggle to make ends meet. Our farm is one of them, we sell hatching eggs all across the country and we are very good at what we do. In the past, I have had problems with eBay policies and have managed to move forward.

So, here is the thing eBay says, that small farms can go to hell! Ok, maybe not in those words, but for all practical reasons, yes!
You are now expected to graciously give Ebay another dollar upfront to sell hatching eggs or other agricultural goods. Their new policies make no considerations for the small American farmer, they want a farmer to list eggs for ten days...because people are abusing one-day and three-day listings. Most of those listing are overseas companies. 

So screw the small American farmer who is already in many cases giving eBay a third of what they sell their goods for and then another portion for Pay Pal, so that in the end the farmer makes almost nothing. eBay is pleased with their new money making scream, I am disgusted for myself and the other small farms that in the past have used eBay, but now as of today have to rethink whether they can afford to be in business with ebay at all...please feel free to tell eBay to help preserve a way of life for small American farms!

This is the news from the mountain dear ones...please tell ebay to protect the small American farm and not to make Anti-Farm policies!