Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spiritual studies in a dark world...Free Yeshiva?

Have you ever wanted to attend Yeshivah, but you live in the middle of nowhere. Well now you can; Kosher Torah is making it possible in the form of a virtual Yeshivah were everyone is welcome. People from all over the world and from many different backgrounds attend daily. There are also live classes. I could not make it through a week without the one I attend. Our teacher reaches from all traditions to offer the very best in spiritual development for his students.

Very soon the whole format of the site will change allowing classes that once cost money to be free. You can attend at your time, any time of day. Learning Torah has never been more accessible. This is a great time to learn and grow. Please share this link with others...

From Shekinah on the Mountain
Be Blessed dear ones....and know that a little light dispels the darkness!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Complicated useless thoughts about the world!

Today the world is making me feel like a mom who is sick of hearing her children fighting!  I have to wonder while I sit up here on the mountain why do people have to fight all the time. what a primitive group of beings we must be. 

 I had more faith that I could save the life of the little sparrow whose nest was destroyed than I do for my fellow man.  Even in death he will do more than most of us are doing in life.  In his short time with us he brought us joy, he excepted our help without question.  When he first came into my home he was blind, had no feathers to protect me from the cold or heat and was not much of a looker. It chances of staying alive wer not great, but he did his best and so did he.  Each day that I awoke to him crying out to be feed was a blessing.  I still think of the fact that I was the first thing his tiny eyes saw and how amazing it was to know that he knew he was not alone. Each gain he made was as if we had gained as well. Then we noticed he was just a bit off, but it did not stop us from loving him, feeding him, cleaning him, etc.  He was important to us because he existed. This morning he died, his life was very short, but I think happy, he had food, comfort, love, all the things that make living worthwhile.  Best of all, he never cared that his mom was not a bird.  He was just happy to be happy!

I was 12 years old when I can to the realization that race should not matter, at 47 I am wondering what is up with people deciding what race or color another person is. Why is this a big deal? It is a big deal because we live in this world where people must constantly define their place in it.

One can not say to me, I am in the wrong body and then complain about someone feeling the same about race. Maybe if more people studied other people's cultures they would find places where they felt happy or comfortable, I don't know!

I do know that instead of feeding the hungry, caring for the old or the widow, orphan, etc; we are instead filling our days with useless junk as to if someone has the right to call themselves, black, white or other. What if we just defined ourselves as people, then no one who have to say this person thinks they are better than me because of the color of their skin or their cultural beliefs. Maybe we could all grow up and be alright with who we are, instead of finding fault in others we could heal ourselves.

It is not complicated, it is not about religion, it is about doing what is right! Not allowing ourselves to be led astray by such ridiculous behavior that is tearing not only our country apart but the world itself. So just for today, please consider yourself as something bigger than a race or a color, consider yourself human! Instead of bashing each other, go out and do something with each other, that does not involve guns, rocks, sticks, signs etc.

If you must hold a sign, hold one that says love everyone! Be kind and thoughtful! Live like there is no tomorrow, because it can happen that you do not wake up in the morning and what a dreadful way to go with so much misplaced emotions in the way.
The only way life works is if we all live it...