Friday, September 20, 2013

Even though we did not receive our new bees, even with the fire light by a unconsecrated neighbor and North Arkansas Electric Coop's hired killers spraying Round up on our farm, our bees managed to still provide us a little honey. We we able to retrieve from our ten frames 14 pints.  We are blessed to have it, but we are now unable to sell any.  In our hive there are three levels.  Two belong to them and the third we harvest from.  This is sustainable and health for the bees and us. The bees do not require drugs like tetracycline from us, or food for that matter.  They have their propilis and their honey.  They pollinate our food crops and we watch over them.  It is a win/win situation.

Now I would like to take a
Pigeon Mountain the worlds worst company to buy from has never done right by us.  Not only did we not received our bees as ordered back in march, for April delivery, but we have not received our money back. UPS the big box people killer of of 900 packs of bees each contain a viable queen and three pounds of bees.

Neither NAEC or their contractor has settled with us for the chemical trespass on our farm.

So it has not been a good year for bees on our farm.  We have ordered signs to put up warning people that their are bees present, and that  this farm is an organic farm.  I HATE that I have to put up signs, because other people are choosing to be rude.  Sadly this is the world I live in...

Making a future from the past
All done with love...