Tuesday, November 3, 2015

67 year old Westing House stove- A small fire and repair

Michael Davis is amazing, our 67-year-old Westing House stove is working again. I am so grateful for old tech and a wise husband.

This was a small part of the problem as you can see by the wire in the photo, there is more and it all looks like this. The boss replaced the wires on both of the right side burners with wire from our newer stove. MIke"s Menards!

The arch was so intense it burned the hoop right of the pin in the photos that help the wires off the metal, Mike fashioned another.

Not what we had planned to do today, but I am grateful it died during use and not while we were sleeping.

When you save and reuse you old stuff it is like making money. Today a new stove of lesser quality would cost between $600-$1000. It would not be as good as what we currently have. It would be some cheap made in China junk and nobody wants that!

However, fixing this artifact did bring up another important point to both of us. There are no service manuals available for these stoves and even less parts. So we will be making one to help others like us create a future from the past.

We would also like to thank our dear friends Judy A. Martin and her husband Eddy for answering their phone today. We could not figure out how to get the top part of the stove to open, it slides than lifts up, trial and error. Most stoves of today have clips that you pop and it opens, so now we know. Eddy and Judy are two of the wisest people we know and I must admit it is a bit intimidating to go where they have not gone. We love you both, thank you for watching over us...

This was our day on the mountain...

Be Blessed