Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scaling down

We are scaling back the farm; due mainly to our issues with trying to get hay.  Right now most of what I make goes towards the feed bill.  The weather has been so dry very little has grown.  We have replanted most of the garden at least twice and even the wild plants are struggling to make it. 

Our Holstein milk cow Tov is for sale for $1000.  She is six years old, has been running with a Jersey bull and currently gives around 4 gallons a day.  She can be milked by hand or machine and accepts calves willingly.  She is very healthy and has had her shots.

We are also selling around 100 quail off or eating them, 20 Cayuga ducks, 10 Americana chickens, and 10 guiena’s (might eat these).  A Tennessee walking horse, broke to ride, a bit touchy around the head, could easily be used as a carriage horse.