Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our old milk cow milk is ready to calf, her bag is tight. It will not be long before we a new member here on the farm. We are legal to sell milk in Arkansas now, it is so exciting.  In other news the last of our hay arrived today.  We got 20 round bales to go with the 8 we had left, so we are set till some time next spring.

We plan to get a few goats processed and a lamb, sometime in the next few weeks.  So the freezer will be full, canning should be near to done by then.  The firewood is on its way with the first three ricks paid.  Straw is also ordered and ready to pick up.  Everyone on the farm is so happy to have these chores out of the way.

In regards to the birds we need to size down to about half of what we currently have, so either the freezer will get more meat or we will offer them for sale.

NAEC has still not taken care of there chemical trespass on our land, so off to find a lawyer I go.

In regards to the bee people, we have been offered free replacement bees in the spring.  Lastly we are selling CSA boxes, orders started this month, feel free to contact us to learn more.

That is about all that is going one here, thank you for keeping up with us and be blessed...