Monday, December 16, 2013

We are still here...

Sometimes farm life is very pleasant.   While milking the goat tonight my husband and my son Elijah decided it was a great time to have a snow ball fight.  The goat never moved her head remained down in the bucket, she is one good goat. 
So life is like it is, I have not made any money this week so it I need to sell the Grand Jeep Wagoneer.  It has been coming for a while, but I was not really ready yet.  Now I have to get the boys and start loading it with scrap.  I had hoped to find someone who needed the engine or the transmission, but since I have not done that it goes to the scrap yard.  I still have to get help to get it there.  Worst case we use a front tow is a bit dicey but we will do what we have to get through the winter. 
We are in the process of downsizing, putting animals in the freezer and it is so time consuming.  In two days I have cut maybe twenty pounds of meat off the bones.  I have some for burger, some for stew and some steaks.  I have a few trays of jerky as well.  In total I have about forty or so chickens, a few more goats, a couple of sheep and some smaller game, lots to do.  I am so glad I have a big freezer.
I have to work a bit more on the growing wheat grass, as it consumes more time in the winter to produce than I thought it would.  We have also started making food for the dogs and cats; they seem much happier and healthier already.  It seems like they consume less food daily then they had just a week ago.  Much of what they eat is scrap from butchering other animals so there is no waste.
I am still working on my knitting and have almost finished the cowl I have been working on; I plan to have it done in plenty of time for the next storm which is moving in for next week.  Still have not been able to locate my other boxes of yarn, I really have no idea where they are; I have like three or four boxes.  That is the problem with having what you own spread out between four building. I see re-organizing in the future.
So that is what is happing here on the farm.
We thank you all for being a part of our extended family…from all of us on the farm may your holiday be bright, no matter which one it is…
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm
 If anyone would like to make a gift to our farm, our paypal email is 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow and winter on the farm -an update...

The first of the spring seeds are in the ground, buried beneath the snow and ice.  We planted carrots, in red, purple, white, yellow and orange.  I have onions, radishes in many colors, beets, Swiss chard, turnips and lettuce.  Just as soon as the ground warms up their will be an explosion of life out there, I almost can’t wait…
Our birds are still producing yummy eggs, and we still have milk from the goat, about a gallon or less a day.  Our sheep are all in active rut, which makes working around them very dangerous.  The One we call Snow ball; an all-white Jacob sheep has the job of getting the ladies bred as we had not seen Joshua rainy day doing very much this year.  Joshua will end up in the freezer as soon as I have the money to get him done.  I think we have a few goats to go too.  It will be nice to have a freezer full again.  We need to put up a bunch of chicken, as well.
As to the daily running of the farm, I feel we are making progress, though not money.  Our expenses were much higher than I had previously planned on them being.  This places me in the position of needing to add more work to the already growing pile.  Each day presents new challenges that we need to meet and overcome.  So far even though we had moments where I was less than happy with the outcome, we have made it through.  I had to stop our farm boxes for a while as I could not meet the meager demands.  I plan to bring them back in the spring as it was always my intention of providing lots of fresh food.  I felt like I was failing in that role; our garden did well, but needed to do better.  More aggressive planting is needed for the spring, and we have done a ton of work to make that happen. 
We have become part of the Native woodlands project and will be growing black corn as part of the project.  We look forward to the blessing this presents for the farm and our community.  Delaware black corn is scarce and the one way it can survive is with farms such as ours.  I have lost my organic status, but not my ability to grow the very best beyond organic food possible.  Now more than ever what we do on this farm matters, not only for us, or our children, but for the world we live in.  We will push forward and continue to teach others and make ourselves available to others who wish to learn.
Our holidays were blessed even though I made a fatal error of judgment, by trusting someone to pay us for a few animals and their care and feeding for a month.  I was blessed by a friend who would not take no for an answer… Thanks to her and her family my boys had a brighter holiday. Eight day holidays on such a close budget can be very hard.  I had purchased most of their gifts ahead of time, but was counting on the money to cover the last few and a little of the light bill.  So another new lesson learned, I must remember not to hold animals for people and more. 
With the passing of the holiday came the end of the school term for my son Dah’veed and myself.  Although I was able to finish before the storm set in upon us, he was not.  We are planning on returning to the school later this week as the ice and snow break up and melt off a bit. 
The storm hit us hard on the mountain, but we were well prepared as we have learned from the failures of the past.  As the first droplets of frozen water fell from the sky, we knew we would be fine.  We received around two ices of ice which now residences beneath nearly 12 inches of snow.  This did complicate farm chores and house life a bit, as early on we knew we could either have water in the house or at the barn.   We only have one electric pipe warmer and with temps well below freezing, we chose the house.  That said water must still be hauled, but now to the animals from the house.  It is nice   to have water in to do dishes. 
Because our money is tight right now, we have only the feed we could afford which is enough to get us by till Tuesday. Thank G-d for my wheat stash, which is providing sprouted wheat as extra feed.  I have jars of seeds on the counter and some ready for the trays, but Tuesday they will be fine to feed the critters.  I am going to continue to do the sprouted wheat for the animals from here on out as it will say us a lot of money and provide better, safer feed for them all. 
It has been nice to have a few days with no real worries, so delightfully knowing that I can sleep without the fear of anyone coming on to the property.  I could use more sleep, I just have not gotten enough over the past few months.
As of yet, we have not started trapping.  The new traps are stuck in the van; the doors are froze shut and it maybe another day or two before they can be retrieved.  I can now see where the raccoons and opossums are at night, so that will help in setting the traps once I can get them out.  I still have marshmallows for the traps, so we are good there.  The hides should provide a much needed source of revenue for us and meat for the dogs and cats.  I will use the bones in my artwork.
All this bad weather has allowed me to knit and sew, so I am thrilled with the “down time”.  I am also happy to say that we are starting to set up a new area for me to work out in the water building.  I am hoping to turn some nice pieces out before Christmas.  My goal is a dozen dream catchers, a coyote mandala and some more bead work, maybe a talking stick.  I may try and make some book covers and some holiday stockings, who knows, it just depends on the weather and how the kids behave.
Home schooling two young boys can be a lot of work.  Just keeping them centered can be quite a task.  There are some days that they really wear me out.  I am so glad they got art kits for the holidays along with Legos, they have been life savers.  Letting them do art really helps to get them settled down. 
The most shocking of events took place while I was writing this, we had a gutter full of ice fall off the side of the house in to the garden and knock the ac out of the window…oh and if that were not enough I got hit by icicles.  Some days you cannot win, but I will not give up.
We are surviving, we are grateful to G-d for all the blessings we have and for the wonderful friends and family we have that believe in us and our farm.

Be Blessed
Shekhinah, Michael, and all the kids and critters on the farm…

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just another day on the farm...

The cow still having problems, not sure if the machine is working right or if the cow is broken. A dear friend of blessed memory told Michael and I that cows that come from commercial farms, even organic ones rarely are milked after they reach around 8 and well she is a bit older than that. I have made arrangements to buy a pair of Deters, male first. The male will bred my mini jersey and latter the female Dexter, when we get her. It is very sad to think Moo is done being our milk cow, but we must look to the future and be happy in the milk and meat we have gained from her. Time to start making money for the new bull and cow.

Life on any farm is hard, but worth it.  I know I have cow issues, but and issues with a bigger farm that bought the land below me.  they have no respect for anyone and believe money to place them higher than other people.  If anything I believe it places them lower.  The cut down trees on the county road that I live on, and left them in the road.  My son cleared the road, and I am grateful that he was here to do it, but what can I offer a young man.  I can say, stay on the farm, you will always have to eat, but you will always be at war.  When you are not fighting the government, you are fighting the larger farms.

Be blessed from all of us at Mahanaim Farm

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting ready for the cold and snow

Another winter is nearly upon us dear ones, it is so sad to see summer end.  I hate that last few days when you try so desperately to save the last of the garden; trying to get just one more week or even one more  day. I am sure this hard freeze on Tuesday will bring an end to that.  We are getting the animal pens prepped as well as the house. Wood is cut, hay is up and I am making room for the indoor trees and plants.

We have got the milk machine up and running, the pasteurizer is also now back up and running.  I am consequently fixing something almost every day, so is Michael.  This year I believe we have fixed  or replaced nearly everything at least once.  It has been a terrible money year for these sorts of problems to have occurred.  However we are keeping our heads up and praying for a better tomorrow.

We are working very hard to make money to keep the farm going through the winter.  I have set up a page on Facebook to sell off some of the animals and some other things to try and make up the money we are currently short of.  I have found a new bull to purchase and need to come up with $500. additional dollars  to purchase him.  It is a fantastic deal as he is a Dexter and very short legged.  Ruth and him will make lovely calves.  who knows I might keep moo just as a breeder cow.  Her calf, Nine eleven is doing very well, at a month old her is nearly the size of a four month old calf, I foresee lovely meat next year.

We still need to take the sheep and goats to the butcher and finish filling the freezer with yummy meat.  It is hard to keep up with so many things still needing done. That said, I need to log off and get some more work done.

Be Blessed dear ones and believe in miracles...


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our old milk cow milk is ready to calf, her bag is tight. It will not be long before we a new member here on the farm. We are legal to sell milk in Arkansas now, it is so exciting.  In other news the last of our hay arrived today.  We got 20 round bales to go with the 8 we had left, so we are set till some time next spring.

We plan to get a few goats processed and a lamb, sometime in the next few weeks.  So the freezer will be full, canning should be near to done by then.  The firewood is on its way with the first three ricks paid.  Straw is also ordered and ready to pick up.  Everyone on the farm is so happy to have these chores out of the way.

In regards to the birds we need to size down to about half of what we currently have, so either the freezer will get more meat or we will offer them for sale.

NAEC has still not taken care of there chemical trespass on our land, so off to find a lawyer I go.

In regards to the bee people, we have been offered free replacement bees in the spring.  Lastly we are selling CSA boxes, orders started this month, feel free to contact us to learn more.

That is about all that is going one here, thank you for keeping up with us and be blessed...


Friday, September 20, 2013

Even though we did not receive our new bees, even with the fire light by a unconsecrated neighbor and North Arkansas Electric Coop's hired killers spraying Round up on our farm, our bees managed to still provide us a little honey. We we able to retrieve from our ten frames 14 pints.  We are blessed to have it, but we are now unable to sell any.  In our hive there are three levels.  Two belong to them and the third we harvest from.  This is sustainable and health for the bees and us. The bees do not require drugs like tetracycline from us, or food for that matter.  They have their propilis and their honey.  They pollinate our food crops and we watch over them.  It is a win/win situation.

Now I would like to take a
Pigeon Mountain the worlds worst company to buy from has never done right by us.  Not only did we not received our bees as ordered back in march, for April delivery, but we have not received our money back. UPS the big box people killer of of 900 packs of bees each contain a viable queen and three pounds of bees.

Neither NAEC or their contractor has settled with us for the chemical trespass on our farm.

So it has not been a good year for bees on our farm.  We have ordered signs to put up warning people that their are bees present, and that  this farm is an organic farm.  I HATE that I have to put up signs, because other people are choosing to be rude.  Sadly this is the world I live in...

Making a future from the past
All done with love...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Update on the baby goat

Update on the baby goat

At the moment, he can get up on his own.  It was a struggle through the night to get food into him.  I also battled to keep him up on his feet.  Goats like other rudiments need to be able to stand to digest food, etc.   It is essential to get them up walking around as soon as possible; it can increase their chances of living by more than 40 percent. 
This guy has now developed a bit of loose stool, my fault on that I am afraid.  He ate two ounces straight down and seemed hungry still.  I have been feeding baby animals for years, so I know better than to get over zealous like that.  After cleaning him up and re-feeding him; I gave him a little bit of pectin.  I use the same type of pectin that is used in canning jam.  It will help to regulate his bowls a bit better.  This is a minor setback with all the progress that has occurred in the past 24 hours.   If he continues to progress and lives, I will buy his life back and keep him.  He is the first born male of his mother on our farm, and in our tradition the first born of even the animals belongs to G-d and must be redeemed the money than goes to the poor or widow, etc.  Normally the animal is given to a poor people in our community, but as I said, I have plans to redeem him.
Today has been a slow day otherwise.   
At the moment, he can get up on his own.  It was a struggle through the night to get food into him.  I also battled to keep him up on his feet.  Goats like other rudiments need to be able to stand to digest food, etc.   It is essential to get them up walking around as soon as possible; it can increase their chances of living by more than 40 percent. 
This guy has now developed a bit of loose stool, my fault on that I am afraid.  He ate two ounces straight down and seemed hungry still.  I have been feeding baby animals for years, so I know better than to get over zealous like that.  After cleaning him up and re-feeding him; I gave him a little bit of pectin.  I use the same type of pectin that is used in canning jam.  It will help to regulate his bowls a bit better.  This is a minor setback with all the progress that has occurred in the past 24 hours.   If he continues to progress and lives, I will buy his life back and keep him.  He is the first born male of his mother on our farm, and in our tradition the first born of even the animals belongs to G-d and must be redeemed the money than goes to the poor or widow, etc.  Normally the animal is given to a poor people in our community, but as I said, I have plans to redeem him.

Today has been a slow day otherwise.   

Be Blessed
Shekhinah Mom at Mahanaim Farm

Creating a future from the past, (once beyond organic, thanks Asplundh for spraying toxic chemicals on our land), done in love...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Had a baby goat born to a Nubian goat I bought a few months ago.  I am not sure the little guy is going to make it, he is extremely weak, and I could not even get him to stand.  I milked his mother for some colostrum; it was quite a struggle.  With the help of a bucket of food and my husband Michael, I was able to get 1 oz.  to feed him.  Try as I may I could get him to take no more than a few mouthfuls.  He is sleeping out with his mother right now.  It makes me sad to think we might lose such a cute baby. That is the sad part of life on a farm; it is always a battle of life and death. 
His mother seems lost on what is happening, she still has not passed the after birth, but I am keeping a close eye on them both.  I wish now I had sold her before the baby was born, but it is what it is.  I blessed him, and if he lives he will be given to a poor family. 
I will post any changes as they take place.

Be Blessed
Shekhinah mom of Mahanaim Farm
Creating the future from the past Once beyond organic (Thanks Asplundh), but always done in love.

Update on the farm...

I wanted to go on here and tell you all about the beautiful vegetables I am growing, our beans are coming in; our first zucchini is on the vine, and the tomatoes are plentiful and sweet.  However behind the scenes there is a dark cloud.  It is a cloud full of hate, and rage.  It is against the natural, and against the earth herself.  It is a crime perpetrated by a company whose whole purpose and nature is bent on the destruction of plants and wild life.  This company who has placed itself above the law may be coming to your yard soon.  The company who chemically raped my land and soon yours goes by the name Asplundh. I think you all should know this, and now that they believe that Organic growing is a waste of time.Here is a link to their page, please feel free to show them how you feel about Organic food and farms. The chemicals they spray kill bees as well, and are being banned in some states. One of the three products they sprayed on my property was used off label and can contaminate ground water forever. Forever is an exceedingly long time. I will get back to the facts that they feel like you have not right to your own property, and did not know the difference between an easement, and a right-of -way. I found the way the one young man threatened me with returning to finish the job, on my land with the police to be of interest. My property that I pay taxes on, that was organic, and you are going to use the police to continue to poison it...NOPE! I would encourage everyone to contact not only these people, but to call  or email NAEC, and ask them not to rehire these contractors who care so little for the land, and your rights. These guys tried to get my property by force asking me if I had said anything before now, I had. The point being after 8 years they can try, and take your property away, claiming that they have been "caring" for it; that you all but gave it to them. I think it is crucial not to let people like contractors and energy companies just take your property. It amounts to no less than ecological rape of one’s property. Http:// In closing with so much of what they said, echoing in my head, I can honestly say that unless we start protecting ourselves as property owners there will be no land for our children, no hope of a better brighter tomorrow, only death and a barren landscape full on Monsanto super crops, full of toxic poisons.  I whole heartedly believe as an American in the most fundamental of the rights that our founding fathers have given us.   With these truths that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unaleable rights, among these are the life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  At this moment, I live in a world where these rights may or may not exist depending on which large company you anger or get in the way of.  We must stand up for our farms, for our lands, for our liberty most dear.
 Shekhinah Mom at Mahanaim Farm, Camp, ArkansasCreating a future from the past once organic farm, where all things are grown with love…

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The contractors, their story and the press release that will follow

The continuation of the settlement that they told me things, I told them things; they expressed how they were going to do what they wanted; I told them no you’re not.  They tried to intimidate me into a settlement.  I explained to them that I understand the law.  I not only read it, I digested it.  Taking it into my being.  It is my land, not their property!  They tried to tell me that after 8 years, they could do what they wanted with my ground.   I said, well that will not help you, as in Nov of this past year I told your people to get off my property, and that we would maintain it from here on out.  You were notified.  It was not me who broke the rules; it was you!  You did not send a letter asking permission; you did not knock on my door.  What you did is called a chemical trespass, it is illegal.  The $2500. you offered me is disgusting, the act alone shows you lack of morals or proper judgment.  You offered me $6000, and I was offended then.  You think it is reasonable to give me less because a test you did a month later.  Never mind the tons of rain, and my fast acting husband having washed the toxin into the road. The analysis showed true in only one place.  You said; let us remove the soil, and the tree, sorry dude that does not return me to organic.  I must wait three years for that. I told them I will lose $15, 000. over the next three years.  He said, so you will take no less than $15, 000. I am open to negotiation.  It was then he offered me the $2500. 

I told them to leave, all hell broke loose.  They informed me how I could not use my tapes in court, and how expensive it would be to take them to court. I do not know me, or what I own, even though I did notice you standing at my screen door looking in my house, you did not knock or make yourself know.   You told me again that you were good upstanding people.  You did this while saying I was not, the end, they told me that their insurance company would be in touch, but not without offending my G-d, my farm and my choice of how to live.  I do not live in a palace; I could if I wanted to.  I chose this farm, and this property!  I could choose to surround myself with lots of rich and famous friends.  I would rather the few dear ones that I love.  You think I am poor because I live in an old house and my pastures grow tall, I tell you I am rich!  I do not need a new car to prove my worth, nor is expensive house, my worth in my value to my fellow man.  It is the protection of my children, my livestock and my home, and the plants and soil that my value can be seen.  Do not let me thriftiness fool you into thinking, that I am without means.

Next no one gets to tell me what they are going to do on my land, and no one gets to talk down to me because I am a women.  When I tell you to leave you do not get to tell me how small I am; how I have nothing.  How much it would cost to fight you!  My G-d is the G-d of impossible; he took me from slavery to freedom.  He walked me through the desert of the world, feeding me, keeping shoes upon my feet, clothes upon my back.  I came to this land that he gave to me, and to my descendants.  It is you who have nothing, because you are nothing; you are small, and I denounce you.  You think I am dirt because I am a Jew, well this Jew will pray to her G-d, and for you, you will need all the help you can get.  Your mothers should wash your mouths out for talking to a lady like that.  I will make sure you do not do this to anyone else.  It is not man that gives me strength; your words are powerless to me, for it is G-d that strengthens me. 

I will declare to all of you who are reading this, stand up for yourselves, do not allow the world, and it’s evil ways beat you down.  Do not become like these people, uncaring, cruel and inhuman.  When your wealth is gone, what will you have left, will you still praise he who created you, or will you be like these men.  For when the time comes they will say G-d has left us. 

I know G-d stands where I stand. 


Since today is the day the NEAC people from the power company are coming, I thought I would talk about easements and right of ways.  There are rules that protect land owners from people spraying their ground with toxic chemicals, or even cutting your trees or other plants down.  The link below will help to explain far better than I can.

Below this link is another type of easement, it is a highway easement...please read for details.

Most people do not understand that the highway department owns that easement, or how they are remembered for it.  It is different than the electric company, gas company, or phone company easement, or right-of -way.

Below this is a link to a letter concerning railroad right-a -ways and easement, it is an interesting read.

Here is a list of codes concerning many of these easements and right-of-ways.

It is hard for me to understand how many good people are forced into making bad choices because no one knows the laws, that other wise could protect them.  I blame this on the lack of a good law library in my area.  Recently I asked our local judge where I could go to research these laws. I was instructed by his honor, that I would need to go on the internet.  I expressed my deep concern over this, and asked again, so there is no law library to help people to understand, or research the laws; he confessed there was, it was at the prison. All prisons are required to maintain a law library for the prisoners.  I was shocked that people who broke the law, and have been found guilty of doing so, had better access to the law than a common person trying to understand their own rights.

I will continue to learn, post and help others to understand their rights regarding their farms, animals, children, religious and home-schooling rights, as I learn them.  The truth is the power company must have your permission to kill or spray anything. It is up to you!

Be blessed
Shekhinah Mom at Mahanaim Farm

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another day of canning.  Got the pot of spaghetti sauce on right now.  Still have to get the farm entry for the county fair in, that is next on my list.  Have to do the home-school paper work as well.  Busy day and just found more tomatoes on the freezer...salsa anyone?  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Always waiting and always fighting

The world can be a rough place for a little farm like mine.  No one really seems to understand that farming is a choice and a sacrifice. Each day I awake up with an over whelming desire not to leave the safety and comfort of my bed.  Yet each day I pray my morning prayer, and rouse myself to the task.  Some days are lovely, others not so much. Some days I feel as though the world is against me and the farm.  Endlessly my little farm in the middle of no where is under constant fire.

This week I must deal with the NAEC, the  electric company in our area and their killing my Organic status.  I had a long talk the other day with a person I know who works for him.  I expressed to him how my heart was truly broken over this event.  I did not blame him, I just wanted to understand what happened.  At one point I expressed to him that if one of his workers had found a gold nugget on my right away if they would take it.  He said, no of course not, well my soil my plants and my trees are my gold.  That he understood.

My next conquest was with the Fish and wildlife people who explained to me that any animal found in the wild is under their charge.  I explained that my entire farm has animals found in the wild, my goats come Africa, my ducks from Mexico, etc . The nice man went on to explain that that they were only interested in quail at the moment.  I took a deep breath, expressing that my quail did not look like wild cortunix quail; I had been told in February of this year that as long as they did not look like the wild cortunix, we would be fine. So now I have to work on having cortunix quail re-qualified as farm animals. Their reason for the need for a permit was simple to them, they flat out told me that want access to peoples farms and that this was a way to do that, and also that  these birds could make the wild quail sick.  I asked him if he was kidding on the making the wild birds sick.  Any domestic bird could make any other bird sick, I agree with this, but than why do I not need a permit for pigeons?  Pigeons carry disease I expressed.  He explained that no one raised them for food or to sell.  REALLY!  I dropped it at this point, realizing that this is a man behind a desk who has most likely never seen a live bird.  I have to call back tomorrow and talk to the biologist in charge of this.

Some of you nice people might remember that just two years ago I was fighting them over the Muscovy ducks that they willy nilly added to the migratory bird list.  They banned them, and at a time when so many people relied on them for food.  Thank Goodness they came to their senses.  Now we can raise our muscovy ducks in peace.

The gardens are coming along, I am doing a ton of canning.  We are also still working on getting of grid, I hope to have our first solar panels here soon. Being a non-subsidized farm is not easy, but it is rewarding.
Love you all...Be Blessed