Monday, December 16, 2013

We are still here...

Sometimes farm life is very pleasant.   While milking the goat tonight my husband and my son Elijah decided it was a great time to have a snow ball fight.  The goat never moved her head remained down in the bucket, she is one good goat. 
So life is like it is, I have not made any money this week so it I need to sell the Grand Jeep Wagoneer.  It has been coming for a while, but I was not really ready yet.  Now I have to get the boys and start loading it with scrap.  I had hoped to find someone who needed the engine or the transmission, but since I have not done that it goes to the scrap yard.  I still have to get help to get it there.  Worst case we use a front tow is a bit dicey but we will do what we have to get through the winter. 
We are in the process of downsizing, putting animals in the freezer and it is so time consuming.  In two days I have cut maybe twenty pounds of meat off the bones.  I have some for burger, some for stew and some steaks.  I have a few trays of jerky as well.  In total I have about forty or so chickens, a few more goats, a couple of sheep and some smaller game, lots to do.  I am so glad I have a big freezer.
I have to work a bit more on the growing wheat grass, as it consumes more time in the winter to produce than I thought it would.  We have also started making food for the dogs and cats; they seem much happier and healthier already.  It seems like they consume less food daily then they had just a week ago.  Much of what they eat is scrap from butchering other animals so there is no waste.
I am still working on my knitting and have almost finished the cowl I have been working on; I plan to have it done in plenty of time for the next storm which is moving in for next week.  Still have not been able to locate my other boxes of yarn, I really have no idea where they are; I have like three or four boxes.  That is the problem with having what you own spread out between four building. I see re-organizing in the future.
So that is what is happing here on the farm.
We thank you all for being a part of our extended family…from all of us on the farm may your holiday be bright, no matter which one it is…
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm
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