Thursday, March 9, 2017

New butterfly photos from the farm

My husband Michael Davis took these photos today with my camera. 

We hold the © on all these images.  

If you would like to purchase a signed 8x10 inch print of any of the images just email me at or call me at 870-321-6859.

You are welcome to enjoy them and share them for non-commercial use.

From all of us on Mahanaim Farm have a wonderful day!

The Americans are laying and back orders are now filled

These are some of our sweet Americana babies....
Eggs are now available on our website:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Changes are happing

So Today I got rid of all but one of my Blue bar Pigeons, this cut my breeding flock down by 20 which is good I think.  It will allow me to pay more attention to the rest of the birds and focus on genetics a bit more.  who knows maybe some day I will race them again, not today, though.

This means time to move the rest around and find a long-term home for them as well as a proper head count.

These are the type I will stick with for now...

So that is all I have to report for now....From all of us on the Mountain Be Blessed....

Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring time nears

As springtime nears and the ground and trees come to life I remember to be happy that spring has once again returned to the land and with it all the possibilities that it offers. It is a chance for regrowth, for repurpose and for gratitude.  Even with all the setbacks, we have incurred, I feel that we can now rebuild and go forward with a brighter tomorrow.  

New life always settles a restless soul....

With the loss of over 20 geese last season it had sealed our fate and changed to very nature of how I will deal with thieves in the future.  It is sad that I even have to bring it up, but it was a huge amount of money for our tiny farm.  Sometimes it seems as though we can not catch a break.  Even this we will overcome and we will rebuild.  With the remaining birds, I plan to set eggs and sell as many as I can to raise money to rebuild that flock.  

This is three of the five we have left....

It was so dreadful last year that I had shut down the main producers on the farm as the cost became too high and my best stock was gone. Sometimes life is like that, sometimes it is better.  

This year the trees are in bloom early and many of the blossoms are already set. The birds we have left are starting to lay.

We have found what we believe to be a great home for Morning Sprite who was born on the farm last year.  She is full of passion and will make someone a great horse.  Her book which can be found on Amazon is started to sell and will be updated soon.

 In other news, a new ram is in the works and his name is charlie.  We hope he has a very long life with us here on Mahanaim Farm and that he and his wives provide meat for us for years to come.

Our mini greenhouse is also still holding strong and providing us with a great jump on spring growing.

I know very basic, but sometimes basic is good and this is one of those times.

A few weeks back an Armadillo had that destroyed my outside strawberry bed, I was heartbroken, but at least I had the little cutie above to rebuild with.  I have since purchased new starts and will grow them in window boxes instead of directly in the ground.  I can not take another hit on them, we enjoy strawberries far too much to lose them.  I am also replanting rhubarb as mine has been gone for a long time.  
We have already gotten the onions in the ground and the new garlic, peas, turnips and a few other things, so planting is well underway.

That is about all I have to report for the moment, I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to get done.  
So from all of us up here on the mountain much love....
From all the kids, critters and the rest of us may your day be filled with joy!

Even though I have not been able to fix the website I have listed it in case anyone in the states might need some eggs.   The dates are bad , but you can email me with any questions before placing an order.  Be Blessed Shekhinah