Sunday, December 31, 2017

Life....My daily musing

Sometimes, I swear I need a decoder ring for my life.  Often it seems I spend much of my time trying without reward to understand just what in the blazes is going on.  Many days I am held captive by the whims of others in their garish efforts to bring me to right.  I am far better than they understand and I feel as though I have made both adequate and timely progress through it all.
I mean I in no way expect perfection for myself and I will admit most openly that I judge the achievement of getting out of bed with a slightly more merit than most.  Who said, achievement had to be grand?  So I did not solve world hunger, discover a cure for the common cold, for the fact I did not do anything of such relevance but yet I still remain breathing. 
When I examine those who seek to examine such things, I find their purpose-driven lives to be quite bleak and bland and altogether disturbing.  What comes from complete devotion is indifference to life.  For myself, I would rather find a comfy chair in some long-forgotten corner and plop myself down in that said chair with a cup of warm tea and a book. 
At the end of such an endeavor, one is most likely rewarded with a happy ending, if not an overly complicated sad one.  At least it gives comfort and a solid ending. 

Love and Light 

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Stones such as the ones these earrings are made of constitute the largest group of meteorites that have thus far fallen to earth. Meteorites such as these come from deep space and were likely part of another plant’s crust that broke away and was flung to our side of the galaxy. The black color comes from its trip through our atmosphere where the heat causes it to form what is called, “a fusion crust.” The pitting seen on the outside of the rocks is due to tiny glassy spheres better known as chondrules. These compounds predate our planet and that is why I collect them. It is thought that the very building blocks of life may have arrived on this plant from space rocks such as these. In a way, they are as old as time its self and their song has so much to offer those who are willing or able to listen.
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