Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another lovely day here in Arkansas and so much time has passed since we all touched base.

School has become the endless challenge of many of my days.  I find it harder and harder to keep it all together, thank goodness for the summer and few classes.

 The younger children Elijah and Elisha are doing well in their studies.  Currently they are helping with the animals and raising baby frogs for their science journal.

 Dah’veed is studying world literature and psychology this week and continues to keep up with his lessons in animal science.

 My daughter Rachael, who is now attending college, struggles but I feel she could do better with a little more effort in her work, but I am sure all parents feel that way.

 My son Isaiah has moved out and started a new chapter of his life and pretty much excluded us from it.

              The onions we planted in February are almost grown and look so lovely with their white flowery tops and dark green leaves, dripping with morning dew. It has been a mild winter and our decision to plant early has really paid off.  Currently we have harvested lettuce, dandelions, mint, onions, lemon balm, sage and some wild greens.  We have tomatoes the size of your fist and peppers on our pepper plants.  Our Jerusalem artichokes are almost as tall as I am. Our asparagus and rhubarb are doing well too.  Our broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are fantastic. This year’s garden is so incredible that I have already harvested our first green beans, even before the peas…lol

              We have also planted potatoes, tansy, tarragon, basil, and a huge variety of corn, tomatoes, peppers of all colors and types and well more herbs.  There will be plenty this season to can dry and ship to others.

              We did lose our lovely doe and then two more.   Age does not play favorites and does not recognize love. We also lost our lovely Jacob ram Moses.  He is greatly missed.  We have watched the sheep ever so closely this year to see if we would have a son from him.  The first lambs were born, first an almost black male, the son of Joshua, not Moses.  Another ram is born, white, son of Joshua.  A yew is born, son of Joshua.  When we had all but lost hope a small spotted male was gifted to us by G-d and he is the son of Moses. 

              Moo cow blessed us with now Carmel colored calf whose name is Ruth, she is named after my husband’s mother.  What a little spit fire she is, jumping and playing in the fields, a true blessing!  So far no calf from Tov cow, but we will wait and see.  Our bull now two years old is looking plump and happy.  We still have wiggle cow, at least until I can find a good butcher, than hamburger for the freezer. 

              We have taken on a cart pulling mini-horse that we thought was a pony, lol and a Tennessee walking gelding in.  Steak sauce the little mini horse lives with the cows right now as we still have the stud colt and a baby from him would kill her, beyond a doubt.  Our colt is now the size of our full grown  old world Missouri fox trotter and he is such a stinker.  Too smart for his own good, and can often be found in the morning hours feasting on grass in my yard, unfenced, the little bugger. 

              The kitchen is coming along slowly, as the back roof has jumped ahead of it on our list; I still hope to cook in there this fall.  I have most of the parts, just need the time…

              We have purchased a milk pasteurizer, but I have to get a different cord for it.  Makes me mad, since I paid like 50 some bucks for it and it was sold in working order….but other than this small set back, but we will move forward and go on.

Be Blessed dear ones from all of the kids and critters here on Mahanaim Farm