Friday, July 22, 2016

Death of pear tree

Our angry little pear one of many who fell when the tree broke, this is how it was picked up off the ground.  I was not thrilled, I was awoken to what I thought was a gun shot, only to find out it was the tree splitting.  Not a great way to start the morning off

Hundreds of pounds of pears are sitting in totes in my kitchen a the moment waiting to be made into yummy pear butter, pear pie filling and just plain pear bits.  It is a bit overwhelming to have to deal with such a tragic event and when it is 100 degrees F.   I am working on getting it done and think that it could take as long as a week to get it done.  We are of course hoping that the remaining part of the tree lives, but it is far too soon to tell.

We did take many, many pears and disperse them around the farm for the wild animals to eat and spread new seeds into the ground.  New life from the old and may the future trees be a blessing to our children and Grandchildren.

from the very hot mountain, I send blessings of hope, love, and joy!  Be good to the earth she is currently the only home we have!

Shekhinah, Michael, all the kids and critters here on the Mountain