Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 38 part 2

News From The Doghouse & Shake, Rattle, and Roll 8-P
Last night at 11 PM while watch the Netflix - Babylon 5- we had the house shake and windows and doors rattled, I was facing east and it felt like being pushed back and forth and north to south was like being on a seesaw...or being in a boat and waves knocking you to one side and you lean to get pulled back the other way, sort of like that kind of rocking motion I guess...definitely the strongest we have ever felt here...USGS said it was m4.7 and I wonder what that was on the old scale 8-|
Dump the trash, loaded up 3 bags of house garbage and several construction debris bags from the trailer addition and got rid of some outstanding debris bags from the studio house, making progress. It was cold and yucky, so left the Happy Bear crew at home on the computer doing school work, probably flipped the page to Mario soon as I was gone lol Not really, Elijah was doing school math on a piece of school paper...Elisha was on pbskids Sprout.
Nothing new or any variations to mention, just didn't sleep well last night and I tried to take a 1 hour nap today, just kind of half drifted off...Still thinking about the Chinese restaurant on Sunday and I didn't mention the ice cream helped yourself...they had a box with 8 buttons selections of flavors and you pulled the lever to make your own cone or fill your own bowl....they had great flavors was just missing some alcohol for the kick 8-P I thought you could make a great suicide mixture or layered it as well...looking forward to the return there, just not at evening supper prices, we need to stick to the lunch time specials 8-P
The livestock really likes the new hay bales, I could not help but think how Elaine would have liked this stuff, it is really a nice green, smells great ect. I think the neighbor sold all his cattle because I have not seen any, as usually they come here outback when they smell the fresh stuff...
Today's egg collection was varied, lots of food eggs and only a few good hatching eggs. Got a good fire going in the woodburner because tonight is going to be below freezing like 28F. Tried to do stuff outside but it was very windy today with a biting windchill, and I was just exhausted after all the chores and being in and out of the weather wind chill ect.
Looking forward to the week. hope it turns out well. Got an e-mail back from USGS about the earthquake:

Day 38-prepair for the big earth quake and yes we are still here..

Last night was a scary night here on the farm, we had an earth quake(4.7 on the new scale(rolling my eyes, duration 20 seconds, one after shock maybe a 4 a few hours later) at 11:01 pm, followed by a massive thunderstorm, it was crazy.  I could use about six hours of undisturbed sleep.   I am quietly stocking up on everything as the big one is on its way, but I hope not today.  I store almost all dry goods in water proof five gallon buckets.  Things I like to store coffee, flour, sugar, vinegar, baking soda and baking powder, beans, tvp, dried meat and tuna fish as well as dried and canned veggies and rice.  Real bleach(no flavors or scents added, you will need this to make water drinkable), toilet tissue for three weeks, diaper wipes(great for quick clean ups), antibiotic suave, tooth paste, extra brushes.  Two sets of clothes should be stored in each location for every member of your home, along with extra towels and blankets.  You may need to take others into your home so be pre paired for that as well.  Having a little common sense now will save you toms of stress later.  You may also want to think about having some basic cookware with your supplies as well, as you may or may not be able to get to your kitchen. It is important to make a list of not only what you have but where, in the basement, the kitchen, ect.  Do Not store all your food, water or other items all in one place.   It is better to have you supplies in maybe two or three different places.  If you have a wood framed structure that would be one of the best places to store stuff, wood shifts and moves with the earth better during a rolling earth quake like the ones we get here.  If the build does go down it is a whole lot easier to move a pile of wood than brick.  A lot of people try and store these items in a basement which does seem like a great idea on the surface, but if the building above it goes down, you will exhaust huge amounts of energy to get to your supplies.  That way if a building does go down, it increases the odds of being able to find what you are looking for.  I have woods all around me so plenty of wood to cook with.  Need to buy a new inverter for the laptop and some gas today for the backup generators so we will be ready.  Another thing I want you all to think about is perhaps having a second building on your property or at least a few really good tents.  On my property we are blessed with a few worthless old buildings and a barn, just in case we lose the main house.  I am glad the big one is not taking place in the winter weather.  Although a earth quake or any natural disaster can be scary, it is important to be calm both, during and after the event, things can be replaced, lives cannot. While saying this I realize that many of you out there have important papers, now is the time to box them in a water proof, fire proof safe box, that can be retrieved after such an event, it should contain money in small bills, as much as one can muster and all personal data, ss cared, birth papers, bank papers, property deeds, car titles, car insurance and house insurance papers, any jewelry you love or old photos should also go in there.

We will post a full blog tonight and add to what I have above with photos…
Be safe our dear ones and know that you are loved….
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Earth quake, birthday for the hubbie and more.

Day 38 and I need coffee, got enough to get us by today, but for some reason, I am have shot threw the months worth of coffee in just three weeks.  We go through two bags or regular cans a week, but somehow we went through more than that this month as I am on the last can and had to hit the back up stash.  Coffee is one of those things you can buy in advance and it will last if sealed for year, and I do mean years and now is a good time to buy it if you have not already stocked up on it.  I buy food in the event, in the event of what you might ask, yes is the answer.  I live in Arkansas and there could be any number of things that could cause us not to have even the most basic of food items. Events such as ice storms(more than three weeks without power, and empty grocery shelves),hug and dangerous wind and thunderstorm events along with tornados(happened to others a few years back),Snow storms(happened this year, lol stuck here for days a t a time),earthquake(do anytime),economic hardship(bought on by either the failing economy, bad weather in other places, high gas prices, embargos either against us or someone else, really there are a ton of other reasons, including cost.  I pay about $2.25 for a regular size can of coffee or bag, which retails in grocery stores for about $4-9 dollars at the moment.  Buying it cheap and buying for the long haul will save you money.  Yesterday I enclosed a list of food type items that never go bad and can be stored darn near forever if put up properly, to that list you need to add chocolate, which is soon to be out of reach for most people, like coffee it only grows in certain climates.  Currently The Ivory Coast has an embargo against shipping chocolate beans out and even though this is relatively a small amount of the world’s beans, it will raise prices across the board.  The coo in Liberia has cost gas to go up even though we hardly get any of our gas from there, so I hope you see my point and perhaps take it to heart.  Life without chocolate…way scary.
Our hay came in today, with only limited issues, the bales are heavier than our old bales and a little harder to move, most of us got out there and helped, it took about an hour.  Now our dear loves have lots of hay and I can sleep sound as a pound tonight, so will they with overly full bellies.  Mr. Martin said our cow did not seem ready to calf, I hope she fools him, she is acting ready.  I think he wanted to scold us for milking her, but to tell you the truth I have talked to many people about which way to go, to milk or not to milk, that is the question.  She is well feed and has lots of yummy kelp and such added to her feed, she gets all the hay a cow could ever want so the answer is milk until she lets us know that she is ready to make us a baby.   I have goat will milk all the time; she is fine and did much better than the goat I let dry out.  I am sure much of it has to do with what and how you are feeding them. 
Looks like I have sheep ready to kid again, at least one, maybe more, just look at the sky, you looks like rain…lol
Going to try and get out of here today to go out to lunch for Michael’s birthday meal, he is 50 today, so feel free to wish him happy birthday! 
I am trying to get all my school work done early and such, not doing too well with that today…Plan to make soap sometime today.  I did get my camera up and on the tripod so I could get photos of some stuff to list on the web, so that is good.  I am getting a better idea of how it works and after I upload these photos I will know if it is going to work out or not.

Had a little lamb ram born today from one of the twin sisters, he has a distended umbilical cord and his lungs are full of fluid, I will be really surprised if he makes it.  There is very little one can do with a lamb like this; I hope it works it out.  But I will not count on it.  I have enclosed photos so you can see what I mean.  (Latter this afternoon he died it was very sad).  A lot of times on the farm that is how it goes, animals in nature left on their own take care of this and us as farms generally try to save the weak.  I have learned with some of things not to interfere, saving an animal’s life now, may cause it to drag on and have problems latter, suffer and die.  Not all animals are meant to live.  His loss though unfortunate today might have caused us all grief latter.  We return him to the creator. 
Had a lovely dinner tonight, will say more about it tomorrow.
Had an earth quake to end our day at 11:01 tonight, around a four lasted for over 20 seconds and well I am pretty frazzled.  Will post photos tomorrow.

Here is the Hubbies post for the day…

News From The Doghouse and a very long hard time...

Somewhat behind on the blog, I have been very busy :-(

Friday Feb.25 was miserable. It was a cold wet damp day, had to do chores AND then work on the trailer light hook-up again, trying to tape stuff when it is 38F outside with a windchill of 30Fjust was lousy. After that time consuming process, I had to change out the reese hitch and the ball on the hitch and install the old ball on the new upgrad we got, that took some doing and strength. Then install the license plate on the trailer and then hook-up the trailer to the van and make sure all systems were running correctly. FINALLY, was all done then it was off to West Plains for lumber, and did not do half of the stuff that was intended to be done. It was nice to get home and have a few beers, after the wood was unloaded into the trailer, check the livestock, and get the night fire going to knock out the dampness and chill.

Saturday was up and at it early, with Happy Bears jumping on me in bed and tickling my feet and telling me to get up, and after a brief pillow fight I was having a cup of coffee and trying to get chores done, while the Boss went to get supplies for livestock and groceries ect. THEN, it was off to do some horseshoeing work, and had a fiasco with the journey, ended up changing a tire and after much duress later got to the new client's and had a fairly good time, then off to the "big city" and visited Poor Boy's by a poorer boy and went to the meglomania corporation and after much haggling over tires and it eating up the rest of my day, with chores to still do at home, tried to walk around the Wally World store and look for things I needed but could not focus, like right now while I am trying to type and think thoughts cleary all sorts of commotion is going on. I did manage to go look for some hardware screws but they did not have them. I needed some other things but spaced out on getting them. Guess I have done with out this long I can do without until I do get whatever I need. I like to take a shopping list with me, avoids a lot of stress and problems, plus lets me browse at other things with out clouding my judgement. Unlike the significant other who is impulsive complusive and down right irratic. FINALLY made it home, again in the dark. Got home, and went to put wood in the woodburner, then to check the animals and 2 horses were in the back of the horse trailer, it appeared to have happened just @ when we got home. Not sure how the horses got the door open, if that is possible. Got everybody watered and checked for problems and basically called it another night. My last 3 beers tasted good.

Sunday Feb. 27th my birthday and another go go go non-stop day.... %( started to do the chores and every thing I did was saturated with problems, like to put water in the incubator someone placed an egg in the cup that is used to put water in the bowls for humidity, no big deal just I have to stop and deal with negligence, try to do laundry and clothes are already in there but not even washed just tossed in there and left for someone else to do...I took those clothes out and threw them on the floor and proceeded to do my regular routine. Same problems constantly and consistently. Overflowing trash bags or excessively stuffed with no bag in the container. Hay was delivered and not to much stress considering this was a 1st time delivery for this driver...then rolled out hay to the happy critters and back to doing the chores and got all the barn done while collecting a nice batch of eggs today. Had a sheep on watch and she popped out a lamb, but it had problems. The little guy was trying to get up, just everything was against him. Got all the grain from Saturday unloaded and put into the barn and protected. FINALLY got everything all done, even collected firewood to start the fire on Monday evening, which is suppose to be like 33F for a low. Right now the tempeture is moderate and nice 68F. Seen 2 robins in West Plains, Missouri this evening...springtime season is here. Had a nice time at the Chinese restaurant and seen our friend that we have known for years there at his new place. ONly bummer was missed my radio show and the usual. Got home again after dark and just did a quick check and THANK G-D everything was alright.

Way behind on parsha again, and I am very sorry about that. I'll try again tomorrow and post that as well. Got tons of pictures and the usual yada yada yada. Got to get meany Bears to bed.
Be Blessed dear ones
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 37 of our trails and tribulations here on the farm

Welcome again to our online lives
Today was a strange day, got up early so I could go to the feed store and also get dog food.  When I pulled in to the grocery store lot I saw Mona and some other people that I guess I know and it was interesting, I am sure that even though I said nice things about her, that on her end or giving of words it was less than kind in her talking of me in return.  Well, what can one do; people will be the way they are, my life will go on.  Went to get the dog food first at the store and got a great deal on it, 2 -20lb bags for $4.00 each.  I was pleased, but should not have lifted them.  Pulled a muscle in my back that has been killing me all day.  after all this I predeceased to the Salem Feed, I buy almost all  our feed there now, I like Ken the owner and his wife, they are good people and they are always kind to everyone.  Had to have the young man who worked there, Chris and another farmer get me all turned back around as I almost jack-knifed the trailer trying to back it up.  I plan to find a big empty parking lot or field to practice in at some later date.   Got our feed, and a few bales of hay to get us by until our hay gets here tomorrow, before noon, G-d willing.  We ordered 15 rounds bales and I am hoping to get them and be able to take Michael to Lunch at a new Chinese restaurant that our friends opened up in West Plains, Mo.  It sure is nice being able to go further than 15 miles.  For over a year that was about as far as we could go without help from others.  I have always been very grateful for the help of others and feel I could tell them thank you a million times and it never be enough.  Very few people know how hard it has been for the last few years and how grateful we are to be able to just get in the van and go and now with the horse trailer I hope to build our business back up and be able to do better for us. So far just having the van has been a blessing and the horse trailer has doubled it. 
I left the horse trailer at the house, got the babies ready to go and we started out toward the persons farm we were visiting today.  Along the way I realized something was really wrong with what I thought a first was the front end, nope it was a tire issue.  Found out I had a bad tire and drove on it over an hour away from my house pulling a loaded horse trailer, ewwwww.  Could not see what was wrong with it and had begun to think it must be the front end, well on the way to visit a horse, I found it just seemed off, so we stopped for gas and checked it and it turned out the tires had sat to long before we bought the van and they had dry rotted, yikes and spilt right down the center, the strangest thing I have eever seen in all my years of driving.  We are safe, no one or any property got hurt, we put on the spare continued our journey.  The farm we went to was amazing they had a huge male La Mancha goat that I would love to own, he had to weigh about 300lb and was so gentle and sweet, the babies and him played tag and he showed off his many tricks as well.  They also had lovely pigeons’, more than a few mini horses, a white donkey and about the sweetest little husky pup ever.  I loved playing with the puppy and wish she loved it less, I tried to buy it from her, but the pup was greatly loved where it was, the goat we may acquire though and we should know soon.  I will let you all know if we get him and show you lots of photos, if we do.   
Next when we were all done playing, we stopped at “Poor boy’s Furniture” over outside of Ash Flat, Arkansas, they always have great deals.  I bought Michael a black leather recliner chair for his birthday tomorrow.  It is a Basset and very lovely and reasonable priced at $175.00.  They always have nice gently used items.  Can’t say enough nice things about them.  Anyway the chair is made here in the US, so I am happy about that as well. 
Went to Wal-Mart in Ash Flat and got tires, it took almost four hours , but we got them, some young man tried to tell me that they did not have my tire, which they did and that helped to drag the overall time out.  Tires cost a ton, and now I still have to get new tires for the horse tire, which has the wrong size tires on it.  Anyway we ate cookies at Wal-Mart and tried to be patience, I got home and realized that after being there for over four hours, I forgot printer ink,,,emmmm.  Oh well I will do it Monday.  Than when I saw that I was nearly done, wham, I paid and got money back so I would have cash for tomorrow, since I spent my cash on the chair earlier and she tried to give me the same 100 dollar bill twice.  That poor women had way to much going on around her, and my few groceries, (two bags of vegetables), Michael new sneakers and the dust cloths, still were not even rung up.  This was an epic failure on my behalf in some way, I am just not really sure how.  Now Michael is taking the kids out and I am standing there waiting for someone to come check her draw because I told her she was wrong and gave her back her money.  They counted and the draw after about 15 minites, yikes and low and behold I had been right.  They thanked me for my honesty which was hard to understand because everyone should act that way, if something is not yours, don’t take it.  Anyway, I gave a few cards out, maybe we will find some new clients.
We came home to two of the three horses out again, and eating the feed I had just bought, ewww made me angry.  But Michael and the kids have it under control and I guess it was not a whole bunch off feed like I had been led to think.  So I can chill out and not freak out that the horses are going to founder or worse colic, I just don’t think I could handle that, but if it happened I would of course have no choice. 
I made fried chicken rice for dinner, I had called home earlier while at Wal-Mart and had the boys make the rice.  I cooked the chicken and newly bought veggies and added spices and such and cooked it together and served it, it was ok. 
Now on to other things, I was emailed some neat stuff today, which I am going to share with you.  The first one will mostly likely only help local readers of our blog, below that is a list of foods that never go bad.   I hope these help someone. 

Organic Feed Grain for your livestock; Goats, chickens, pigs, cattle,
rabbits, etc.
Mix your own whole grain feed and give your livestock REAL food... not  just a pelleted ration made from grain by-products with added, sometimes synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Remember, if you eat eggs or meats produced from your livestock... YOU'LL

Here is the list of grains available;

Alfalfa Pellets .37/lb $17.50/50lb

Barley .25/lb $12.50/50lb

Bean(navy) .38/lb $19.00/50lb

Corn (cracked) .28/lb $14.00/50lb

Millet .28/lb $14.00/50lb

Oats (whole) .28/lb $14.00/50lb

Sunflower Seed .40/lb $10.00/25lb

Wheat .24/lb $12.00/50lb

Save $$ if you order over 1,500 pounds of any combination of grains as
long as
it's in 50lb quantities.

Check out what we feed our animals at
Email or Call 417.668.-0055 to place your order, or to have questions answered.

I found this list and thought it might be useful...As far as I know, these items will not spoil...if you have a different opinion on one, (or more, lol) let me know. :-)

1. Sugar
Regardless of whether your sugar is white, brown, or powdered, it will never
spoil because it doesn't support bacterial growth.

The challenge with sugar is to keep it from hardening into chunks. To keep sugar
fresh, store it in an airtight container or seal it in a plastic bag. If your
brown sugar is more like a brown rock, you can revive it with just a minute in
the microwave on low heat.

2. Pure vanilla extract
If you have pure vanilla extract in the back of the cupboard, there's no need to
throw it out because it lasts forever. It may be more expensive than its
imitation counterpart, but its shelf life certainly outweighs the extra cost.

Keep that vanilla flavor at its best by sealing the botttle after each use and
storing it in a cool, dark place.

3. Rice
White, wild, jasmine, arborio and basmati rice all keep forever so there's no
need to throw them out. Brown rice is the one exception because it has a higher
oil content so store it in the refrigerator or freeze it to maximize its shelf
. Once you've opened a bag or box of rice, move it to an airtight container
or resealable freezer bag to keep it fresh.

4. Corn starch
You can thicken gravies and sauces for years with just one box of corn starch
because it keeps indefinitely. Store this kitchen staple in a cool, dry area and
be sure to reseal it tightly after each use.

5. Honey
Whether you use it in your tea, on your toast or as an alternative sweetener,
that jar of pure honey is good forever. It may get grainy or change color, but
it's still safe to eat — and delicious — because its antibiotic properties keep
it from spoiling.

You can help keep it fresh by storing it in a cool area, and you can improve the
quality of crystallized honey by placing the jar in warm water and stirring it
until the grainy parts dissolve.

6. Salt
The contents of your salt shaker will never spoil, regardless of whether it's
basic table salt or sea salt. Simply store it in a cool, dry place and salt will
keep indefinitely.

7. Corn syrup
If you come across a years-old bottle of corn syrup in your pantry, don't throw
it out. This sweetener keeps indefinitely as long as you keep it sealed and
store it in a cool, dry area.

8. Maple syrup
What good are pancakes or waffles without maple syrup? Luckily, this flavorful
syrup will never spoil if you refrigerate it or freeze it. For long-term
storage, seal it in an airtight plastic container and freeze it.

"The freezer is such a useful tool that can really save you money because there
are very few foods that don't freeze well," says Janice Revell of

9. Distilled white vinegar
This wonder product can be used for everything, from making marinades and salad
to cleaning house and doing laundry. But the best thing about
distilled white vinegar is that it lasts for years. Simply close it tightly
after each use and store the bottle in a cool, dark place.
Have to go for now, just got called away to help someone. 

Be blessed dear ones
Shekhinah, Michael and the kids and critters here on Mahanaim Farm
The soul has three garments: thought, speech and action
- Tanya

The foundation of all foundations, and the pillar of all wisdom, is to know that there is a First Existence, who brings all existences into being; that all existences of heaven and earth and between them, derive existence only from the truth of His existence
- Maimonides

Devarim-Deuteronomy 7:9. Know, therefore, that the Lord, your G-d He is G-d, the faithful G-d, Who keeps the covenant and loving kindness with those who love Him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations.

"If you don't understand weapons, you don't understand fighting. If you don't understand fighting you don't understand war. If you don't understand war you don't understand history. If you don't understand history, you might as well live with your head in a sack."  an unknown Jewish sage
Egyptian Sesame Seed Sauce (Tehina)

1/2 cup sesame paste (tahini)
1 cup water
2 lemons, juice only
4 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tsp ground cumin
salt to taste

Place sesame paste in the bowl of a food processor with water, lemon
juice, garlic cloves, and cumin. Pulse to combine, then process until
the mixture has the consistency of thick cream. Transfer to a bowl and
add salt to taste.

Tehina will keep for at least a week, tightly covered in the refrigerator.

Makes 1 1/2 cups (6 - 1/4 cup servings)

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 127 Calories; 11g Fat (69.2%
calories from fat); 4g Protein; 7g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 0mg
Cholesterol; 26mg Sodium.

Exchanges: 1/2 Grain(Starch); 1/2 Lean Meat; 0 Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 2 Fat.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 36 of life on our little farm

Today seemed to drag a bit, got eggs ready to ship, shipped pendants out.  It was bleak and sort of over cast all day, but it did turn around latter, in the afternoon with a trip to West Plains, Mo to Meeks a sort of hardware store.  I bought the equivalent of 30 sheets of chipboard for 12.90 cents.  They were 12 inches by 48 inches, very cool, all cut very nice.  120 of them to the count.   I took the horse trailer, with my husband Michael , Rachael our daughter and Elijah and Elisha are boys with us.  It was a nice drive and a whole new world driving a van with a horse trailer in tow, over all I felt I did fairly good with it and seemed to have gone through most of the road things that make me nervous, such as big trucks passing me and of course cones in the road that seem to go on forever.  I found out the have a habit for humanity store up in west plains and look forward to spending some money with those nice people.
So here is our cost list of redoing the trailer:   
·         $575.00 solid pine cabinets, including sink base and bathroom base and counter tops.
·         $5.00 white black splash tile, full box.
·         $200. Wood burning cook stove.
·         $12.90 subfloor
·         $2.00 marble pre-station counter, with mini sink hole cut out.
·         $75.00 moveable kitchen island with extra storage.
·         $15.00 kitchen linen dresser, French providential-being restored in my studio.
·         Grand total so far: $884.90

Now about what this would cost new, or un-salvaged:
·         $2498 for solid wood cabinets, including both sink bases not counter tops.
·         $204.00 before tax    3 -6' Milano Amber Laminate counter  tops
·         $29.76  before tax for a box of white 4” tile.
·         $2950. Wood burning, six burner cook stove
·         $335.10 subfloor
·         $350.00 moveable kitchen island
·         $230.00 marble prep-station with mini sink hole cut out.
·         $450.00 French Providential linen dresser.
·         Grand total for all this retail or new: $7046.86
The difference or savings is $6161.96, none too shabby and much more earth friendly.
Next I will shop for insulation, drywall, shingles,got the flooring picked out, just need to figure out how to get it a bit cheaper and of course lighting, the sink and perhaps a few other items.  I have the paint colors picked out for everything except the stove.  So this is where we are at with this.
On the farm front, no new babies today. Still need to get the fences up and such.  Did make progress on the hay, and now have five different people we can get it from, we will never be out of hay again.  Sunday I will be getting 15 round bales that we need in the worst way, as I have reverted to using square bales to feed everyone.  I do not really know which way is cheaper only that it is less labor intensive in the long run for us to buy hay in the round bales and roll them out to each pen only once a week.  So I am  happy about that.  I plan to buy a hay ring in the morning, for the horses, It should make a bale last two weeks instead on one, so we will save the cost of the ring in just one month. 
We have a baby goat that thinks it is the reincarnation of Harry  No matter what we do it figures a way out, it can be quite maddening…She is not even a week old and all ready giving me problems.  Now I have to decide if I think we can break her of this or if she will have to find a new home.  If at three days old she is this smart what will she be like at a month, 6 months, ect.  I really dislike even thinking about it, after having such a nice day.
Just to let you know we had a lovely pot roast for dinner and ugly fruit for dessert, I am gonna plant the seeds and grow some trees.

Well that is about all I can say for the moment. 

Our blessings upon you all…
Shekhinah, Michael and the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm
Ugly fruit is yummy!

one of our lovley cats of Rachael.

Joshua rainy day one of our top rams.  He is not a Jacob he is a Luxen.