Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 38-prepair for the big earth quake and yes we are still here..

Last night was a scary night here on the farm, we had an earth quake(4.7 on the new scale(rolling my eyes, duration 20 seconds, one after shock maybe a 4 a few hours later) at 11:01 pm, followed by a massive thunderstorm, it was crazy.  I could use about six hours of undisturbed sleep.   I am quietly stocking up on everything as the big one is on its way, but I hope not today.  I store almost all dry goods in water proof five gallon buckets.  Things I like to store coffee, flour, sugar, vinegar, baking soda and baking powder, beans, tvp, dried meat and tuna fish as well as dried and canned veggies and rice.  Real bleach(no flavors or scents added, you will need this to make water drinkable), toilet tissue for three weeks, diaper wipes(great for quick clean ups), antibiotic suave, tooth paste, extra brushes.  Two sets of clothes should be stored in each location for every member of your home, along with extra towels and blankets.  You may need to take others into your home so be pre paired for that as well.  Having a little common sense now will save you toms of stress later.  You may also want to think about having some basic cookware with your supplies as well, as you may or may not be able to get to your kitchen. It is important to make a list of not only what you have but where, in the basement, the kitchen, ect.  Do Not store all your food, water or other items all in one place.   It is better to have you supplies in maybe two or three different places.  If you have a wood framed structure that would be one of the best places to store stuff, wood shifts and moves with the earth better during a rolling earth quake like the ones we get here.  If the build does go down it is a whole lot easier to move a pile of wood than brick.  A lot of people try and store these items in a basement which does seem like a great idea on the surface, but if the building above it goes down, you will exhaust huge amounts of energy to get to your supplies.  That way if a building does go down, it increases the odds of being able to find what you are looking for.  I have woods all around me so plenty of wood to cook with.  Need to buy a new inverter for the laptop and some gas today for the backup generators so we will be ready.  Another thing I want you all to think about is perhaps having a second building on your property or at least a few really good tents.  On my property we are blessed with a few worthless old buildings and a barn, just in case we lose the main house.  I am glad the big one is not taking place in the winter weather.  Although a earth quake or any natural disaster can be scary, it is important to be calm both, during and after the event, things can be replaced, lives cannot. While saying this I realize that many of you out there have important papers, now is the time to box them in a water proof, fire proof safe box, that can be retrieved after such an event, it should contain money in small bills, as much as one can muster and all personal data, ss cared, birth papers, bank papers, property deeds, car titles, car insurance and house insurance papers, any jewelry you love or old photos should also go in there.

We will post a full blog tonight and add to what I have above with photos…
Be safe our dear ones and know that you are loved….
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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