Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 30 of our lives her e on the farm, not too bad of a day.  had to take the littlest goat away from mamma and will have to bottle feed it.  I sure hope Rebecca has her baby s soon, so I have that extra milk for the little goat.  We named him butter cup, just seemed to fit.  He is tiny and sweet, a bit slow
still, but I hope he comes around.   He is eating four oz every four hours round the clock.  So I and Rachael will be busy. 
Got the incubator fixed last night, took to many people to get it done.No one was listing to directions, some days are just like that and well it made a one hour job, into three.  The incubator was a mess, and Michael and I had to modify the plug to fit the new switch, China made junk
part.  Hey America start making switches again, light bulbs too, well while we are at it, jobs for everyone, I want to buy American made goods, come on, and help me out.  You make the stuff, I will buy it ,and even pay a bit more with no complaint; I am sick to death of my car pats being made in China, my medicine from India, my clothes being made in a sweat shop in some undisclosed location and while you are at it how about some food grown here as well. 
Ok so what else happened her e today, Watched TV with the kids, did school work(they did their's I did mine), made glass, tried to get food made, hot dogs were for dinner with hominy and potatoes, I know two starches, but that is what happens when
the 5 year old picks the veggies…lol  
Just started getting things ready for the week.  I have to ship eggs tomorrow and glass, go to
school and go to the bank and get the money out for the horse trailer.  The lady we are getting it from is a clan sister and spent part of her day cleaning it and getting it ready to pick up.  We had planned on picking it up today,but we had a supper windy day with gusts up to 35 miles per hour, I thought,hmmm never pulled a horse trailer and with a van, and all that wind, Oh
NO!  So we will be doing that on Tuesday and then pick the hay ring from Tony.   Never a dull moment, all this and animals making little baby’s everywhere…lol
Gathered eggs and lots of nice ones to sell and a few to eat.  Geese are laying, that is great, and
we are selling eggs on eBay again which should cover our feed, in theory.  I was really worried about the feedback that scammer left, but I guess enough good feedback makes people feel better.  I am glad it did not mess us up like I thought it would.  I really try hard to make these people happy, but some people you can never make happy.  Never the less, I am happy that people are buying.
Have to feed buttercup soon, so I guess I need to wrap this up for now.
Her e is the hubbies post: News From The Doghouse and another day...
out ok, did the usual chores while a little slow getting out with the coffee.
Got the back porch birds done then changed the oil and filter on the 79 Jeep
with Isaiah. Did laundry cause I was way behind on that :-(  Got the barn
birds chores going intermittently with Bears helping me and collecting eggs and
doing a little of this and a little of that trying to get things accomplished
and done. Cleaned out the ducks coop of slop and then swept and shoveled the
back porch. Dumped the duck muck out by the pond to build up the sides and
enlarge it as well. The waste scratch went out for the free range feral birds.
Elijah played with the baby goats a bit and Elisha just petted them while they
slept. Elijah also was out in the pasture with me and was petting El Shaddai
while he was laid down and even got on his back and sat there on his
back while El Shaddai seemed indifferent to the attention. Was wishing I
had the camera, those 2 love each other it appears. Nothing new except got a
goose egg, a very large goose egg, a Toulouse. Had 7 quail, a turkey, several
ducks and chicken eggs as well. Got a Mille Fluora <--sp? as well. Also got
the trash run bagged and ready to go....wanted to do more, but you can only do
so much. Listened to the Chabad Hour on and had some
great music and very interesting commentary by Barry J...guess I gonna take it
easy, with some cranky tired Bears, who don't know it yet but 7 is bed time
tonight. Hope all is well with everyone. 
Lol they
went to bed at like ten, he fell asleep an hour before that…
Thank you
for sharing in our world and be blessed…
Michael and all the kids’ and critters on Mahanaim Farm