Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 38 part 2

News From The Doghouse & Shake, Rattle, and Roll 8-P
Last night at 11 PM while watch the Netflix - Babylon 5- we had the house shake and windows and doors rattled, I was facing east and it felt like being pushed back and forth and north to south was like being on a seesaw...or being in a boat and waves knocking you to one side and you lean to get pulled back the other way, sort of like that kind of rocking motion I guess...definitely the strongest we have ever felt here...USGS said it was m4.7 and I wonder what that was on the old scale 8-|
Dump the trash, loaded up 3 bags of house garbage and several construction debris bags from the trailer addition and got rid of some outstanding debris bags from the studio house, making progress. It was cold and yucky, so left the Happy Bear crew at home on the computer doing school work, probably flipped the page to Mario soon as I was gone lol Not really, Elijah was doing school math on a piece of school paper...Elisha was on pbskids Sprout.
Nothing new or any variations to mention, just didn't sleep well last night and I tried to take a 1 hour nap today, just kind of half drifted off...Still thinking about the Chinese restaurant on Sunday and I didn't mention the ice cream helped yourself...they had a box with 8 buttons selections of flavors and you pulled the lever to make your own cone or fill your own bowl....they had great flavors was just missing some alcohol for the kick 8-P I thought you could make a great suicide mixture or layered it as well...looking forward to the return there, just not at evening supper prices, we need to stick to the lunch time specials 8-P
The livestock really likes the new hay bales, I could not help but think how Elaine would have liked this stuff, it is really a nice green, smells great ect. I think the neighbor sold all his cattle because I have not seen any, as usually they come here outback when they smell the fresh stuff...
Today's egg collection was varied, lots of food eggs and only a few good hatching eggs. Got a good fire going in the woodburner because tonight is going to be below freezing like 28F. Tried to do stuff outside but it was very windy today with a biting windchill, and I was just exhausted after all the chores and being in and out of the weather wind chill ect.
Looking forward to the week. hope it turns out well. Got an e-mail back from USGS about the earthquake:

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