Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 24 of 365 days of our lives on our small family farm

Welcome to another day in our lives here on the farm.  Today was just another Sunday for us; we catch up on little cleaning jobs around the house and such.  The weather was quite lovely, a warm 70 at its peak and it was wonderful to be able to open the windows and doors and let some fresh air into the house after all these months of jaw dropping cold.  I know our plants loved it.  I did find that I killed my kiwi, darn it all; I will have to replant and hope for the best.  I will start the next one in a mason jar vs. the container that I started the last one it.  I have to buy more kiwis now…lol   It is easy to get them to grow if you soak a peat pot and place the tiny little seeds in there, about five or so, you really cannot use to many as they will sort of force out the weakest seedlings(nature is cool).  Once you have the seeds in the peat pot place the peat pot careful right side up in the Mason jar and put the lid one.  Place in an area that gets indirect light for about two weeks, they might start to grow before then, but that seems like about the time it took last time.  Once these do start to grow, leave them alone until they are half way up the jar, that every day starts to open the jar and expose them to the world, they like to be warm, around 75 degrees F. or warmer.  Once they reach the top of the jar you can leave the lid off and get ready to transplant them outside or place in a pot.  In a pot they can of course be brought in when the weather gets cold again, otherwise they will die.  They will produce fruit the first year and you have two plants to pollinate each other.  I start most of our trees and some of our cuttings this way, in the jars as it works like a mini green house and gets them off to a great start.  We are growing Asian pears that way at the moment and hope to be able to post the photos soon. 
We bought the special memory car for Rachael’s new camera, it was like ten bucks, I am not sure I like it yet, but as long as she does that is all that matters.  I guess I am going to break down and buy myself a new professional grade camera.  I have put it off as long as I could, so it is now time to get it done.  I am looking at buying the Nikon Coolpix L110 Digital Camera, it is like 12 .1 mega pics, I think.  Anyway I have been putting it off until it dropped below 200 bucks.  That way I could afford the add ins like light bar and extra lens. 
What did we eat, we had cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast and sandwiches and pasta for lunch with a really nice chuck roast for dinner, the babies G-d parents came over and we shared Elisha’s birthday with them, it was very nice and we all had a good time.  I was a little occupied most of the time trying to catch up on my school work and get it all in, which thank goodness I did.
 I got an 88 on a test I should have aced, so I will have to work hard on it, I guess…lol I am normally so good in my Geo. Class.   Anyway, I have come to terms that if I can pull a c in the English class at this point I will count my blessings, this teacher sucks and everything he offers has something to do with some form of human vulgarity.   Yesterday it was a about a gay Christian preacher, come on, really, is this the best thing you could find for us to read…OMG  last week it was about some cross dressing freak, now think about this, I am a 42 year old women, but there are 18 and 19 year old kids taking this class, should they be subjected to this horror.  If I were there mom or dad, I would be pitching a fit, but maybe there not tells me a lot of the people I am going to school with, sad really. 
No babies born yet, some birds are now starting to lay, some are still not.  We still have a mystery bird laying in the barn, I really think it is a goose and plan to candle the eggs in the bator and see if I can see a bill yet.  Those geese are driving me crazy, I have people calling and emailing me every day wanting goose eggs and at 4 bucks an egg, I want them to have them, I need to make back the money I spent on feed this season or I am going to be in a bad way…lol
No Muscovy eggs yet either…!
Have had a few nibbles on finding homes for Rachael’s horse and a horse that a friend of mine has that is blind.  The first nibble on Rachael’s horse was disqualified as they did not know that a mare is a female horse, duh!  
Still working on moving the blog and hope to have it done soon.  I can sell advertizing on there as well, so I am looking forward to a brand new way of blogging and setting up a place for other farm families as well.  My host is in the UK and they are great people. 
Any way on to the other posters from our farm…

My dear husbands post….
News From The Doghouse and The Vorlon Empire...

Listening to Drive-by Truckers...

Saturday was the usual and it was thawing out and melting, got up to around 60F and still no hot water, so took it apart, figuring maybe dirt instead of ice in the pipe, never found out but had hot water running at 3:18 PM

Went down and visited the neighbor, check on their water...they were doing good. I went down there after lunch, figuring maybe they needed a nappy in the afternoon ;)

Sunday was nice weather, t-shirt weather, got chores done, moved peeps around a bit, cleaned out the woodburner from ash/soot. Got the ladder out for the roof work, try to do this week, got trash bagged and ready to go, and rolled many wheel barrow loads to the basement.

Listened to the radio on the computer, and got turned on to the Drive-by Truckers...seems to be a good week coming at me, I needed it.

Hope everyone's week goes good as well.

My son Dah’veed’s post:
The life and times of a rapper/farmer…
Today started quickly. Got up, milked the cow, came in to start on dishes, make cheese, and make laundry soap. I have tons (makes large motion with my arms) of homework to do today, as well as house work. On Monday my microphone should be here, so I will be able to have my demo recorded by the end of next week…
I’ve narrowed my own blog to just two days out of the week, Tuesday, and Thursday. I’ve been short on time the past few days, so my mind has been blank.
I went to the gym yesterday and might have pushed it too hard, because I woke up really sore. Isaiah, and I were getting ready to grapple (mma) and the gym owner thought I was too young to grapple, like seriously I went to fight class for a year…and im gonna be 16 in a couple weeks!
He let us fight anyway, he just said be careful…
We walked around Wal-Mart for an hour, went to lunch (kfc-taco bell merged building…$2 taco bell value meal is a lot more than the $2 kfc value meal) then walked around the park for a while. Fun day.
That’s all for now…I think, I’ll probably remember more later…like when it’s posted   :-I

Love and blessing to all you from:
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters here on Mahanaim Farm

This is the new bible I plan to treat myself to soon...

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