Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 34 of 365 days in the life of our farm

Well another day and more sweet babies to love.  We have gained to sweet little loves, which to us are worth their weight in gold, just take a look at the photos I have taken and tell me they are not sweet.
Aside from school and hunting hay, as we are out, I had some good news about the plywood for the floors.  Mr. Richardson a sweet man who lives next door to use told us about buying these, I guess left over pieces from the building industry.  The  pieces come in two sizes and are cut very straight and clean, it would be easy to use them as base flooring in the trailer and in the main house, maybe even the roof. They fit our earth friendly them as well, being some one else’s left over’s. We have to drive about 45 minutes to pick it up and I will need to use the new horse trailer to do it.  So that means another trip to the great Wally world to buy yet one more part and a trip to the auto parts store to get the right electrical part.   But it will all be worth it and we will be that much closer to the new kitchen and my glorious new roof. 
Tonight was salad and pizza night…yummy homemade pizza and salad that cost me over ten bucks to make, hmm green house is going on the list.
Well have to get off of here as it takes forever to load photos on this blog and I have studying to do and a ton of printing.
So here is the hubbies post and below , lots of neat photos, for your viewing pleasure.
News From The Doghouse and M.E.S.S.E.D. U.P. .....
M.E.S.S.E.D. U.P. = Media Endorsements Sponsoring Social Engineering Deliberately Upsetting People  =:o & >(o)<
Started the day with rain so thought I would sleep in a bit, since I was up @ midnight and 4AM, chucking wood on the fire and checking livestock for births...
Well, @ 8:15 AM had to get up because baby goats were on the way...I'll save the gory details for others 8-P except for the momma goat eating afterbirth, I have nothing else in my mind's eye :@P
Bird chores went well just took a very long time today, nearly 6 hours...partly because I had to clean stalls around the doors because they were getting impossible to open, for some reason tossing more straw atop existing stuff is considered cleaning, to me it is just a bigger mess that eventually I have to clean up, as usual.
On the brighter side, collected a Curly original eggy today, and also got a guinea egg today, so those birds are getting ready to start paying their fairshare of the farm load. Which the turkeys are doing, by laying an additional 2 eggs today. The Malaysian Sereums gave us an egg as well.
Got some other oddball stuff done today also, after I put boards up across the pens to keep the baby goats in their respective sides. The 1st culprit was a newborn, and then the 2 older kids were over checking out the newborns, so to prevent any unwanted accidents for safety's sake I put up the dividers. Just used deck screws as normal, if I ever want or need to tear it down it comes apart like a piece of cake, trying to hammer nails on boards that would just bounce around would be aggravating or nearly impossible, but if you had to do it, drill pilot holes, but if you got the drill...well, duh.
Seen the horses running around bucking and snorting and running circles like they were in a rodeo or something, would like to have filmed it but did not want to miss anything in the show I was watching. Seen several flocks of geese fly overhead, would like to have got some pictures of them as well, just did not have the camera ready and they were moving at a good pace because of the wind pushing them along.
Rachael post for today:
We had new baby goats born early this morning from one of our milk goat does Rebecca.
There were twin does and both girls had long beautiful ears and black blankets covering there backs.
One if the does which I named Starla has brown legs.
The second doe has which Dah'veed named mud pie has grey and white spotted legs and was the runt of the two.
Though we worried we would have to bottle feed them in the beginning they came around and with Rebecca licking my face treating me like her kid I was able to get her actually kids to nurse.
After they understood where the milk was they we very happy.
I really enjoy those first moments of there lives where they get to bond with there mother and siblings.
They also bond with us and as they grow and we continue to give them are love the bond will grow strong and they will always enjoy our company.
When they someday become our milk goats they will be as kind and gentle and their mothers and that always makes me happy. 
Turkey peppironi pizza
Some of our sheep
This is wiggle cow, he did not get made into hamburger as he is a runt. anyone need a cow for a petting zoo, this would make a dandy one.
Most of our African Gray Geese
Our new hourse trailer, cira 1967-paid $500.  
It seems like it will work really great fro what we have needed.
We are very happy and it is American made .
This piture is took in the dark , with my new camera...none to shabby.
A few of our Muscovy ducks, being bum
Kind of hard to see them, it was very early in the mornig when these loves were born.
Rachael tended them and did a great job, I am really proud of her.
One of the other babys being noisy.
Rachael drying off a baby.
Moo cow in her milking station.
She knows how lovley she is and how much we love her.
Rachael helping onr of the babies get it's first meal.

She is just too cute.
Both new little girls, welcom to the herd, daughters of Rebeca and daugters of Nemo, congrats on the new kids.
These girls are half Itailan milk goat and half nubian, I think this will be a good cross for us.  Rebecca give two or more gallons of milk a day, sometimes a milking, she is like having a mini
Tonight's very expensive salad...
Thank you all for visiting with us today and we hope you will stop buy again.
Blessing and love, from Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critter on Mahanaim Farm

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