Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 27. late post, sorry.

A yahoo is a most disagreeable creature that has ever been

Gulliver in Dr.Who

Just thought that was cute, you should know where your name
comes from, lol.   Anyway, that is about
how my day has gone…lol  My friend Joann
took me to lunch and I took a friend to lunch so we were the three ladies out
on the town, talking of future world woes and solar fare problems and the
future.  They are both brilliant people
that I truly love and I learn so much from both of them…plus we horse around a
lot and it makes the boredom of that school class much easier to bear.  Forced learning…a great method of teaching,
what one must do to get A’s. 

I found a set of pine cabinets yesterday, reclaimed from a
house fire, that are most agreeable to me and I think I shall purchase them and
the wood stove he has a well; I shall spend a little over $1000.  But I think it will be well spent.  I am planning on getting new counters for it
at some point.  I think I will buy Caesarea
stone.  It comes from Israel and is even
deemed Kosher, who could want better than that…lol  The main base cabinets measure I think about
12 feet, there is a bar piece with cabs beneath and one cab for the sink, which
seems awfully short, but I am short, so it might work out.  So the kitchen is coming together in a wondrous

News From The Doghouse and a day of life in the country...

Did all the chores as usual, got 4
black quail eggs & 1 regular, 5 duckie eggs, 2 Anaconda/Americanan chicken
eggs, a couple of brownies - food eggs, AND 3 turkey eggs, hmmmm...things are
picking up again.

Started doing some of the projects
but it is so windy outside, so came in to watch the Bears and let Rachael go
outside and play with the horse and seen her saddled up, got a photo of
it...looked better in person, but I took it from the house on extreme close-up.

Maybe when the Boss gets home from
school, I'll get some stuff done outside, hope I can.

To answer a few outstanding
questions to some readers from the other side of the planet, I'll try. I
recycled soda pop cans, and all other forms of metals, as much as possible. I
can even clean and recycle the food cans, tins, to the recycle place, just need
to get a system in place for everyone to follow through, but that's the
problem...others diligence in things that really count and matter. The other
surprising reduce, reuse, recycle item (the 3 R's from
Bob the Builder, a children's program line) d:) The item is the feed grain
bags, I generally use them as cheap trash bags for anything especially crud,
but the nicest, cleanest, no blemishes type of bags, we can resell to the feed
store. For example, last month when things got tight financially, we got over
$30 for the scrap cans, that otherwise would end up in the trash thrown away,
technically money just thrown away. It is not much money, but for around here,
it is more than most make in a day of work. And for us, it helped alot, gas for
the go-mobile, a few extras of the din-din and some candy or chips to splurge
on. The feed sacks, we got over $20 and that again translate into a few bags of
free grain and some change to splurge with ;@P

Watched the CNBC news when I came
in, the usual yada yada yada, 'cept the Weight Watcher stock was selling at
@$20 increase, and someone was secretly buying them in various offers, very
strange...I smell Oprah   OMGBAOE <-- = omniscent management
gradually barfing all over everything

Watched the Weather Channel, before
it gets sucked into the black diaphragm a.k.a.
black hole, about the solar flares coming from the only Jewish star in the galaxy, known as
Sol. The directional vortex intrigued me, and juxtapositioned with something I
was thinking about for a long time, namely gravitational shift of the earth's
axis and with the upcoming passing in the galactic gravitational plane...with
solar winds and magnetism and the line up of things, the poles could
shift, but to where and how would everything be after a cataclismic event, not
the destruction and all that, but what would be the framework of the planet as
tectonic plates and the magnetic poles...for example, if the north pole was
moved to where the pyramids are in
Egypt, or Rome, or Baghdad, Tehran...but
the earth did not rotate as we know it, but did the same as the moon constantly
facing the sun with a continual darkside and the pole would face the sun, the
south pole always pointing out away from the sun never seeing the sun. I think
one of the outer planets does something similiar, like
Neptune or Saturn, Uranus...heh-heh-heh Count one schlock for the
conspiracy theorists... 8-P

Wish the Bears would have taken
their nappy today, oh well, means early bed time tonight hooray!

Here's one: The Theocracy of The
Satmar Republic

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