Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 24 of life on our small family farm

Welcome to another day in our lives here on our family farm.  Today has been rather uneventful until we checked on of our over prego does (Becca) who is having a baby tonight, she has filled up and is oozing…I am so happy!  She is on 15 min watch.  That means every 15 minutes one of us goes to the barn to check on her, got the towels and lights ready, a pair of gloves and ky-jelli ready to go.  So we are ready for almost any strange event that might happen.  Rebecca is oldest doe and kidding can be dangerous at any age.  All our girls get the same care though, we try to attend every birth and I have dropped what I was doing many times to tend our girls and help them when needed.
The moon has the most awesome ring around it, wonder what it means?
 Anyway, just got back in from checking on her, it is 10:12 and it looks like we might have a good labor going…So I am going to put the rest of the blog up and go back out and look after her.  Will post the birth and if I am lucky we will get photos, cross your fingers.

Now to my husbands post:
News From The Doghouse and Swatting Fairies in Valentine Tutus...

Day started good, got my feet tickled by The Meanie Bears as my alarm clock...dump the trash alone, watching Finding Nemo and doing math homework was more important I enjoyed a cup of java on the drive that was sloppy in spots.

Did a variety of odds and ends chores besides the usual farm routine. Collected nice anaconda or americana eggs, duck eggs, and a nice one from the black quail and another from the zebra quail.

Worked on the trailer roof add-on, got the frame rafter in on the north side and then got the sheet metal roof over the opening there. Next job is the sagging center part on the main house, looks like a pagoda, I guess.

After that, took Dreamer a.k.a. I'm a Bad Girl shoes off and got her trimmed up, she was alright until the last hoof. Thinking I should saddle her up and ride the piss out of her, but she would probably just want more of that....

Elijah and Elisha had a good time outside today, as it was t-shirt weather and actually kind of hot when I was whacking nails out of some boards, trying to make a dent in some piles of stuff that needs to be done. The boys wore short pants, and Elisha was a bit warm with his Elmo pull-over hooded sweatshirt on...he went in early this afternoon, and eventually put himself down for his nap time. Elijah hung around with me, and made a clay pot, the size of a large coffee mug, as a vase for flowers...not too bad as a 1st time try and did not have any help, just did it all on his own.

Not too sure what else all went on, its been a long long day...have to be careful not to burn out with all this nice weather and wanting to get everything done that has piled up over the winter or left over from last year heh-heh-heh 
This is my oldest son’s post:

The life of a farmer and college student.
Day 1
This morning I woke up at 6:50am to get ready for college and a job interview. I attend Ozarka college of Ash Flat which is an okay college mostly because of its size and one on one help. Well the job interview did not happen apparently I have to be called in and I was not aware of this so I hope that I get called in for the job. So after that I got into my 1979 jeep Wagoner and drove to school my classes start at 9:30 am so I still had time to go and get gas. This turned out to be rather how do you put it? ummm interesting as I usually put in $20.00 each time I go to the gas station and I was going to put $40.00 in this morning because I had to go after class and pick up contacts for my brother and it filled up with only $25.00. So after that I went to class and when I was done at school I went and picked up my brothers contacts. Being that I had to go back through Ash Flat to get home I decided to go work out at the gym with my friends as it was on the way home. Then I got home and helped make dinner we had chicken and potatoes. 
Well off to the goat pen I go….

Love you all, please pray for our lovely Rebecca that her labor is easy and her babies  are as lovely as her.   Be Blessed dear loves…sleep well.

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