Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 35 I think it's going to rain and rain

Day 35 a little late, but her it is:
People often ask me how I manage to get it all done, well
some days, I just plain don’t.  Today was one of those days.  It rained and stormed
all day.  I had to go to school, ship boxes, answer many, many emails, get mustard seed pendants ready to ship, get parts of the new horse trailer so we could pick up wood tomorrow, and a hundred
other things.  The grain got left in my van, yikes, that is gonna put my gas millage in the hole for today.  I put 50 bucks worth of gas in her at the gas station, barely made a dent, all this with the weight of worry of the government services are all going down for however long it takes a group of self centered people to make a choice.  I did ok in school, came home and took a test and passed with an 80, a grade that in that class I can live with.  Had a bunch of stuff here at the house waiting to be done, and with all the new babies needing a once over and such, gathering eggs and such. Made dinner, we had steak and beans…lol   Thought it was Friday, my bad…lol  Had so much to
do, I just lost track of time to be honest. The little kids were overly sweet and the day other than being exhausting, went ok.  Kids of course did all their school work.    No more new babies yet.  I have people coming soon to help out with some of the things I am having issues getting done.  We need to put fencing up and get things cleaned up , in the barn and the grounds as well as still having ground to prepare for gardens and such.  We are late getting seeds into the ground as it is.
Ok one more note, we got our first guina egg today....I am so happy!
Now to the hubbies post:
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News From The Doghouse and Noah's Ark...
Started the day with meany Bears
    tickling my feet. Went to bed last night really late, after midnight and
    got up @4:30 AM to put some wood on the fire, then back to dreamland and
    wanting to sleep late or in because it was raining fierce.
Did the usual chores with the driving rain, it was coming down like from 2 o'clock to 8 o'clock in
    directional sense not the time, as it was morning when I was at it outside,
9 AM
When I gave the horses and the
    cow water in the troughs I stood beside a tree on the west side and stayed
    out of the onslought, but when I walked in it, on my person it was wet on
    the right side and completely dry on the left side. When I gave the
    geese  water in their bucket, I just stood by the shed door which is
    on the west side. The Bears' playhouse was soaked under the porch but the
    west side has been dry all day. Strangely the storm was headed east and
    over at the
Mississippi River
New Madrid, MO
    it was sever and tornado watch is in effect. Here we just had
flash flood watch and warnings.
Did the barn and had a baby goat
    missing, and I thought the worst things could have happened, turned out the
    explorer was asleep under a bird cage in the aisle way of the barn...more
    partition boards to be installed soon ;-P
Collected some eggs but did not
    get much and did no expect much because of the storm and the lightning and
    deep sounding thunder that seemed protrated and excessive long. Got a
    turkey egg this evening on my last check for the night, had 2 duck eggs and
    one was laid on the hutch box - lucky it did not get knocked off and broke,
    3 silkies eggs, had a Malaysian sereum but it was damaged with a crack so
    to the food tray it went, got another big goose egg 1st thing this morning
    and had 5 nice americana eggs, and only 4 quail eggs but very large with 2
    from the blacks and 2 from the regulars.
Wanted to do some work today but
    with the weather like it is, just take care of things inside and get some
    laundry done, always need towels 8-P
Be Blessed dear one's and thank for sharing our lives with us
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters of Mahanaim Farm

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