Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 23 of 365 days of our lives on the farm

Just a short blog tonight, had an exhausting day of taking it easy…
Finally have hot water and showers all around…oh it is like heave n to have hot water again. 
Michael will tell you all about fixing the pipes again tomorrow.  
We settled on a store bought cake, it was what the boy wanted; it has pink roses on it…lol and blue’s clues pieces to go on it.  It is sort of sweet, pictures to follow tomorrow as well. 
As well as candy and cake Elisha received 2 dollars from our friend who works as a butcher at a local store, it was so cute as he has no idea of what to do with it…lol, just pretty paper to him.  A cute little  digital bunny watch from a friend who owns a discount store.  A lovely set of threading cards from Momma Wendy and many other gifts, he is spoiled rotten.  So four has been good to him, lol.
We replaced a lot of things to day that were needed for our lives and the home school, new head phones, a blessing for the mom…lol .  head phones for a IPod I am gifting to Rachael.  Slippers for the three youngest kids.  Pants for me and Rachael, by the way Wal-Mart has women’s sweat pants for $2.50 a pair in Thayer, Mo.  I scored several pair…I love clothes!  Town and country grocery store has huggies diaper wipes for $2.25 a box also in Thayer. that is about .75 off, so it is a bargain.  It is nice to keep a box in the car; I use them when I paint as well, plus always nice to have on hand.
Anyway, full repost of life tomorrow…I need to study now and then get some rest.

Be blessed


  1. I am so glad I found this, it was good to share a bit of your day :)

  2. Thank you both.
    Juli you have anice blog that I have learned tons of stuff from. I hoep you are feeling better since your attack.