Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 28 of 365 days live on our small family farm

Day 28 of 365 days of our life on our small family farm continues
with the acquirer of the kitchen cabinets, reclaimed from a house fire, they
are beyond lovely.  (photos at the bottom) We paid $575. For all of them; so I think we got a great deal. They are made in the USA and are white pine; even the counters were made here…so that was very cool.  I also acquired a wood burning cook stove, for a scant 200 and a full box of 4by4 white tile for the back wash for 5 bucks, so we are that much closer to having a kitchen that I can feel good about cooking in and be able to put all of my stuff away. The cabinets came from a used furniture store outside of Glencoe, Arkansas, the stove as well. This furniture store has two of the nicest people running it that one could ever hope to meet. The tiles from one of our favorite salvage/junk mall in Lanton, Mo.  You can get really great deals on reclaimed stuff and choice from a much large source of design than you could from a home store center and you are making the world a little better place to live in as well. 
We trimmed a horse and did some charity work today and we bought a two horse trailer in good condition for a really fair price.  So we had a great day….
Be Blessed and have a lovely day
We have added some photos today, we hope you like them...

Rachael's dreamer and the new saddle.  Does't she look nice?
Goofys great grand son....

One of the old barns we are watching...we hope they will consider restoration on it.
This is a bunch of pitures that Rachael took at the river, you can see how low the water is.
Sure is relaing though...
Makes just want to sit and stare at the water four hours...
so very nice
Just more lovley photos
I really like this one...
This one is nice too.
This is Rachael teaching the baby how to shake hands...I keep telling her it's a horse not a dog...
Photo one of my new wood burning cook stove
Here is a better shot of it, the hanger is not attached to it, it just freakishly was on the brick mantle.
I am so happy and can not wait till I can hook it all up...
My furture kitchen as it sits, 27 feet long, 12 feet wide, it is going to be a lot of hard work, I can hardly wait.
No the tolet was not really there, we are gutting one space at a
It is the first lite we have lite in the trailer, to bad it's running off an extention
Soon I have had a floor on this floor and than
One of the cabinets,this one is a hanging one I guess.
I left the draws for this in the
Just a lovley site amoung the mess...
Here they are moving one of the bigger pieces in.
Lovely right!
Here are the boys hard at workbringing it in from the weather.

Like I said I wanted a whole wall long full of   Wow, I still can't get over how lovley they are.
The last piece makes it's way in...
Thisis the one I will use for the kitchen I just have to find an old duel deep sided one...
Reclaimed plywood...
reclaimed plywood
We think they are parts that fell off of one of the cabinets...whooops...
This goes with the unfinshed cabint...Michael wanted it for the kids so they could brush their teeth at the same time
This is the trailer hooked up to the house and leveled.
The new bathroom sink for the little bathroom, he threw it in, it's not the kitchen sink, but it is funny.
Love you all and we send our blessing to all of you!Shekhinah,Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm


  1. How cool! I can't wait to see how everything is once you are all up and running. The land looks really beautiful.

  2. Thank you Stephanie Ann..I am really blessed and happy to be living a dream, even though some times it is hard. It is always worth it.

  3. you got some great finds, good for you
    all the best
    love the saddle and pictures of water and of your homestead
    love to all of you
    hugs and kisses