Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 17 of 365 days of life on our small family farm

Well I am sorry for not posting yesterday.  Google and I are having a problem I think, though I do not really know why, it may be one of those great unknown mysteries of the web.  One of my dear face book friends has put me in touch with a very nice person who should be able to help me, and I will listen to what he has to say and apply it to the real world as quickly I can. 
As to the farm, the last few days have been very quiet here, no new births yet (honestly I do not know what my dear little goats are waiting for…lol), and thank goodness no deaths. 
We have been living off left over’s and casseroles the last two days, not because we need to , just to use them up and so we could get some other stuff done without all the work.  I made lovely buttermilk blue berry pancakes, with a quart of purposely soured milk yesterday and today we (the adults had eggs) oatmeal.  Lunch was left over’s as already sort of stated and dinner tonight is spaghetti, with canned sauce and ground beef from Israel (our calf that we bunched), the kids really like the hamburger that we had made from him.  Another cheap meal, less than ten bucks to feed us all.  This month is full of birthdays, so we are trying to set aside enough in our budget to do something special on those days, so a little lean now will not kill us.  Elisha will be 4 on the 11, Dah’veed will be 16 on the 28, and Michael will be the big 50 on the 27th.  Three birthdays in one month is enough to make anyone a little off…lol  I am going to try and do something different for each birthday.  I want to make a big cake for Michael , you only turn 50 once, a blue’s clues paw print cake for little Elisha(I now it’s funny, but it is what he wants, shrugging my shoulders.) have not figured out what kind of cake to make for Dah’veed so any help in choosing would be welcomed.  We are making these cakes ourselves that is where the fun and love is.
I leaned about a vegan dad blog today I that I feel in love with, wow what a great dad and creative person to come up with so many things to make and such great pictures, thanks Diana for turning me on to him.  I plan to make a few things I saw there very soon. 
I heard from my Mom today who is back from her trip to Mississippi, they had a good time and got to see Jefferson Davis’s house, I am so jealous.  It sounded like they had a great time, she sounded so happy and I am glad to report they made it home before the snow storm hit here.  Have I said how tiered I am of snow, oh never mind!  I still need to talk her quilt in to get it finished, dang why is it so hard to get over to horse shoe bend.  I will have to try harder to get there, I guess.

I managed to get all my school work caught up and online tests done, so that is great.  So much less stress than counting down till 11:59 pm when they are due, I can get some glass made.  I need to make 13 ice blue mustard seed pendants that really need to ship like tomorrow, but will most likely ship on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have two boxes of eggs to ship out and that will fix/catch up most of the little orders.  I still have a pending order for five dozen Muscovy who have been going in and out of laying, so I have a staggered group of their eggs in the incubator, they take almost 40 days to hatch, so it throws the whole hatching and raising them thing off.  On a brighter note, our Cayuga’s are now laying and we have some of the darkest black eggs I have ever gotten.  So I will be posting them for sale soon.  Our silkies are still laying well and our Malaysian Serama and our mille fleur are laying too.  I am thinking about selling off the mille fleur and the Malaysian Serama, they are just hard to keep and do not seem to make us the money I need to make from them.  I had that I have to pen them, but really I have to, otherwise the bigger birds will beat them up.  If you know anyone who wants Malaysian Serama, I have one breading pair that I will sell for the same $35.00 I paid for them, they are a b grade, but great starter birds to a person with more time and less big mean birds.  The Mille Serama’s I also have one pair left and I think I paid $25.00 for them.  Will consider all trades for them.  Most likely I will be selling off the Roens and some of the mutt ducks as well, as I just don’t want to deal with Roens, to many people confuse them with mallards and well though all ducks except for Muscoveys come from Mallard stock , they are not mallards.  I will sell them for 8 bucks a duck, male or female.  I am not selling any Muscovy’s at this time, but may sell babies in a few weeks to a month.  I have two tom turkeys that I am looking to sell they are now a year old, there are narrigansite type birds, healthy and very spoiled. I kept them in case I needed a breeder tom, but all my guys are doing great and I have eggs set for the next group.  So I am looking to get at least 40 bucks each.  They are gentle and would make a great pet.

In a strangely unrelated event we are having duck for Michael’s birthday, I am having someone clean and cook them for me and they are getting a duck out of it, so two days before his birthday, I and Rachael are going to have to go out and pick the ducks to butcher, I am going to do three total.  I just have to kill them…they are doing all the rest, I could not be happier about that.  To be honest I am not a fan of plugging feathers off of birds, I do know how to do it, but do not want to.  I plan to get or make a feather plucker this year.  I mean it, it is on my list.

Ok so I had to go out and deal with a messy barn and malfunctioning milk machine tonight.  It is hard for me to understand how this same part keeps getting mucked up, after all the pulsar only has one moving part.  But I went out and stood in the muck and got it going and got the very pregnant Moo cow milked an hour late.  I informed the kids that they could not leave muck in the cow milking area, and heard the resounding excuses, rolling my eyes I told them, just get it done.  I did manage to put one Americana back in her enclose, which she had over this past week escaped from.  I made arrangements while I was out there to get Isaiah to pick up the grain and a fresh bale of straw from the feed store for me, that way I can give him some gas money without him feeling bad about it.  I get feed at least two or three times a week and he is going that way anyway.  Plus it is less stress on me and the poor van.  Plus it should cover a large chunk of his gas bill.  I want to believe that the ten bucks per trip helps anyway. 

Tonight is the night we pay his credit cards, well he pays them from his account I just hook him up and make sure it gets done, this stuff can be a real challenge for a young person, and I want to make sure he starts life off on the right foot, no debt.  He is still waiting on his scholarship money which will come in latter in the month. It is not a ton of money, but he will be able to get the car fixed tires for his jeep and a few things he really needs.  Ah 20 is such a great time to be alive.

Rachael is thinking of placing her horse in a new home, but I think she is having second thoughts about the whole thing, so I am going to let her make the final say in all this.  So before I send these photos off to a prospective home I will sit her down and chat with her about it.  I want her to be happy with whatever choice she makes and since Elaine passed away the other horses are not treating her as badly. 

I had a few minutes today, in between school work and wood being delivered and went out and saw El Shaddi, bugger would not come up to the fence.  So Michael just told me he put fresh hay out for them, well no wonder he would not come up…I will fix him I will have carrots tomorrow for him to nibble on, I think he will like that.  He seems to be getting over the lose of him mom a bit better now, just wish I was.

So that is the news from my end…

News From The Doghouse and how to wander the wonder of E-space....

Sorry about no posting yesterday, not my problem, Google has the problem. I could never access the BlogSpot w/o Google search, so....

Yesterday woke up in 64F a bit nippy for us here, and got it going as usual. Did the usual and got everything done fairly early. Played outside in the snow with Elijah...we had @3" of snow.

Today (Sunday) did the usual chores and got everybody fresh water, nothing frozen, some ice. We got more wood delivered and they brought over a nice big dog, that really seemed to like us. They had found it and may not keep we shall see. Got some wood stacked in the basement and the alcove, still a big pile to go, and this wood seems to be a bit better quality, heavier and bigger cuts, I thought some pieces might not fit in the woodburner :)

Got the Bears outside and we had a snowball fight for a minute. Then they played for a while, Elijah started rolling snow and made a snowman, with Elisha trying to kick it and smash it, but finally they got together and cooperated. I got some pictures of the snowman and Elisha's "snow cookie" We had a good time. Speaking of time, "Signing Time" was back on PBS here. The boys like watching it and doing the signs, plus ? Nina? on Sprout does signing too. Not that we need it, its just good exposure for them to realize others have differences, plus its another language for them to learn.

Time for me to listen to "The Chabad Hour" on erev tov...

From all of us to all of yours…peaceful night and pleasant dreams…

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