Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 18 of 365 days of life on our small family farm.

What a wonderful day, no school.  This gives me a chance to work with the kids on their school work, to maybe get some soap made, but to for sure get some glass done.  I will to try and get out today and at least get to the feed store.  If I'm lucky I can get ahead on my school work. So it should be a pretty good day.

                No luck with that since Google ad sense, they sent a computer-generated response to my request to be reinstated. This is not the first time I've had problems with Google, and most likely not last. Companies like Google to lose touch with small consumers lose touch with the world they deal with. Of course they don't know that because the stock continues to rise, but with all things rising and falling is commonplace. One voice in a crowd of billions is far too small for them to hear. So I will continue on my search, for a new place to host this blog, and a way to monetize it. I personally liked the ads, and did go to the sites, and even purchase some of the items I saw. So for that aspect I thought at least as far as we were concerned it was working. We knew other people who had done the same on this site. So in the end it is Google's loss and all the people who trust them with their ads. But to all out there who use Google, please be aware that they gather fast huge amounts of information from you, with or without your permission. So that is that and I will go on from here.

                It's early in the day just before noon, and no sweet baby animals yet, I have no idea what the goats are waiting for, but I wish they would have sweet happy healthy babies soon.
                Went out in the bad weather to get grain, Rachael came with me.   What a scary drive that was trying to get to the main road, which is two miles from us.  I slide on the ice and snow covered road a few times, I am blessed by years of prior practice in Indiana.  We made it out safe and back.
While we were out, I went to the bank which I have been trying to do for weeks, it is around43 miles round trip, so it is a bit of a drive for me.  We also went to the new pawn shop a road over in Mammoth proper, bought a couple of video games for their play station, bought one they already had(doh).  Saw a really nice old grand jeep wagoneeer , so I went and bought coffee up at Thayer a real bargain at $2.50 per can.  Maxwell house and merrrita, both vanilla flavored.  Bought a month’s worth 5 cans.   None to shabby, we got a few other things, some treats for the bears, some real caco chocolate from Israel, even Kosher, at a bargain price of 50 cent per large bar.  Bought a bar for every one in the house, happy chocolate buzz.    Next went to the one grocer and than the other, a quick look for bargains, yikes they were hard to find.  Still on, my quest for a cheap source for guetionous flour, which I still have not found.
After that went to the feed store and bought 4 bags of corn chops, 4 bags of natural chicken feed and a bag a 20% breeder cubes for my lovely cow and a bale of straw for my ducks who think mud is fun…ughhh!  Trying to get clean duck eggs is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.  I keep giving them fresh straw and they keep mucking it up, the sad and funny part is that they are foraging ducks, but think water is so cool…lol  ( Rolling my eyes)
Most people do not know that duck eggs are fine if they are dirty and that in fact and reality, dirty eggs hatch better than clean ones.   I know why, it is because they do not lose as much moister as a clean egg does.  Moisture loss is a huge factor in having duck eggs, well any egg hatch.  But city people rarely seem to get the point; they live in a world of clean and freak out seeing my walk around in saddles through muck, just me, not the kids.  I figure it all washes off…lol   If you can’t deal with poo and dirt, do not become a farmer. 
Cow milked easy for Rachael and Dah’veed tonight, but Moo wanted to stay in the barn, so we played musical barn yard again and when the music stopped  she was in the large stall and the over preg goat, back in with her goatee sisters.  Miss Moo is having pregnancy whininess…I hope she has the baby soon, she is huge and sort of waddles while she walks, I know it should not be funny, but it is.   Anyway all of the birds are up and the sound of night fills the air.  Last night we had coyotes near the barn so I went out and made wolfy sounds to chase them off, they are not fond of wolves and scatter when they think they have come into their territory.  Coyotes are an important part of the eco system and should only be killed as a last resort.  If people only knew how many rats, rabbits and other nasty’s they eat, maybe they would leave them alone.  Sadly farms are also easy prey for them, but we as farmers can learn to live with them.  It requires effort, time and compaction.  Human urine is a great deterrent that farmers used for generations; they would literal mark the bounders of their farm this way.  Handing human hair and heavily scented clothing works as well.  Dogs for the most part will help to keep them away.  I think one of the biggest things is not to leave blood, or animal parts around or even sick animals.  When our animals give birth, we are quick to get the ground clean and covered, to mask the scent that might temp a poor coyote to make a bad choice. 

So that is all I have for tonight, Michael has had a bit of a day, that I am sure he will share with you tomorrow.

Be blessed, sleep well and know that you are loved….
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters here on Mahanaim Farm USA

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