Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Good morning from the mountain...

Good morning from the mountain... I am finally up out of bed and moving around.  Since one of my other friends is cleaning carpets, I thought I would as well today.  At least in the boys room. 

Still need to make a ton of phone calls as well.  I hate that I live in a country where disabled people are second class citizens and subject to homeless at the whim of officials without compassion.   It says too much about the poor state of affairs that so many working people, disabled people, and small farms are singled out, while constant law breakers are rewarded with government help for their less than positive behavior.  As it goes without saying that so many people abuse the system, there are many more who do not, who need and rely on it and I guess I will speak for them.

While I am on a roll, I am sick of people messing with gun rights and wanting to ban guns.  No one is forced to leave Christianity because a “ Christian”, killed people.   Yet you too many will defend the act and say that they do not represent the Christian faith as a whole, well kindly tell me what does.
Every day I watch people go without food, not because they are lazy, but because of other events that have brought them to that place.  Many are unable, not unwilling to work, some are even in school full time and unable to get help.  I do not see any campaign to feed the struggling masses, or to find jobs for them, housing, etc.  I sure do see a lot of people wanting to wave flags and denounce others as being intolerant.

I think it is intolerant to spout how much you do without while others eat dirt, many of us are not rich, but then money is not the only way to repair a broken country and world.  You repair it by being Human and using that same strength you use to defend a lion and defend the rights of a child to have a home and food and education and love.  Use the will that you have voiced either for or against gay rights to care or visit an elderly person and protect them from loneliness and harm, make sure they have food and shelter as well.  I have a poem that goes on the back of every mustard pendant I sell, not because I want you to feel sorry for me, not because I want your money, thought it would be nice to have some, but because the message is so clear and precise.

Plant a Seed
By Wendy Bridges
I may not
Be able to
clothe the naked,
but I can lead you my coat.
I may not be rich enough
To feed the starving masses,
but I can make you a sandwich.
I may not be able to stop air pollution,
but I can stop blowing smoke in your face.
I may not be able to clean up the environment of the planet,
but I can help you rake your yard.
I may not be smart enough to end illiteracy,
But I can read you a story and walk you to school.
I may not be able to eliminate war or stop the violence,
but I can be peaceful and kind to you right now.
I may not be able to end world poverty,
but I can share what I have with you.
I may not be able to end pain and suffering,
but I can hold your hand and
lend you a shoulder.
I may not be able to save humanity,
But I can nurture a child.
I may not be able to turn
The world back into
A garden,
but I can
plant a

It is in the doing of these things that we are made human… not by the words in a book, but by the words in our hearts.