Friday, October 30, 2015

DELL and Alienware

Nice day, had a lot of fun at the feed store and Walmart, I have been a bit concerned about working on the show in the local community, but I feel a bit better about it now​.   I just wish I could get Alienware to get their act together.  I am on hold with them now.  In total, if my journals are correct and I believe them to be, I have spent a total of three weeks talking to them about this computer in the last year and a half.  That is sad and shows their lack of respect in dealing with their customers.  Mike and I have talked about doing a show around the event.  We would call it, “ The Farmer n’ the DELL.”  Their music that they use while you are on hold is haunting and rings in your head for hours.  I swear it is the stuff of nightmares. 

In other news, the other Jews of the community invited us to Hardy, which is fun since a Pagan Group also invited us to that area. However, it is too far for me to drive right now.  I will be taking the kids around a little more local.
I am making a lovely meal for tomorrow when we return...Hamburgers and a dish that is sort of like mashed potatoes with extras.  I wanted turnips, but mine are not ready, and the store wanted to much, so no other root veggies, we all do what we can. Tonight the boys will have pizza, and they are very excited about going.  I Thing I will use the drive time to teach them the solemness of the day and how we should look back and look forward to the next season.  I am not overly thrilled with this modern holiday; I bet no one could tell. 

In my finds today they had yellow squash and zucchini for sale .49 cents pound, so I bought ten pounds, and when I am done on here I am going to turn it into pasta.  I still have a five-gallon bucket of tomatoes that I need to make into salsa and pasta sauce. 

So that is about it, no other fantastic news…

Be Blessed
Shekhinah on the Mountain....