Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 31, President’s day…ugh!  Ok so I forgot”national holiday” what a joke, the bank is closed, the post office is closed school is open.  I found out Abraham Lincoln who did not really free the slaves was really pushing to ship all the freed slaves to Liberia.  He believed that since he could not accept them as his equal that no other white person would either and that they would never have a true place in America, epic fail.  They need to teach that part at school. 
Did my school time, I passed my math test with a grade I could live with, most of the class did not , so he had  a makeup test for anyone who wanted to take it.  I went and worked out at the gym with a friend and then went back to school for a class on Microsoft word.  It was interesting, but not really a good use of an hour.  Went to Wal-Mart and bought a tie out for the dog and few things for the house and got some money out of the atm, since the bank was closed to pay for the horse trailer tomorrow.  Went to the feed store after that and got some milk replacer for butter cup the baby goat we are now bottle feeding.  The little kids did school with the older kids today.  Dah’veed made them work sheets and graded their work, but Elijah got over on him and only did addition and subtraction and not the multiplication that he has been working on.  Tomorrow I will have to print out work sheets for the little ones.  New camera is due tomorrow, I hope.
We made tuna fish casserole for dinner, nothing fancy tonight; everyone is dragging a bit after taking care of the little goat and the other new baby animals.  Tomorrow we hope to pick up the horse trailer and the hay ring, hope so anyway.  May need to get some square bales to hold me over until I can get round bales again and who knows how long that will be.  It is hard to find hay that has not been sprayed with all sorts of chemicals and last year, we just could not buy enough.  One day before we were to pay for a hundred round bales, we were called to be told it was sold out from under us…that really was terrible and caused us a great deal of problems.  But as with all things, one door closes another opens and it was not long before we had some hay and a plan for the year we are in now.  So there you have it, I am off to go and make some glass and watch some telli and than off to bed for a good rest.

Now to the hubbies part of the post.
News From The Doghouse and The Office Of The Emperor of Earth....

His Excellencey, The Magnificent Magistrate, The Emperor of Earth wishes all American subjects a wonderful, benevolent President's Day and may your recovery from your office parties of Sunday night be peaceful and recuperating on Monday...

and for life on the farm, well, that's what it goes on...dumped trash with Elijah at navigation. It was cloudy and overcast, dreary and then rained...feel like EEyore...met a neighbor there, whom I never met before...

Got back to the grind and collected 9 quail eggs, 4 black, 3 gold, 2 the Bears to take a nap and finished the barn and pasture animal chores after 2PM

Got a Sereum egg, 4 duck eggs with 1 real black, haven't seen one like that in awhile. Collected 4 silkie eggs & 4 americanas with a couple blue ones...

Did a few odds and ends chores, trying to work on the scattered debris piles. Made a dent in the studio trash dump today, every little bit of space helps and counts.

Suppose to get a little cold tonight but already got a good fire going, had the house in the 70sF last night, trying to fight off the dampness from the weather here.

Hope all is well for everyone.
We love you all and are glad you chose to share a part in our lives
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

P.S. Auctions we have running on eBay:

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