Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 25 surpize baby lamb and what we did today.

Here we are on day 25 and never a dull moment here on the farm.  I met the other Shekhinah artist in Australia and she is a lovely person, I look forward to one day hanging out with her.  I called my best friend in Florida, gosh I miss her and I bite the bullet and ordered my new camera.  It will be here in about 7 to 10 days.  Otherwise the day stated out ok, kids got us up and going, had to take Elisha to the health dept for a shot and then went to Lanton, MO.  We had a good time and looked at some neat stuff and spent way too much for a Saddle and saddle blanket for Rachael. I hope she will use it and maybe she and her horse will learn to like each other.  I also bought a new to me hand wheeled tea pot with a flat lid, just what I have been looking for and for only $3.50 what a bargain.  After that we stopped off to get feed for the animals and met a cute little kitty, but I had to leave her there, hardly seemed fair…  I also bought some raw peanuts to plant and to boil, just love a big bowl of yummy boiled peanuts.
I had a call about Rachael’s horse, I thought, but they wanted a boy…lol  I hung up on the poor woman and had to call her back as I had a lamb surprise use with a new little ewe.  The goat has still not kidded, but the lamb did.  We had to play the livestock version of musical chairs tonight to help her with her baby, which was stuck.  We moved the heard of lambs out of the paddock into the yard while I tried to get the baby out, as it was getting darker, Michael decided to put them back in with our cow Moo. Moo is the weirdest cow, fully bred and jumping around the paddock like a pop-up-toy, crazy cow.  I was so worried she might hurt sheep, rolling my eyes, the way she was bouncing around out there.  I know the sheep are her friends, but I do not think she knows how big she is.  But she is being milked right now and will settle down for the night with them.  They sleep in a pile of sorts, her and the sheep, I will try to get a photo at some point.
On to momma sheep, this sheep is so dumb, but we love her anyway.  Her name is Leah; she was born here and is three years old.  She has had other babies, most of which we raised for her, so I take a close interest in her near kidding time.  Like I said above, Michael came in and got me, I hung up and there I was, trying to decide what to do with Leah and the baby just pushing out.  We ended up after 25 minutes or so, catching her and putting her on the ground and helping the baby out; oh so a joy to have your hand up inside an animal.  If you are ever have this sort of a problem, do not try to pull the baby straight out or force the vulva.  I try to find the front feet and pull them forward and then slip a finger to the top of the baby’s head and pull down as soon as I can see the mouth of the baby outside of the mom’s body I break the bag and make sure it is alive, gently pull the baby out.  Try to get the momma to push while you are doing this.  Once you get the head and legs out, a gentle movement of pulling will have the baby out.  By now the momma sheep, goat or other animals is very tired, pushing is hard work. But we are there with towels cleaning and stimulating the baby to breath and than stand, I like babies to be standing within the first 15 minutes of life and looking for food.  Once I am sure the mom and baby are bonding and I have seen the baby eat, after that we normally walk away, but this love and her baby get to be the barn for a few days till I feel that she is taking care of the baby.  Rachael and Isaiah cleaned a small pen out and used the fresh straw we got today to get them comfy and warm.  So threw the night we will all kind of look in on her, while watching over the two most likely goats that are ready to kid.  Well I need to get off here and start getting bears ready for bed and my math homework done, we have a test tomorrow. 
Now to Elijah’s (age 5) part of the blog:
Today I saw mom grab a baby out of a momma sheep.  She was black and white when she came out and soft.  She was cute and she was little. First before we got sheep that were gonna have the baby that black and white.  Dad took the sheep out, but not the one that had the baby.
Today   I did a whole book of school work; with my times tables and the book helped me, 3x3=9.
Now it is back to mom writing the blog. 
Now to my dear husband’s part of the blog:
News From The Doghouse and the Tommy Halfinger attired country bumpkin...
Nice day today, got all the barn chores done fairly early like @ noon, ate a left over t-bone and eggs for brunch and got ready to go with the Bears to the health clinic, my favorite place to be if I could tell you over a secure line 8-P maybe %\ well...
Elisha got a shot in the arm and didn't flinch I guess, no crying and no tears, makes those people wish all their victims er, patients <no pun on er <--er lol> ....~~~~~* I bet they wish all the kids were that good and easy to work with of work on , work for...well...
Went to Lanton to the resale salvage mall, p/u a saddle and a cool tea pot and a pig carved out of a block of wood...seen a collection of Avon aftershave bottles...makes me wonder...
Got home and did a few chores and started loading wood in the wheel barrow and taking it down stairs, and noticed a ewe laying down, and eventually seen her, flipped the opposite direction and making that unmistakable moan of delivery...so went in the house and told the Boss and the usual chaos and panic insued...everything was under control and orderly, just completely unexpected in a sense, as you are always expecting in the season...at least it was in a good enviroment and not in the worst weather possible, which usually happens. Probably pictures are following someday, we have a lot of pictures to post, but it is just so time consuming and difficult to accomplish on the current set-up :(
Well have a good one, got to go get the Bears to bed...
Rachaels blog part for tonight:
Today everyone had a busy day. It was my day to watch the animals while everyone was gone. Nothing really exciting happened throughout the morning and early afternoon. When mom came home there was a surprise in the back of the van. Mom and dad bought me a western pleasure saddle and a saddle pad to go with it. I was so happy. This afternoon there was a burst of joy when one of our ewes went into labor. Mom had to pull the lamb and then we dried it off. We had a little ewe. She is black and white spotted and as beautiful as can be. It has been hours since the birth and both mama and lamb are in the barn resting and should be ready to rejoice with the herd by tomorrow morning. More lamb and goats should be on the way soon.
Thank you so much for reading our blog and have a wonderful day
Our last snow at the barn

Our sweet kittys taking over the outside couch.

Elish and Elijah putting Elishas cake together.

Blues clues, I swear he wanted the pink roses too...

The fished cake and happy bears.

Elisha is 4 now....

El shaidi 10 months

Sam, sam enjoying the sun.

Isaiah in his car, we would not have to use photos like this of him, if he would just let us take some photos. lol

Sunset at the farm

Rachael's new saddle

Her new saddle pad.

Our new baby ewe(girl) lamb

Drying the little love off.

Oh , no that she is like almost dry you want to help...lol

Momma Leah trying to get her lamb up

Mommy Kisses..yeah that should do it!

Both the momma and me trying to get the lamb to stand.

Add caption

Nose kisses are the best kisses....

Here we go a little progress.

Almost there!

She is the cutest little lamb.

Who's there?!

It's just me moo cow...lol  watching over the new little lamb.

Ok so now the second generation black copper chickens are laying, it's so tiny it's so cute, is has no value...lol  But at least it is the right color.  That is something...
So that is all we have for tonight folks, that you for letting us share our lives with you.  You are all a blessing to us.

Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters, here on Mahanaim Farm

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