Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 29 and new babys, new stove and other cool facts and stuff

What a day, day 29 turned out to be.  Michael was feeling a bit under the weather so we stayed home and it was a good thing we did as we were blessed by supersize babies.  I know her bred miracle now, it was dinner our la mancha/Nubian cross.  We have him safe in sound in the freezer and there will be no more of that business.  I had hope that Nemo, the buck we bought from Robin would have bred her and that is why we did not think she was going to kid yet, (shrugging my shoulders), I was fooled…lol  so any way we have three little billys who will be looking for new homes in the next few day, just in case anyone wants any.  We have temporary names for them, I call them, thing one, thing 2 and thing three from Doctor Seuss.
Still have to go out and fix the incubator.  The switch burned out, so I have to very carefully take it apart and replace it with this shinny new one in my hand, that way the egg turner will work again, as turning eggs 4 to 6 times a day is a lot of work… and I and Rachael are getting tired of doing it.  It would have been ok, with like 20 eggs, but with several hundred, it is just a mess.  The part I thought was a bit pricey at near 12 bucks, but it came from a local hardware store and at least the money stays here local. 

We had roast and left over steak for dinner tonight, with carrots, and onions.  I boiled peanuts today to snack on, yummy…

Can’t hang on here too long tonight, have to check on those baby goats, Rachael and I will do it in shifts threw the night, since the mom is old, has only one working teat and three baby’s.  We have premilk in a jar in the fridge to help the momma feed them all and most likely will have to keep doing this for her.

 Some photos are on the bottom of our post, please look them over and let us know what you think. 

<:o:p>Love you all Shekhinah...

Here is the hubbies post, it is part of yesterday and a whole lot of today….

News From The Doghouse and a very long day....

Started out early on Friday with my Bears tickling alarm clock, did all the chores early, cutting corners where I could, usually Friday being a fill everybody to the brim day, trying to get everything done cause we have to go work on horses...

Went to the boonies south of Viola, beautiful scenery of the mountains and landscapes, got to the new clients place and what a refreshing set up...they had bamboo growing and all sorts of fruit gardens....the guy is a master gardener, from Puerto Rico, from the city and had to learn to do everything farm chore wise from scratch...he had a work ethic similar to what I believe...and it was not I started out with nothing and still have most of was you just have to be willing to work for it, and learn as you go, even trial and error if need be, not to be afraid or ashamed to ask for another's opinion. We got along pretty good, and will be doing some bartering in the future I believe...

After that it was a road trip to Misery, over by past Lanton and another boondocks adventure, and did a errand of mercy looking at a horse with a limp and doing some work and technical advice, I may not be the best vet around, but surely the best without a license 8-P Maybe acquired the long sought after horse trailer there as well...seen some nice horses in that herd, maybe something there for us as well, time will tell. After that made the obligatory stop in the Lanton Mall and the nefarious watering hole for OU kosher approved Coors Light, the mercy patient had no patience for me helping her =:o !!! #@*% &$(:@|) & }>o<{ !!!

THEN, went back to Arky the Natural State of Inbred Cannibal Hillbillies and went throu Salem (again), to Glencoe and to a furniture store to look at cabinets and a cook stove for the future part of the Clamp-It Mansion and ended up on a Deliverance ride thru the countryside of Horseshoe Bend to go get the @1,000 lb cook stove and load it up in the back of a p/u truck...5 minutes later and much unintelligible #%*^&!~`'~? later had it loaded and ready to go, with good ole Joe Bob talking about finding volcanic glass on the road, describing it and allegedly selling it to some Yahoo for $100...hmmm we got larger pieces here on the farm not whacked by the road grader...hmmmmm

Well, got back to the store and we ended getting everything hauled home to the asylum, it was dark and yada yada yada by everything unloaded and moved into the add-on including the 2 ton cookstove...ate a good meal and zonked out....then the glass door was rattling a few times last night/ early morning....thought it was wind until the bed seemed in motion, so... don't know, I wasn't feeling too hot.

Saturday we were scheduled to horseshoe and do some helping out, and it was windy and gloomy overcast, and frankly exhausted from Friday, maybe did too much...Well my chore work started late, slept late not feeling well, and everything was going wrong, had to fix a light bulb in a brooder finisher cage and got whacked in the head by the cage because of the stupid way it was built, had a escapee goat under my feet the entire time and losing patience really fast, FINALLY got it all done on the porch, started to do firewood to build a fire, never got one going yesterday because was so exhausted and didn't care, just get by on the electric woke up to turn the gas on |:-|zzzzz and went back to bed, woke up again because someone else in the house was really sick and paying homage to the Porcelain Deity, then the sliding glass door was rattling off and on again ~~~~~~* WELL back to the day part, sorry about the rambling on (8) got out to the barn and have to do what is necessary and mostly new water for everybody as well, and feeling like a leftover warm patty cake in the outhouse, check the expecting mommy goats and start in with the birds... 

The goats are fine, thou thought Rebecca was in labor throes last night, heavy breaths, hard to get up. ect. Sailing through the bird chores in a dense fog, walk back to the house often for coffee sips and a bit off a cheese sandwich, fraid I am going to arf it, but I am hungry, just queasy don't want to eat :-| well finally get to the order of fresh water for Miracle and she just plopped out 3 babies, like it looked really suddenly and violently, well back to the house and get the Boss and Rachael for unorganized chaos there just surprise that it was Miracle and not Rebecca, oy. :-| We got pictures and looks like everything is fine but you never know, Miracle may have got tore up, hope we don't lose her but expect the unexpected... It is always a joyous time with birthing the animals but there always harbours great sadness as well.

I'll get parsha and links up Sunday, which looks to be a busy day as well.

 We love you all and are blessed to have you share in our lives...

Three new babies at once...My poor old girl...

Thing three

Thing one and Thing two

Rachael feeding Thing one, this little boy was a little slow out of the boy, but is better now.  It is import to get first milk into them as soon as possable, we try to do it with in the first hour.

Trying to get him to stand.

There you go Thing one.

He comes our helper, Elijah!

Here he is sizing up the job or seeing which one he could play with first.

Big sister helping Elijah, teaching him how to get the baby goat to stand.  They have to stand with an hour of birth.

They are so cute...

He is getting reall y good at helping the little goat.

Mamma goat and Thing three.

Our supervisor El Shadi, with daddy bear(Michael) our thrid generation curly rooster.

They just can't get enough of the baby goats.

Standing on his own, we are so happy....

Elijah plays with Thing three...with momma goat looking on.

I am the cutest baby goat ever....

Talking about what to do next.

Elijah making sure the baby is getting milk.

 Thank you again for joining us in our world and welcoming these three new treasures to our care.  Please pray that there mom recovers and that they go on to bless other small farms, with more babys and fresh healthy meat.
Shekhinah, Michael, and all the kids and critters on Mahanaimfarm

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  1. We have three La Mancha/Nubian cross male bottles babys for sale, two are ready to go and the third should be ready any time. They are 50 each, first come,first serve.

    Our phone number is 870-895-5161

    We live in camp, near salem and could meet you some where if you did not want to come all the way our here.