Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 26 of 365 days in the life of our farm and meeting new friends rocks

Well today is a wonderful day for me, I found that other Shekhinah artist, she is in Maine, Jewish, hangs with really cool people and is over all amazing and has lovely paintings that will knock your socks off. 
I went to gym after school today with one of my class mates and she is a lovely woman who the world is not being very nice to.  She is a tiny bit older than me and has gone back to school for a AA degree in hopes of being able to get a job.  I really believe she will do great.  She and I are really stressed out over math, it just seems like we cannot learn enough in the class.  We will just have to work harder.  She was freaking out about the text she took, I told her just figure you failed like me and than if you did pass, it will be a pleasant Monday…lol

After that went to the discount store and got a few things after school and working out, I goofed up my gas card for school for the month…ugh, well there is always next month and I am dropping a class, I know, I feel really bad about it, but the teacher is stressing me out and I am stating to hate English and I just cannot let that happen.  On the joyful note, I will not have to hear about gay preachers anymore or cross dressers…yuck!  Plus it will give me more time to work on my art and to play guitar and play with the kids.  So it’s all good.

Have school again tomorrow and than Friday though Sunday off, which is great cause I have tons of stuff to do here like make soap and glass, not at the same time though.  Yes Diana, I here you soap, yes I am making soap…lol  Vegan and regular veggie stuff.

We made pizza for dinner tonight, and are relaxing in front of the tv.  By the way the baby lamb is doing great.

Now to the hubbies part of the blog:

News From The Doghouse and It's a Whacky Whacky World the movie trailer...

Ho hum...slept 10 hours solid last night, not coming down with anything, just surrounded by it...

Did the chores and 6 quail eggies, a silkie, 5 A. chickens & 5 ducks from the quackaroos...

Worked on an assortment of things, 1 thing here 1 thing there, trying to knock down the overwhelming piles of things that I need to do and/or needs to be done...trying to manage it all, its not endless but seeems overwhelming and just gets added to all the time...

Seen some nice flocks of geese fly directly over, guesstimate 400 to 500 in the formations, would have made some awesome pictures, easy to see against the overcast sky.

Worked on the blue jeep brake system instead of trying to work on the roof...trying to shorten my list of projects yada yada yada

Had the Bears outside when it was nice and sunny, they were running at me, across the expanse of the backyard, I have a moving picture in my mind's eye that I will never forget, it was very special, their smiles and looks of determination to get me ;-)

We enjoyed the baby lamb, who was sleeping at that moment, and mommy Leah stomped her foot at it was time to go

Have a good day or night.

Belly Bears part of the blog:
I want to thank mommy for giving me a present, I wanted to play with it and I did and Elijah took it away from me.  I am mad at him and now I am making a tower.

Baby snoring bears part of the blog:
I am gonna talk about that, I took my nap and did my whole school work, it’s all done now.  And now I want to say, today I got to play the Wii by doing my last page of school work.  I saw the baby lamb but the babies mamma was warning me two times, so if I got closer she would buck me, she would not let me go in and the baby.   There was no mail in the mail box today when I went down with dad.  I wanted to catch this little frog, I hear preap, flish, it was a little one but, every time I tried to get itm it hoped, I heard , chich, chich, it just keeped jumped and it was camouflage and it would not let me, I was gonna put him in my little tank.  I want to show him t you, but her got away.  That’s all.

Well this is the part where I thank you all for visting with us today and where I bless you all for just being you.

Sleep well dear ones and till tomorrow much love.

Shekhinah, Michael, and all the kids  and critters on Mahanaim farm

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