Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 39 New little pigs...

News From The Doghouse and a nice day...
Got up early, with Elijah Bear tickling me and pouncing me telling me time to get up, it was 7 AM zzzzzzzz
Well had to get outside and hookup the horse trailer for the Boss, at least I had some coffee before I was out the door :-P[_]>
Started chores early today and was looking at being done before noon, but got side tracked a little bit, and still did some auxiliary chores as well, just trying to figure some priorities now ~~~8-P
Collected some eggs that were acceptable for shipping on orders, but most all the birds were in aftershock now...and this morning was nice outside but comfortable cool with ice in the waterbuckets, not damp windy and miserable...it was sunny and warming up slowly but nice. The Boss brought home 2 pot belly pigs...it's my 3rd round with Vietnamese pot bellied pigs. These 2 seem like happy little oinkers, startled the livestock when I let them out of the trailer when I had it backed up to the pen, which was a 1st...so all of the goats, cows, and horses were wondering with curiosity 8-P
Here's a link with some music video...not sure if it will work:

This morning was cold but went very well. Before I headed outside I fed our little bottle goat Buttercup. I went out to the barn to milk our sweet cow. After milking moo cow I visited all of the little babies. First I went to see our ewe Lea and her little son Jelly bean, then I went and played with our mama goats and there four kids. Later this morning we had a new addition to the farm. Two little pot belly pigs arrived today and at the moment do not have names. They joined the goat heard today and are loving getting to run around in the open space after there trip home. The goats, horses, Moo cow, and the sheep were gathering around them welcoming them to the farm. After the twp little pigs settled down I took Elijah out to see them and the goat kids. He and I had a lot of fun playing with the pigs and the goats. Elijah also took his first sunset picture today and it was beautiful.

I would like to thank everyone for reading our blog

Thank you fro joining all of us today, we hope you like the photos...
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters at Mahanaim Farm

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