Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 51 and we adopted a puppy dog

Day 51
So we are adopting the dog we went to visit today, she will require a ton of food at least for a while and extra care, she is in very poor physical shape and needs to put on at least 50 pounds. We are having her fixed before we bring her home, getting her shots, and having her chipped. She is the most loving creature I have ever met. We love her already and she us.   I cannot wait till she is ready to come home…
School is going ok, well except for math…I swear I am starting to hate math, well not really, but I am sort of bummed.  It is so hard just for me to sit in this class, it seems like such a waste to me.  But what do I know.
I have been watching the whole Japan, but it seems there might be a bright light in it all.  We as Americans will now have to start open our factories and start making stuff again, that is great, jobs for all who want one.
I bought a lovely blue berry bush, it was huge..and flowered , I left it our side near where I had planned to plant it and the deer ate all the flowers off of it.  I am so angry.  I moved the new trees to the fenced in garden and what is left of my very expensive blue berry bush…
Sold three baby goats today.  Sold out until the next girl kids…
Still have not found any one to shear the sheep, I guess I will end up doing it my self.
Anyway..that is about all I have to say for now, got to go out and check the cow, she is due to calf any time now…we pray for a healthy baby…

News From The Doghouse and another day in the hampster cage wheel....

Well, we went to Horseshoe Bend to the animal control facility and looked at a BIG doggie, so we acquired her after her health inspection and what not at the local vet's, and will pick her up next week....I'll spare you the legal details of the paperwork, and the "donation" which was reasonable and actually cost effective and charitable.

Was reminiscining on the nice weather of the past few days, and had seen a honey bee on the back porch, would love to have followed it, but was unfortunately dealing with a cantankerous odious goat....and when we were leaving the other day, seen a butterfly on the driveway, slurping on water run-off from the previous night's rain....and when we were working over at Brockwell, Elijah had a tick crawling on him...a blood sucker insect for internet translators...8-P   ()___)))_______@~~~~~~  

Made a basic chore list for our imminent departure to illistan...don't ask and get me's clues are billary and might need all 3 clues in the handy dandy notebook to get it....

collecting lots of eggs for shipping and good enoughs for hatching but need another incubator (again) 8-P so....we got plenty to eat in all ways and fashions I guess....

I'll post the basic chore list, and let everyone think what happens may happen....

Feed cats, dog, pigs
Water in incubator bowls
water cow, goats, horses, pigs, dog, sheep, trees in containers in garden
feed and water peeps in brooder/finisher
collect quail eggs
feed and water quail in 3 coop cages
feed and water duckie
feed and water chicken peeps in 3 coop cages
back porch area finished

fill waterer @ barn for free range ducks, chickens, geese --- cats prefer water from rain barrels
feed and water Curly and his harem in coop cage
feed and water Malaysian sereums, Blue Dutch, Mille Fluers in 3 cage stack coops
feed and water both turkey coops
feed and water turkens coop cage @ north end of barn
feed and water large pigeon coop
feed and water both maternity goat stalls
feed and water roosters coop cage @ goat milk station
feed and water sale ducks & feed and water doves in wall cage in coop
feed and water muscovy ducks coop add 1 extra can of special duck & goose feed plus feed and water Elijah's pigeon in muscovy coop
feed and water tom turkey east side of barn
feed and water peacocks
feed and water silkies
feed and water pigeons small coop
feed and water guineas in 1st coop
feed and water guineas in 2nd coop
feed and water americanas
feed and water cayuga ducks add 1 can of special duck and geese feed
feed and water roosters in long cage coop barn main floor

here's a link to I am too old to cut the mustard anymore ;-P

Be Blessed dear ones and know you are special to us and greatly loved
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters here on Mahanaim Farm

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