Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 43 of life our our small family farm

Hmmm today, I went to West Plains, we were going to pick up the wood for the roof, but it was stolen, no kidding in broad daylight…emmmm  Made me very angry since like my name was all over it, they told me how sorry they were about it and how they are going to make sure it does not happen again.  They told me they have been being robbed a lot as of late and Meeks is such a nice store, it just seems a shame.  They said the police there have chanced down people stealing from them before again in broad day light, really what is the world coming to when you steal scrap wood…so it will be a few weeks before they cut again and we will just have to wait, in the mean time every rain storm terrifies me and I keep hoping to get the roof done before May, rainy season here. 
We left a little late today around ten am and drove up to see how the animals swap was going, no one was there, lots of traffic and if it was not so cold, it would have had been a good day to have been there I think.  Might try for next week…I have a bunch of ducks in need a new home and some pigeons and a bunch of chickens I am over as well as some baby goats.  Might have to work on horses, don’t remember…
Had Chinese food, it is always so good, mostly because I do not have to cook or do a dish...he he he
We were going to go to Wal-mart up there and get a few things, but it was cold and we decided just to get our little biological air sensors (finches) and some gold fish instead, I swear I could have brought the whole store home.  So many cool and sweet animals.  But I just bought what we needed and found out because I have the right papers she would like to buy babies back from us.  Never say no to presold birds.  She will pay a lot less for these birds than I could get on the open market for them, but she will buy them all at once.  The more feed you put into any animals the larger the investment, the more that can go wrong. 
We had to hold off on giving away Rachael’s horse, because she needs it to show this Aug.  She did not think about this till today, I am glad we did not give her away and then have to go out and get another horse.  We are giving her, her own pasture.  Which is not a problem since we bought fencing.   Than if Rachael still wants to get rid of her, no problem. 
So much going on it is a little hard to keep track of it all.  I still have so much to get it is over whelming…so I will get off of here for a while, finish my email and watch Babylon 5 in hopes of a Doctor Who tomorrow, can’t wait till Torch Wood returns…ughhh.  Farming is so hard without good tell…lol
Eww have to remember to set quail eggs in the morning…
Now to the hubbies post:

News From The Doghouse and willy nilly namby pamby politicians admissions...

Yeah, right. Bill should have looked the camera in the lens(eye), and said, "My wife's friends are lesbians, her political alliances are with lesbians, her political support is from lesbians, and I have no conjugal visits at home." in reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, along with, "she's so young and I am so old, and it's probably the last time an old codger like me is going to get any young pretty thing like that, willingly." 8-P

Went to West Plains today, after the storm, which I slept through very soundly, because I am in pain. Glad we went, we saw a 1984 Jeep for sale, when we went to the swap meet sale plae, but it was cancellled because of the rain and cold. Even the gas station was closed. Hmmm...

Then we went and ate at Charlie's and had a good time....Rachael's first time here/there, and she devoured everything....heh-heh-heh Actually, the Bears ate well and loved all the assortment of selections of yummy food. I personally went 4 times then had dessert...8-P

We went to collect some birdies replacements that we lost earlier this week, and we had a good time at the pet store as well.....maybe we will be buying some other exotics animals in the future as well. Still seen the wagon for sale at the edge of town....maybe Wiggle the cow will get to pull it after all, dunno.

Collected some nice eggies today from the silkies, americanas, guineas, quail, Curly's, and a few food eggs as well. The solar panel stayed at the same temp as outside basically, guess it really needs direct sunlight as it was always overcast today. Our temp was like 38F and the wind chill was like 30F, the panel was at 36F....Had a nice fire going in the woodburner, and it was 82F last night here in the house, and 74F when I was woke up by monster Bears tickling my feet. telling me to get was 8:17AM 8-P

We got a real nice warm fire going tonight, the rest of the house is cold because nobody wants to shut the windows, doors, or put the towel back up against the door sill, to stop drafts. I can only do so much....8-|  Glad we got plenty of scrap wood to burn, its nice having comfort when everything else is dismal. Still watching maternity on everyone, had a false alarm when the goats were licking a mineral salt block 8-P guess maybe I am paranoid or under stress. 8-P

Try another linktv link, but my last one did not work properly...was trying to link in Rabbi Shergil from I'll try Debu from Indonesia, the 2nd link is a page from Link I found by accident...

We love you all and hope that you have a blessed day..
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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