Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 61 and 62, it's my birthday...

Day 61 and I am trying very hard to be a bum today...Happy Birthday to me...!
I cooked the meal I wanted, crowder peas, beef, black tree fungus, onoins, lots of garic, with swiss chesse on top, yummy , yummy.  the wer from peas that we got from my amish friend's farm last seasn and I and the bears shelled them, ok rachael helped too.  We still have plenty to plant in april .

The weather has been dreadful, rain, hail and thunder...emmm.

Thinking about selling one of my young does, she comes from good lines and will be a good milker.  but honeslty how many does so I really need.  

Moo cow has still not had the baby and I am thinking a myabe another week or so, if not after that, I will get he vet out here and have an ultra sound done and find out whats going on.

Had quail hatch, about 15 so far...not a great hatch, but not great eggs either, when we go to the swap I will buy some more to add to our lines and beef the little fellas back up.  Winter hatches on the quail are always hit or miss as you are dealing with timing, if the eggs get to cold they die,to die, they die, ect.  Fragle little buggers in the winter months, but I guess we suffer there a little because we let them winter out side.  hey they are from Korea, they can handle it.
Duscks every where, Rachael and the boys put the wrong ducks in a pen so now I have to move ducks again, I can not believe that she did it...but we will just have to fix it and go on.  Tomorrow I hope to get the kids to butcher chickens tomorrow.  
My spring break ends tomorow, and I am a little sad to have it end, but it's all good and life moves on.

My garden survied the hail, thank goodness and we should start to harvest radishes in two weeks, than peas in 4 or 5, if the weather holds, planting carrots tomorrow night with the little kids and laying out the addition to the garden.  
Got the worng fencing, not my fault is was on ly 50 feet and I payed for 100 foot rolls, bummed me out compleatly as we are just getting further behind with events like this, but I try just to keep moving foward.  Michael is expanding the goats pen first and putting up the new wire as soon as it arrives.  I am using the money for the wire I am taking back to buy more feed as this time of month money always seem a bit tight.  I will be glad when all the new fences are up,and than I can get the beefalos, fresh meat for next season.  We have used up all the hamburger we had made already and the not growing calf is looking like more burger meat so I may have to set that up and get it done.  Other than all this, my good friend Glenda gifted me some books for my birthday, the one I have always wanted, it is a cooking book with a tofu recipe of how to make it, I lost this recipe many years after moving here and never found one I liked, i was so happy to see it in there.  Making tofu very soon.   Ok enoguh of my endless banter and on to the hubbies post.
News From The Doghouse and the continuing search and destroy for Punxtawney Phil...
Just recieved a tip that the elusive Phil was being held in Philadelphia pending extradition proceedings, perhaps he will met with a perfect accident, like accidently being fed to the lions, er, I mean left to long in the yard and was shanked by the penguins or bruins....
It rained and was very cold here again, miserable blowing in from the east, with wind chills and everything else, then it hail pelted us @ the size of peas or at least ball bearings which would probably have felt as bad
It was not so bad really, just froze my hands a few times, got a good roaring fire heating away and everything was know it is storming bad when the horses decide to go into the barn, so I had to work around them, out of order from the usual routine, since we have a section in the barn set up for them to get in, in case of inclement weather....usually they like to stay out in the rain, it was just driving so hard I guess...thought they would stay out because they are shedding their winter coats, but maybe the booming thunder and lots of lightning but even then they stay out, so I don't know...
Got everything else done and thought I would have to work around the horses and they took off and went outside, this was after I had to trench the developing lake by the barn...this time the channel drainage was blocked by an overabundance of horse chips floating and clogging everything....what a flood when I hoed it
So everything else went well I guess, we had peepers hatch in the incubator, mostly quail replacements I hope...collected a few eggs from everybody, guess the storm scared them a bit, although the silkies and the guineas did their usual with some extra from the newest coop of guineas.
Had a thought on the solar panel, which got picked up and blown over the other day by the way, today I put the thermometer in it to check the heat coming out from/with the ice from the hail/ started at @35F 2C and was up to 40F @3C fairly quickly, the outside temp was 40F with windchill like 28F, the framework is off the ground and was getting direct passage of wind under the panel, so....I am guessing it worked, if it was mounted to a roof and protected enclosure maybe it would work better, not sure, but will try it somewhere, soon as I get time from fencing and working on all the other projects going on here at the farm
News From The Doghouse and Sheriff Cy Borg hunts Punxtawney Phil...
8-P ---> 8-) ----> :-)  ---> :-P ----> ;-P ----> 8-P
Well was up at 2:20AM tossing wood on the fire, and it seemed fairly warm outside, guess I got use to the cold windchill 8-P then again at 6:30AM and some more wood and coffee, then back to bed so Elijah could tickle my feet and be happy  "Dad, get up!"....oy
Last night I tried to toss a hearth log on but it got stuck in the door, so I had to take it outside and whack it or split it....nobody said anything, guess my unusual antics or methods to my insanity doesn't phase anybody anymore....who knows who cares
 Well did the chores, somewhat late, as Elijah let me sleep until 9....I am so shocked...maybe he is getting ready to ask me for an allowance or something...have to re-do some fence work, after it dries up a little bit and warms up as out to the barn and had an avalanche or a domino attack of problems, one thing after another....had hay delivered this afternoon...usual stuff...seen lots of deer this morning outback...some songbirds and a woodpecker...they all seemed oblivious to the cold drop in it must be a temporary thing, hopefully....

Be Blessed Dear ones and be safe, know that we love you all
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm.

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