Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 40-how to fix what you own

Today started out to early for me and seems like it will never end.  I got too early I guess.  Had nothing but problems, school seemed to last forever and the math teacher scolded me for not getting an A on the last math test.  Ugghhhh.  He is a good man, but my class mates are killing me.  This class represents the failing of the American school system; this is the result America when you teach kids to a standardized test.  The kids in public school spend more than half the school year preparing for the standards test, in Florida; it was the F-cat.  These children do not learn enough to get them buy in the real would and many spend two or more years in college getting an AA in general education, which in just short of the knowledge someone like me would have gained from High School.  Most do not have the basic math skills of a fifth grader, this why other nations are laughing at us.  I shake my head just thinking about the one student who did not know what three times three is…or what a cube is.  Come on people wake up education is so important and if just a tiny amount of the money we (America) hands out to other countries was pit towards our school systems and better books, teachers, ect we would return to being a great world power, instead of a great world bully. 
Here is my next rant; quit picking on the French and pick up a book on the founding of America and you will see that France gave us the money as well as troops to fight our war of independence, that Ben Franklin was quite a talker. The French helped us so much that they went broke in the process and that was the start of the French revolution and when this befell them, you think we helped them or paid them back, nope, really we still owe them money. If you had someone owe you money for a couple hundred years or so, would you want to do much to help them. 
My third and final rant for the day, quit being lazy, fix the stuff you already owe and quite buying new things before the old things wear out.  Honestly who needs a new computer every three years, a new microwave or lawn mowers.  Read the care labels or manual and take care of your stuff, quite being a society of disposable items.  Please try at least and be practical, when you go to a store think, do I really need this, where is it made, do I already have something like it, before you buy.  You will save money, I promise.  If you do replace a working item, for the love of all creation, do not throw it out; give it away to someone who needs it.  Landfills fill our earth with toxic junk and kill both the soil and water. 
I repair our major appliances.   You can even go online and find out why your stove, fridge, microwave or other item is not working and how to fix it.  Check out these sites and you will see what I am talking about.  A few months ago I replaced the timer on our dryer.  It cost me $85.00 with shipping for the part and ten minutes to repair, the cost of a like model dryer was well over $400.00 bucks, maybe more .  The point is we have to be more reasonable with the things we own…  So here check out these sites and see how easy it is to fix these things yourself.  Who know maybe you need a hobbie, this would be a great one, pick up broken stuff fix it and sell it to people who could not afford new.  Think of all the good you could do.  Any way here is the web addresses.  This one is the one I use most often and I am really pleased with them. 

Ok set eggs in the Bator and gathered more eggs.
Ok well I want to go out and check on the critters and get the kids off to bed, so I have to leave you guys now. 

Here is the hubbies post:
News from The Doghouse and The Funny Farm....

Running behind of everything it seems.....never ending chaos or chaotic the chores done without incident, collect some eggs for hatching and some clean food eggs that could be hatched as well, just luck of the draw as to what will hatch 8-P

Worked on firming up and supporting our garden fence structure, the wire was falling off or popping off and I just put scrap pieces of wood on the frame and reattached the wire to the frame as well, just trying to keep the cats out for now...

Bacon and Porkchop, the pot bellied pigs, decided to get out of the pen and go exploring, I first noticed them when I went to the basement, they were at the door there. Later I seen them in the south woods and again later in the pasture with the horses, and they and the horses were running around, Samson was kind of chasing them at a slow trot. I think the horses just had fun chasing them, trying to get their noses to sniff them I guess, as ears were forward and not back as in attack mode.

Worked on the ancient solar panel, got it placed on a framework in the yard out by the persimmon tree and duck pond. Not sure what tomorrow will bring or what's next on the extra chores list. Seen a flock of geese heading north, they were pretty high up as they looked like specks. Seen and heard black helicopters again today, twice.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.

Be Blessed all and rest well, know that we think of you all often and pray for a better tomorrow
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters here on the farm

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