Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 41-another day, glad I have off tomorrow

Today was just a regular day here on the farm, animals wandering off and cleaning up for the gardens that will soon be in the ground. Got gas for the van today, golly gee only $3.81….ouch and now I wonder if I will have to put my plans for the trip to see my dad on hold, as money will very quickly become a huge issue.  I am very sad about this, as it is the second time I have tried to make this trip, but if gas keeps going up, it will just be impossible.   
Went to school, took the horse trailer with me, so I had to park way in the back.  Gave a short intro to Earth quake preparedness, a lot of people took my business card; I hoped I gave them a few new things to think about.  After that I meandered over to the student success center to work on some home work and to print out some papers, but someone stole the toner for the printers so I still have to print all my stuff at home, even though I am paying to do it in school.  I was able to get some home work done at least and had a lovely chat with some dear friends.  After that I rushed to find a friend that I had promised a cow heart to(don’t worry, she is not eating it, she is using it to dissect for her class), I wanted to bring it in a cooler with bio hazard warnings and such, human heart handle with care…(it was a cow heart), just to be funny, but I guess that would maybe be taking it a bit far, so I settled for a box and wrapping paper, corny, but cute.  Had deers on the paper…lol   After that I went to meet with my friend , who was still and class and hung out with her until we had to go to our class today.  Our class was short and sweet and a few people surprised me with their honesty on an assignment.  I was shocked they did not cheat…lol
After class a few friends and I had lunch together.  It is really sad that this is the only time we can seem to get together, just once a week, but we are all such busy people.  After that we went to “Poor boys furniture” and I picked up a chair and one of my friends followed me out there so she would know where it was, she knows now and so do I lol, I thought it was in Ash flat, nope, Glenco, I felt stupid, but one little town is just as good as another.  I had to have help backing up the trailer again, ughhh, but we did get the chair loaded and I was happy to know it was on its way home.    
When I got home to play with the sweet little bears, Michael broke the news to me that the pigs we once again Awall, ewww I hate pets that are smarter than me…  So in the morning I pray they will return to us and be ok. 
Michael made some progress on our ancient solar panel, it uses some sort of ribbon to generate power, not sure how much till I get the tester out, but if it is enough to create a trickle charge we are in business.  At least we can start to power a few lights off of it.  That should save us money on the light bill (found out it is called a light bill because a long time ago, before we had all this junk in our homes, they used electric just for lights).  Our light bill most months runs in the couple hundreds, I would love to be able to spend that money on getting us off grid.  I plan to start to buy panels and repair them and at some point get off grid, we are also working on wind power, so it’s all good, just takes time.
I am behind on most of my orders, soap, glass, eggs ect, trying to get all caught up.  It is hard to get it all done and I may have to seek outside help to get it all done.  We still have not picked up either hay ring, or the fencing and posts.  Sat I have to pick up the plywood for the roof, I am so happy about that.  I saw an ad in the local paper for shingles, three tab, $65 a square so I am gonna check that out. I hope we can get this all done.  Other than all this I am going to sit with the babies and read my sweet ones a story about Purim.  If you want to know about Purim, one of my super favorite holidays, check out these great links. 


Now to the hubbies post

News From The Doghouse and the abyss...

Did the chores and got the experimental solar panel working. It went from 47F to 95F in a few minutes, prolonged running had it over 120F which exceeds 50C, tried a digital therometer on it and it topped out at 120F & 48.9C, the mercury thermometer was in the bubble above and beyond the 120F/50C so I am guessing @130F or so....going to try the wiring and or charging battery - trickle charge maybe.

Collected 2 turkey eggs, a guinea egg and a silky among the notables. Had to catch the mille flouras as they were out and about again. Knocked my back out of whack again, cause was an over extended bungee cord on the door to the coop, just stupid. It should not take 2 hands to open the door like that, and if you got 2 cans of feed in your hand it is really inconvienent, and I was in such a good mood because of the solar panel. After the gruelling bouts with trying to do the basic and simplest tasks, I managed to get some mobility. Then tried my hand at cutting wood for the weekend, its suppose to storm and get cold as well, so I had to get that done as well. Climbed up the ladder and whacked out the top of the tree, dangerously, and cut up that debris and got it all stacked up in the basement, and got a few log pieces to chop and split some other day.

Bacon & Porkchop are running at large at the moment, already having problems with them there :-(  Hope we can get them friendly at least before they go "hog wild" :@|

Be Blessed Dear ones and rest well…

Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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