Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 47 of our lives here on the farm....

Welcome to another day in the life of our family on our small family farm, we are so happy you took the time to join us.  Today I have wrapped shipping eggs till I dropped and sent some pendants out in the mail.  Then I went to school to hang out at my favorite class and friends at Ozarka, the best little school in the world.  I bought pendants to my friend the big A (you know who you are…lol)….and a lovely girl who sits behind me.  I am blessed to go to school with such nice people.  I enjoyed sharing my art with them and hearing their stories as well as learning what is going on in the world.  I also get to hang out with my other good and lovely friend Mrs. C.  We have such great conversations about everything and I look forward to every Thursday just because she is there.  I swear the two of us have no concept of time…lol  Oh well….

I was happy to come home to other people wanting glass, more info on what to do with my books that I am writing and many more hatching eggs laid by our lovely birds.  There is something so relaxing about gathering eggs from ones yard.  Got our first peacock egg of the season, and in the incubator it went.
The babies did their school work and Elijah the five year old is getting just a bit too smart for his own good.  Having others to “help” him to discover the answers, instead of doing the equations himself, I told him that is so not cool.  So we will redo all that work tomorrow and work on some more reading, I think I will let him read the Torah (Jewish bible) with me.  His reading skills are quite good.
The garden is coming along nicely, peas are growing, the strawberry plants are waking up and the other seeds should start to grow as soon as the ground warms up a bit more.  The mint has started growing again, the garlic in the field is wonderful and I thought I saw some hen and chicks mushrooms in the woods near our house.  I will check them out tomorrow, they have a very short use ability life, around three days, but they will grow back year after year, so if I make where they are this year, we will have them next year or maybe latter again this fall. 
Our sheep are holing out on us, no more new babies yet, which is really odd because they normally kid three days apart.  Nightshade our oldest ewe is doing the whole standing off on her own thing, so anytime we should have new little loves.  She always has the sweetest babies.  A friend of my emailed me today about a small herd of Jacobs for sale, but the horse trailer needs new tires before I can take it our again. I have enough money set aside for them, but I have to order them and then take the tires and rims off the horse trailer two at a time and take them to Wal-mart to get them put on.  They are not allowed to put tires on horse trailers for some odd reason…(rolling my eyes), just makes more work for me.  I emailed her back in hope I can get her to pick them up for me…I don’t know if that is a good idea or not, I guess we will see.  I f not these girls I will find some that I like somewhere, I believe that.
I am so beat…I have a ton of stuff to get done, school work, farm work, grade papers, answer email and tomorrow I have to take the van back to the dealership in Thayer and get the new shocks put on.  I will be so happy when all this is done and I can just take a breath. 
Still have not heard about the dog I went to look at, maybe they have changed their minds about letting us have her.  I hope not, but people are so strange.  I have not met her yet, but she seems from the photos to be a fine animal in need of a family to love her.  I want us to be that family.  I feel like going out and buying her a ton of toys and making her a bed, I have an awesome pattern for one, but I just do not want to get to enthusiastic about it all yet, just in case it does not work out. 
Moo cow has not calved yet, she is oozing, and it is so gross, but the spot on her back is not flat yet, so I guess we have a least a day or two left. We are hoping for a sweet little cow any day. 
The beefalo, I have to contact him again as I was due to pick up a hay ring from him and then I had issues with the horse trailer, it will be ok.
The hay ring I bought is working way well, the horses look mad at me…lol   No more laying in their food.  I have ordered another hay ring. 
So there you have it…well I guess I should tell you that it is time for the hubbies post:

News From The Doghouse....

Went and did the chores, and it was cold this morning, had it nice and warm last night in here, slept sort of solidly, still exhausted from everything.

Had some delivered today, so that was a relief not to have to go and cut some more wood.

Collected several goose eggs today as well as a Malaysian Sereum, a silky, a guinea, and a mille fluera <--sp?....oh well hard to think, got cranky Bears at my elbows...oy.

Got some more work done on the goose coop that is temporary being built at the studio where the covered porch was going....oh well, at least the space is getting productively used and I am getting rid of more scrap wire and used lumber and wood....then I'll fill it up at the exposed sides with big rocks, busted bricks & blocks, and old timber posts....sounds extreme, but everything used gives me that more much cleared up space and helps me get that much closer to getting systematically organized....once again, I am using screws to attach everything except using staples to fasten the old coop wire in place to the wood.

Tried to work on the tires on the horse trailer, but the rims will not change out with the car, so that is a project that will get worked on another day, hopefully.

Well dears ones it is time for some telle, Dr.Who returns next month and so does Torchwood…so wonderful…
Be Blessed in all your joyful moments and remember you are loved…
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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