Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 44+45 of our lives on the farm

Today I had to get super early after staying up late to do school work and watch Babylon 5…I went and got the nick in the van glass fixed, my insurance threw the Hartford covered  the cost and Salem glass was very nice about the whole thing, but I am not sure I like the look of it.  I thought that it would make the chip invisible, but it did not, apparently it just bounds the crack to the resin and keeps it from spreading..hmmmm  I may end up getting the window replaced latter anyway.  Oh well, at least I tried.  The windshield in there is less than 4 months old and I could just not see replacing it already.  So I guess now we have to see how well this patch holds up.  After I was done there I was off to school and endless amounts of story problem algebra…oh how I hate story problems.  I mean that, I can do the math just not the stupid story part.  Honestly why make math a problem…lol   went to the gym, met the nicest native lady, it was so nice to talk to someone more like me after being around all the strange people at school.   After being chastised by the teacher again today I was glad to have someone nice to talk to who did not have any math to teach  me…lol  Anyway she was sweet and nice and we talked of loving dogs and horses and life in general.  I hope to get to talk to her again.
Went to Wal-mart after all that and saw my friend Kat, G-d I love her; she is always chipper, even when she is sad, she is amazing.  She was buying seeds and plants for her garden, me too, I bought some snow peas and some Lilly of the valley, some more pea plants and some spinach plats as well.  Getting some planting done, it feels good and right.  I bought a vacuum as well, I could hardly believe how expensive it is and I would have paid double gladly to have been able to by one made here in the states.  But no they are all made in China, did we lose a war to them and no one told me. 
After this I went to styles to pick up a few things for dinner, they always have great sales. 
  I am still sad and depressed about having to sell some of the ducks off, for one I am losing a lot on each bird as those eggs pay for their feed and our farm to run, but what can I do, feed prices are up and I do not have enclosures for them so I have to choose.  Money is very tight and things do not seem any better in the real world, in fact this time last year I had about 70% more enquires about hatching eggs than I do now.  I cannot stand the way the people in Washington reject my reality and substitute their own…really it is just not funny. While they are saying things are better they are wrong or just plain dumb.  The reason there are less people claiming unemployment is because they gave up looking for a job or flat out ran out of benefits.  I quit looking after my regular unemployment ran out.  Did not want another government hand out, wanted a help up, so I went back to school.  If they really wanted to help unemployment they would find a way to draw new jobs to the states, or maybe get back some of the jobs we outsourced to other countries.  The housing market is the same thing you know, less foreclosures, yup that is true, but only because they have foreclosed on most of the people all ready.  We have made a whole group of in some cases first time home buyers in to paupers.  In some cases homeless as who wants to rent a place to a person with bad credit.  He is another clue, you can’t really get a good job without credit either, I am sure you see where this is going.  We have unwittingly created our own caste system.  Modern untouchables, unemployed with bad credit and no home…
Got home tonight and the finches seem happy and have starting singing, such a sweet sound…
The animals were all to happy to greet me to night, Chava greeted me at my car door…darn goat…got to get the new fence up as she went straight for the back porch and was eating discarded quail food…now I have to worm her again.  It never ends.  I got the groceries out and the kids got dinner cooked, while I did my phone calls and got emails answered.
 Another call from a debt collector for Richard, he has been dead since June, come on all ready.  Really Portfolio recovery, dead in these terns is forever, quit calling!   These people call from like a dozen different numbers and cannot take no for an answer , no he is not here, no he will not be in latter, he is dead, get over it, so I can!
We are going to try and watch some tell and rest as I have to get the van into the shop at like 8 am I think in the morning, darn that is early, but I need to have it gone over .  I am sweating it as I have no idea if it is working well or not..just to new for me I guess.  Oh well.   I am going to see about some more buckets while I am over in the big city of Thayer….I have a source there and get them for .75 cents each sometimes with a lid even.  Guess I will get some coffee while I am there, lane salvage normally has it at a good price.  Anyway I need to get off of here for now, got too much to do tomorrow as it is. 

Now to the hubbies post:

News From The Doghouse and a new moon....

Sunday got woke up by the tickling feet and get up or else Bears, finally got outside and checked the solar panel it was at 95F when the temp outside was @40F so it seems to work well in sunlight regardless of the temp, Monday it was at 80F when it was @32F outside so to figure out the wiring into inverter or converter....we shall see...

On Sunday got the new hay ring installed, put together and rolled hay out to the pasture for the horses, seems to work well...need another one for Moo, then some for the rest of the livestock critters.

Did all the other chores and collected eggies yada yada yada....listened to the Rabbi on and it was a good show, would like to go into detail, just too much comotion going on here at the house to even think straight.

Did the Monday trash run and cruised with my cup of coffee, the Bears stayed home as it was cold and crispy, and they were busy with school work on the computer...they are so far beyond me, it is scary.

Worked on fixing up an auxiliary coop for a flock of geese, had lots of problems getting stuff together and picked up 2 bags of trash debris, in an area that I have cleaned up at least 3 times before...oy vey.

I hope things get better, still plugging away at things and I guess no matter what I am happy regardless of what everyone else does to me...sounds kind of psychotic lol

Ok well after waiting for two hours for the pics to load the site has told me that I am out of space for my photos...what in the world..I will work on it tomorrow
Be Blessed Dear ones and know that you are loved...
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters at Mahanaim Farm

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