Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 66, morning edtion...

Good morning friends, family and well wishers, as fear sets in upon us all here in America, with now "slightly" tainted milk and water in parts of our our great nation, the every present threat of the govenment closeing and a out of whack economy, I want you all to think about doing your part to make it right again.  It starts with all of us, with each little thing we do , or chose not to do.  Start to plant some of your own food, does not matter what it is, just something to off set your need on other people and to bring produce home.  Tomatoes are easy you could start there, or lettuce, it grows in just a few inches of soil.  Can't affourd the seed, send me a stamped return address envolpe and I will send yo some free, also let me know which type of seeds you would like.  Every seed you plant removes harmful Co2 from our air and releases Oxygen, it is a good trade off.  Think about a small community garden, you will be amazed at one foot of natural earth can produce.

As far as buying things, buy American made, buy German made, buy any ones except China and Japan (let them work out there own problems), try buying stuff localy made.  Maybe the whole gas problem is not such a problem, maybe it is just our poor buying habits. If you buy local the money stays local and improves the whole area.  Who does not want to live in a better place! 

How about opening up American factorys,I need a new pair of sneakers, charge me 35 bucks I don't care, aleast there will be one more job for some one...That is how we heal my dear ones, one person, one job at a time.

As for the country threating to shut down, let them...Lets all show the government and not notice if it shuts down...

Be Blessed Dear ones I am off to school, please try to take to heart the things I have said here as they are all true...I love you all!

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