Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 42 morning blog...

Day 42
Today started out hearing the jeep engine revving  up so Isaiah could go to the school event on time, I guess he was running late, that was 6is or so, tried desperately to fall back to sleep, but it was to no avail, I had lost.  Now at a little before 7am, I was greeted by Elijah, I am cold, I am hungry.  Ok I am getting up, as I drag myself my bed.  Go and wake up the big kids I tell him, which he does.  I just want to note how sad it is that I have to ask the younger child to wake up the older ones who I have bought alarm clocks for.  Granted we are still doing late night feeding on buttercup the little goat, but this has been going on longer than that.  I really hate starting my day by waking up a 18 and 16 year and telling them to get out of bed and get the chores done, if I am still asking you to motivate by seven there is something wrong.  Anyway after the round of wake up and get your chores done, I happened to notice the pigs outside and went out to feed them and try to let them know I wanted us to be friends, pigs are far too smart to dominate them, you have to be an equal terms.  Iam fine with that.  They have a few very important jobs here and I would like them to get to doing them ASAP.  Most import they are the cleanup crew, keeping all bio waste out of site and in there tummies.  They are great watch dogs and will protect everything, as to them it is all theirs.  Another thing is they are entertaining to watch, future babies of theirs will pay for our up keep of them and insure them a long and happy home with us. I do have to try and break them from eating eggs or even better just to eat the eggs I give them.  I found our missing goose eggs today, right in the pen where they belonged, ewww I was mad, not to have the eggs, but because bacon and pork chop found them and eat them.  Some days you can just not win.  Next I made coffee, by than it was like 8 am and I feed the baby some oatmeal, grabbed a bowl for myself, before once again having to deal with the farm chores and such.  I still need to go to the feed store and such..ughhh!  also have to pay car insurance and my tiny credit card.  It really never ends, oh and the phone bill and put minutes on the cell phones.  Need to make soap and get photos and put the recipes form my friend up here so that all you nice people will have them.  I have Oregon Trail starter and will share with anyone who would like some, just email me to make arrangements (, it is super easy to keep and only requires being feed flour and water. 

No formal school for me today, but I still have a lot to get done as far as home work, three classes worth.  We have to pick up our wood tomorrow, it is the only day I can get it and I was truly hoping not to have to, but we need it for the roof.  So it will have to get done, than I need the shingles, nails and the tar paper.  Sadly the shingles and tar paper cannot be acquired outside of a store, I have been trying for months, and so that puts a little damper on it for me.  Still looking for unwanted, up for sale, left overs of shingles, any amount, tar paper and roofing nails.  I hope to get the tank less water heater this month, but we will see.
Got a neat letter from a farm group up in Mo and hope to be able to work out a partnership with them.  It would help a lot of the beyond organic farmers in this area to have a good market for their goods and us as well. 
On to the latest chat about the pigs, they are again incarcerated, just until we can understand each other, as I have no desire to keep them penned any longer than need be.  Pork chop the female pig is way smart , I am going to try and teach her Morris code and see if we can chat, in the mean time I will try to listen very close to the sounds that they make and try to lean to speak to them in their language.

Have to go for a while, dear ones…Much love to you all, will post a full blog tonight.