Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 46 of our lives on our farm

Today I had to get up and out of the house early.  I took the van in to Chevy to get it worked on.  I was there for over five hours.  I got new breaks, new oil, and the electrical system now all works, so seats move and lights blink when they are suppose to. I also had them do the transmission.  I need new shocks, the front two are leaking and the rear two are soft, so I am having that done latter in the week.  We had to order shocks (rolling my eyes), and to get Monroe shocks I had to wait as well.  Those little buggers are setting me back another 400 bucks. I have rear engine seal that will need replaced; another $400.00, but I cannot do that quite yet.  So as of know I have a little over three grand into the van including purchase price, new tire and all the work that has been done to her and once the rear seal is fixed mechanically she will be like a new van.  For about another grand I can get the paint and trim fixed and she will be showroom condition.  So I did well on this vehicle. 
Anyway met a lot a nice people as I waited for five hours to retrieve my van and got five hours of home work done, which is not as much as one would think.  When I was done there I went to my favorite discount store, Lane salvage, for coffee(it’s 2.50 a can there), and some treats for the babies as well as some olive oil which was very reasonable 350ml were just $4.99. Then I bought gas which is about 30 cents cheaper per gallon up in MO that it is down here in Ark.  It was $3.51 a gallon what a bargain. Went and bought my feed at Hershes , cost way more than I thought, 9 bucks a bag for the cheap egg layer mash and my feed over $17 bucks a bag, OMG, for 50 pounds went up another three bucks, this is so stupid.   Oh well needed the feed and until I finalize the deal with the beyond organic guy I will just have to deal with it.
Met a big time publisher at the gas station, he wants to publish the books I have not even finished writing, wants to take a look at call center (cartoon we are working on) and some of my art for publication as well.  He did not have a ton of time to talk to me, he was on his way to do some talk show or something, but has set a time to see me when he returns in a few days, so I am going to get back to work on my writing as he is one of two published interested in my books, so I am gonna jump in while the fire is hot.  I look forward to people being able to read my books and hope that they will help people to understand themselves as well as others better.  It was joyful talking to him and knowing that not only was my work wanted it was needed and for a few shining moments the light at the end of the train was a light house…
Came home we had chicken, (mean) duck and leftovers for dinner.  Watched a little tell with the kids.
Went out and fix the hand pump outside after figuring it out with the help of a friend at the feed store and the nut on there is to adjust it and make it stop leaking, I am a freak about water leaking, dripping extra and one must be very careful when you have a well not to let it run dry and not to burn out the points in the pump, plus the cost of the electric to get the water up from the well, it all matters.
Bought more seeds and plants as well and home to get them into the garden as soon as the rain lets up a bit..well have to go for now my dear…Babylon 5 is calling…lol

To the dog house:
News From The Doghouse and Nostoglia/////

Rained out today, tried to do stuff but it just poured...had to make an emergency repair on a guter, so got soaking wet....collected the usual round of eggs yada yada yada.....nothing really new to say, got woke up extra early by meany Bears, and got the chores done much earlier, even with rain the Bears to take a nap early and sleep quite well because of the rain....need to get more wood cut because it is spposed to get cold the next couple of nights...oh boy....

Be Blessed dear ones and know that you are loved greatly...
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on t the farm...

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