Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 66 Night time edition...

Welcome back to the farm that never sleeps..So lets see whats new, low levels of radioactive rain falling from the sky for one...but it seems very fair.  4 baby kittens were born here today..I have not seen them yet so I have no idea.  No baby other animals and now I am wondering if Moo cow is ever gonna have a baby or was dring her out a big mistake...
Other than all this I went to school and turned little in, lol   but had a nice lunch with two very good friends.  We talked about our spring breaks...

I have a friend coming over sunday to help us around the farm for the day, I am so glad she is coming, I really need the help so I can get some of this other stuff done, I am like way behind on working on the milk comes from cows book and the other books I am working on. Plus I need to get glass done and packed up...grade the kids school work, work on Rachael's home school transcript and getting her diploma and such, we are getting three tassles..I want one to put away. 
One month left of school for me this term...have to get my classes together for the fall, hmmm what shall I take?
Found whole organic american soy flour today, tofu soon to follow and I will try to find a way to get the photos up.
Dinner was chicken, again and I have sleepy time bears and tv to watch..

Photo I took in Ill, see the lovley bee...

News From The Doghouse and being afraid of Americans....
got to sleep sort of late then hate Elijah tickle my feet to be my alarm the chores going, doing laundry, walked Lady up the hill and had morning coffee...collected some nice quail eggs, and @10 baby quails are doing fine along with a baby Curly, the 3 peeps in the brooder seem to be doing well...Dahveed and I rolled hay to the goats and Wiggle and still wheelbarrowing hay from a roll to Moo and the out to the barn and started that chore and supplemented all the birds with oyster shell, pellets I guess, and trying to improve egg laying production...had to dig out the diatomacious earth and going to supplement that tomorrow....rather actually going to put it into pans like old used cookie sheets, pizza pans, and other assorted junk we picked up at yard sales, so the birds can roll in it and dust themselves in it, guess it gets rid of mites...The Boss says we have the diatomacious earth for sale on E-bay,think you can click on Mahanaimfarm and it takes you to the listings
Collected some cool looking eggs a couple of guinea eggs and one looked like a Narn's spot pattern from Babylon 5 with a clear stripe in the middle hmmm the ducks have had a couple in the same stripe pattern as well....hope it is not the spinning of the earth and changed axis rotations already and
after all that stuff was done at the barn...I felt the necessity to spring clean the room where we keep the feed and tack, since it was all buried in debris from negligence...I found stuff that has been missing in action for years so I guess I made progress today, just did not get much of anything alse done but a few odds and ends chores, smashed cans for recycling and just did as much as possible trying to futile get organized hopefully I can get going on the fence and work on the roof on the trailer attachment soon, today and a day the other nice windy day would have been good weather as it was low humidity and nice temps not to get sweaty or overheated on
We love you blessed dear ones and know G-d Loves you!
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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