Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 67 Morning edition...of 365 days of our life on our farm

Good morning family friends and well wishers.  Our calf is due officially 4-14-2011, but could be any time...watching and waiting..we love calving cows are so cute, but by a year old, they are not nearly as
We are planting carrots today and other root type things in the garden and I hope to give the big blueberry bush a permanent  home.  Still not sure what to do about the two apple trees and the one plum tree (still need a second plum tree), yet, no were to plant them safe from the big mean deer...I wish I would have thought about that. Next to the goats they our are biggest enemy in regards to having trees, bushes and even grape vines.
I think it's offical, none of our grapes made it threw the winter I will have to replant again.  Our red rspberrys seem like they made it.  Our strawberries are starting to flower and it loos like crowns are poping up all over the place our there, so I am gonna make a path out there to walk on with flat rocks so I do not crush the dear little plants...Mean while my frount pasture has tons of lovley, yummy garlic and for the first year in mnay our day lillys look good, I ahve been trying to get them to grow so we can start eatting the tubers from them, but it has taken five years to get to this point so I do not know if we will ever be able to do this.

Yesterday elijah (five years old) and I started working with his mini green house, he is starting our cucumbers and some swiss chard and a few beans cow peas in it to start, he is having such great fun caring for his little start ups...
Well have to go to the feed store and get some other chores done, the work never ends...
Here are the links to, how to make tofu and soy milk, i hope some of you can make use of them.

This one is for Tofu :

This one is for Soy milk:   

 Steve Martin was on The Colert show...check it out.
 Love you all, try to be good to one another...

When others do a foolish thing, you should tell them, it’s a foolish thing.  They can still do it, but at least the truth is where it needs to be.

Shekhinah MahanaimMahanaim

God's camp ("This is God's camp")

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