Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 84 of 365 days of our life on our family farm in the USA

News From The Doghouse and the never ending...
Oh boy, been a week or more since the last post, partly due to being overly tired, just plain distracted and can't focus, and largely due to inclement weather...we had gotten over 14" of rain, like at least 9" from last weekend thru to Monday, and that washed us out of going to the swap meet, and then we acquired some new tarps and got those up on the roof and stayed mainly mostly dry on Tuesday and we got another blast of around 6", so we took out our buckets to catch rain water as we stayed dry for that round.
Did get work done on the nice moments, like Friday before it rained I got all sorts of things done, including trimming El Shaddai's hooves, soaking his sore front hoof in epsom salt water, cleaned the cayuga duck coop, put a bag of lime on Elaine's grave, planted our home grown apple tree near the duck pond for extra water nutrients, and drove in posts for the new goat pen fencing. By then towards evening it was getting colder, very chilly wind, and got a fire going in the basement woodburner.  Last Tuesday we got 30 squares of shingles delivered, but we need a lot more than that, oy. Tuesday was a fairly nice day, as we also had Direct TV come and replace antiquidated equipment that should have not been installed in the 1st place, but what can you do? We don't even have local Arkansas TV channels, so, so much for being aware of what's going on with the emergency broadcast system, guess that is why everyone listens to the radio here. Also on Tuesday got Samson's hooves trimmed, he sure was long hoofed, kind of like the shoe cobbler's kids I guess.
Today (Thursday) I worked on the 79 Jeep, tail lights and brake lights, kind of need those despite what the local yokels say. Also re-did the irratic insane re-installation of lines and hoses, made it much easier to work on the spark plugs that needed to be tightened down, 6 out of 8 were falling out, no need to bore/boar the details. The Bears and I got some nice flowers today as well. The morning started out with tickle tickle tickle on my feet and diabolical laughter, THEN I got hit with a penguin pillow pet several times and got pounced on as well, at least the dog did not get a lick in lol
The road grader came thru today as well, and the Bears just love seeing the machine work, poor Elisha got a boo-boo as he fell on the driveway pushing his toy dump truck, but quit crying to go see the grader pushing the rocks and wash out ruts on the country road. There was quite a bit of wash out and ruts, thought about taking pictures, but what's the use, I still have not got any thing else uploaded yet either...we survived pretty well and intact, and for that I am grateful. We had a real good dinner the last night of Pesach, nothing like having your own lamb, I guess horseradish counts as bitter herb, although the Bears' wild garlic will nearly burn your sinuses out, eggs are too Babylonian and Reptilian for me, so skip that part LOL and our matzah came from Jerusalem and was OU kosher - good enough for me, the only thing missing was a Coor's Light or an Israeli GoldStar lol we do have Magen David wine. The Boss tried making sweet potato chips, but there was a problem in the process somewhere, they came out more like hash browns. I thought it was still very edible as I devoured all the pre-leftovers  It looks like the weather will hold out to be nice and drying out, so maybe we will make the swap meet, although end of the month, most all of everyone is broke, but we shall see, the last 2 weeks I doubt anybody else went as it was too cold and rainy, and no one wants to lose birds to the cold, or the heat as it was so hot 3 weeks ago.
Elisha says "I am Pumpkinbear." Elijah says "I played Super Smash Bros.Brawl on the Wii"  Elisha says he played it too. Elijah says he made a car to play in. (It's a banana box with wheels from the scrap pile, it's like a soap box derby car, which is where I think this idea of his came from, seeing it on TV, I think there is a commercial )
Be Blessed dear ones know that we love you...Micahael, Shekhinah and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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