Monday, April 11, 2011

day 75 of 365 days of our lives on our family farm, in America

Happy day to all of you….
Today is such a long day and so was yesterday.  After dumping money into the van we are still having issues,…I am so mad!  When I brought it in it was dripping water and not over heating, they replaced the water pump and now it over heats.  Figures right?  On top of this I still have to fix the rear seal which is leaking more now and the other dealership over an hour from here can not say if they can do it in one day or not, I mentioned about staying at a hotel up there and just getting it done and the guy thought I was daft.  Honestly what is a hotel gonna run, 50 bucks, I would spend that on gas alone having someone pick me and bring me back and forth.  Oh well they cannot do it till May, what is this with everyone and they cannot do things till may, like the kids doctor and dentist, my work week out of school for the summer looks like the TV guide list of shows….It’s crazy!
On happy notes, two little ram lamb were born today, one normal size, which the mom ,Rachael the lamb not the child is rearing and the little one we call two horns, cause he has two little horns is here in a cage in my bedroom, dinning on the finest bottle, lol. He is half the size of his brother, but doing well and seems to be very sweet and healthy. 
The kids went to 4-h horse club this evening; every time seems to lead to an augment between the big kids and me.  This time they came back in the dark, up the mountain road with a ford Tarus, it is a tricky driving this up the mountain in the day light because it is easy to bottom out at night I can only imagine.  Well that is kids for you, plus the baby goats need to go up and goats need milked, chickens need put up, it all needs to be done.  Finely got done at 9pm, just way too late for me.
I have to go back to the school in the morning, even though in theory it is my day off.  I have to sign up for classes and such and pick up some books and get my name on the list for books for the fall.  I have two tests this week and tons of home work, two weeks to go, I have to try hard not to mess anything up.
Have to work more in the garden tomorrow, need to plant more food…

Now to the hubbies post…

News From The Doghouse and happy maternity ward...

it was lightning and thundering last night, got woke up @2:30AM from various things, like a Bear crawling in bed with us  so slept late sort of, with Elijah waking me up and big puppy dog trying as going on coffee and the Boss said grab your camera...we had lambs born to Rachel 2 nice lambs but brought one in, as it was having a bit of trouble, was all yellow on the white fur from the bowel movement during the birthing, hopefully Two Horns or Stormy did not ingest or breathe it in...made the trash dump run today, installed the old battery in the Caddy Garbage Scowl in the rain, should have done it Sunday when it was a nice day, guess it was too hot then  oh well, Elijah and I made the cruise and all went the chores going and collected eggs from the Malaysian Serum, Americans, a nice black Cayuga, quails, and silkys...Elijah helped me dig and plant the plum tree today, and we had fun in between the sprinkle rain...the chores at the barn was basically easy because of doing the water late yesterday afternoon...turned the air conditioner off today as it was 61F outside and cool with the wind blowing, then got a fire going as it is still forecasted to be 42F tonight....did loads of laundry today, all towels and finally came in for the evening and got my clothes going now, finally got my old farm chores pants washed as well

 I want this book

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