Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 79 of 365 of our lives on our small family farm on USA

News From The Doghouse and it's been tiring...
Been a few days since posting, been busy and working alot, sleeping too. Sunday went to West Plains to work on Fred and Barney a pair of nice donkeys. After that we went to Walmart and picked up some things and found a nice plum tree. Got it planted Tuesday evening. Its been hot and miserable in the 90sF today and of course have had the air conditioner on, turned it on Monday about 10AM as it got hot and humid really fast. NO comfortable in betweens it seems. Collected a peacock egg, my 1st of the year, everybody else always beats me to it I I felt that I collected the money for the farm for the week lol moved peeps around got some nice baby duckies, tossed the latest batch of quail in with the big birds to make room...still got quite a few butchering chickens lots of stalls and coops cleaned yesterday(Monday) we dumped trash and Elijah picked up a turtle, our 1st of the year...the bees seem very happy with everything, and I guess the farm is overall happy and content, although the cantankerous goats may disagree...for me personally seems to be derision and diatribe non-stop, and I have to just tolerate it and patiently wait it out....worked on the studio a bit and got the old wood burner exhaust pipe out and got a tarp up protecting the hole, although it has been leaking and I have buckets there to catch and contain it, it was all fine and functional until someone wanted to play with it and change the flue pipe, and it has leaked ever since, just have to re-do more stuff again...hopefully we will get more trees planted, would like to get the blueberry in and got the 10 little twigs of trees that need to get planted soon as well, not to mention the garden stuff like the giant pumpkin seeds and other veggies, PLUS Bear wants me to get the new pool up and running as well, and all I want to do is work on getting the new fencing up lol

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