Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 72 of 364 days of our life on our small family farm

News From The Doghouse and Big Pig...
woke up with Elijah tickling my feet at 6 or so, then again later on with the dog licking me as well...finally got up and had coffee, then walked the dog, still trying to wake up...started on the porch chores and collected some nice quail eggs and a couple of game bird hens' eggs...Rachael and I rolled hay to the horses and to the goats with Wiggle the mini bull, everyone seemed happy and some of the girls are getting big ready to explode, hopefully not literally like Miracle did with those 3 kids finally got the barn chores started and finished, gave everybody fresh water, partly because its Friday and mostly because it was getting hot, weather forecast was 81F but was at 90+F on the back porch here--in the shade--  tried to do some chores and get things ready for the adventure of the swap meet on Saturday, and started to clean up the debris pile from the cut tree, and finally had to go in and take it easy, slept for an hour or so and let it cool down...after 5 PM got back out and started again on the brush pile and cut wood and moved ot all to the basement for processing took @ 45 minutes there with Elijah supervising me patience... then started on loading up the birds into the cages and the horse trailer, by the way I captured more ducks today when I was feeding and watering the barn peeps, so, got everyone loaded and sorted and got the big peepers on the back porch and also the muscovy promised for a boy up in West Plains hope it makes him happy as his grandparents called us this evening to verify and guess they are looking forward to checking the big duckie out got more cages from "the old days" when we acquired birds and cages a few years ago, had to dust them off, but peepers are getting loaded into them tomorrow....hope I did not screw up by not taking more butcher roosters got the trailer hitched to the van and we are basically all set to go...need to go to bed soon and tomorow is coming sooner than needs be we had a 4.2 here, epicenter at Greenbriar or Guy, basically same place as usual for Arkystan
Be Blessed dear ones, love each other ...know that we love you
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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