Tuesday, April 12, 2011

day 76 of 365 day of our life on our fam in the USA

The day started out awful, beyond the usual, got going on chores but had to stop and barb wire the fence to keep the horses in, corral a couple of kid goats, and had feeding problems, instead of egg layer mash had egg pellets...so it was a roller coaster for sure...got other things done around here like pick up rolled roofing debris from the high winds around here, kept a nice warm fire going although felt like sleeping through it all, kept it nice and warm in here last night for the baby lamb heh-heh-heh collected eggs like a nice turkey egg and a nice black cayuga as well...planted a apple tree today and tried to work on putting tires on the wheels for the pick-up bed trailer, one popped on very easy and the other rim has been giving me nothing but trouble....our bee hive came home today so we had a bright spot today...all the 4H kids went to an event this evening with Elijah getting 3 ribbons on things, poor Elisha has to wait until he's 5 years old, not fair I guess since Elijah was able to be in 4H since he was 3..hmmmm....oh well what can I do, there is a difference in the Bears, sad to say...hopefully we will get garden planting done and get things back to normal, if a normal state ever existed....hope all goes well for everyone...today's link is offensive if you you are offended by "donkey cavity" references

Be Blessed Dear ones...

Michael , Shekhinah and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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